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Telekinesis: The Power of Moving Things with Your Mind

What is true and what is false about telekinesis?

When talking about telekinesis, the first thing that comes to our minds is Uri Geller bending spoons on television. Some people will also remember the worldwide impact of Nina Kulagina, a woman from the Red Army who moved the objects in her room using her mind.

Telekinesis is the ability of moving objects using one’s mind,  a phenomenon that has always swung between reality and fraud. What is true and what is false about this peculiar field of the paranormal?

What Is Telekinesis? 

The first surprising thing about this phenomenon is its name, but it holds the key to better understand what it is. The word telekinesis is formed by the classical Greek phrases “tele” (meaning distance) and “kinesis” (meaning motion). So, you may have guessed that it refers to the power of moving objects with one’s mind.

This is quite amazing, given that, according to the laws of physics, moving objects using only your mind and no other circumstantial phenomenon is simply impossible. However, the pictures of people like Nina Kulagina and Uri Geller moving objects and bending spoons open the door to speculation about the existence of another reality. 

The pseudoscientific basis of telekinesis is supported by a single law: the control of the psychic apparatus itself can influence the alteration of the physical world, which is something that has never been scientifically proved. However, the execution of these techniques by some illusionists manages to convince many people.

In fact, telekinesis appeared as a pseudoscience when Spiritism and the obsession with understanding the mental power were in full swing, at the end of the 19th century. Although, at first, it caught the attention of the scientific community,  it was little by little relegated to a field of parapsychology.

The Mental Power to Move Objects

At the beginning of this technique’s development, there was speculation on the possibility of telekinesis as a supposed energy that could be created by the dead through their spirits,  ghosts or other beings. Therefore, for many years, this technique was presumably used by mediums.

The general term that comprises telekinesis is psychokinesis, which includes a series of different phenomena by means of which, supposedly, the mind has the ability to modify the matter.  Within the field of psychokinesis, there is the particular technique of telekinesis, which is basically the ability to move things with your mind.

For example, bending a spoon is a psychokinetic technique while lifting a glass from the table is a telekinetic one. Therefore, a person may develop the ability to move objects with the mind, but not be able to bend spoons, and vice versa. However, is it an acquired ability or can it be trained?    

Telekinesis Training: Practices of This Mental Power

The key to telekinesis lies in controlling your mental power.  Theoretically, for some people, it is easier to develop mental powers, since they are gifted with a sort of divine grace. However, all people can control their mental powers in order to practice telekinesis.

Since this is not an exact science, it has not been proved that the practice of these exercises results in the control of the telekinetic technique. However, even without achieving it, these exercises provide many benefits, such as improving your powers of concentration and developing the ability to control your mind. There is nothing to lose for trying it…


1. Concentrate

Concentration is the basis for any telekinetic technique: you must manage to isolate yourself from all environmental factors, forget the noises and images that surround you, and go into a state of meditation through relaxation and concentration.

Without this initial stage, when you switch off from the outside world and connect with your inner being, and join your body, mind and spirit together, it is impossible to get to develop your mental power.

2. Meditate

When you manage, with time, patience and considerable effort, to concentrate to the point of being cut off from everything that surrounds you, it is time to begin a process of meditation. Meditation is the phenomenon that helps you fully connect with your inner self,  and your mind starts controlling the sensory experiences and taking over your body.

The easiest and fastest way to go into a meditative state is by controlling your breathing. There are several useful exercises to control your breathing and, by leaving your mind empty, to go into trance.

3. Visualise

When you reach the state of meditation, a whole range of new opportunities will open up to you, a series of unexplored experiences that may surprise you. You must keep the pause and control at all times to take advantage of all those experiences.

One of them is being able to visualise objects, which is a very interesting starting point  to get linked to the object you want to move.  The power to move things is a technique that demands patience and a lot of effort, and it has to begin with assimilating the object.

4. Focus

This is one of the key moments on which depends the success or failure of the experiment.  When you have managed to isolate yourself from the outside world, connect with your inner self, control your body with your mind and visualise the object, it is time to focus on the object of your exercise: focus on the bond between your being and the object.

You do not need to have the object in front of you. Close your eyes, visualise it, and then, create a link between that object and your mind, trying to visualise how you want to influence its substance. By creating that bond, you will be using your mental power.

5. Release Your Energy

Not everything is in the mind. You must understand telekinesis as a bond between your mind and the foreign object. Therefore, the key to it lies in the energy you manage to release to get the object to move.

You must focus on the sensory experience of your body to release energy through the contraction and distension of your muscles.

6. Try Different Movements

After many sessions, you will feel your bond with the object strengthening, and your ability to influence on its matter. At that time, you will be able to practice several types of telekinesis and psychokinesis, such as bending a spoon, trying to spin a spinning top, moving objects or making the flame of a candle flicker.

Real Cases of Telekinesis

Telekinesis is becoming increasingly obsolete and somewhat outdated, but many still remember some cases which made it popular and defined an era. These are some of the most well-known cases of this art that makes use of the power to move things with the mind. 

1. The Experiment of J.B. Rhine

The tests on the control of falling dice with the mind was the pioneering experiment of telekinesis, which had been discovered long before, but was not put into practice with scientific methods until 1934, when it was done by the American parapsychologist J.B. Rhine.

We all have tried, even unconsciously, to induce with our mind the number we need when playing dice. J.B. Rhine wondered whether, on the basics of telekinesis, this could be possible. That was the origin of the first real experiment into telekinesis, the power to control falling dice with one’s mind.

The published data lacked a scientific basis and his articles were rejected by several scientists who criticised his methods.

2. The Case of Nina Kulagina

Following Rhine’s experiments, there appeared dozens of hoaxers and third-rate mediums with frauds about telekinetic powers. However, among the many cases that were recorded at the time, there was one that stood out and was given the benefit of the doubt.

It was about none other than Nina Kulagina, a member of the Soviet Red Army who claimed that, during very tense moments, her mind could do great things: the objects in her room moved induced by the energy flowing from her mind.

Her case caught the attention of the scientific community and she agreed to the experiments carried out by doctors Edward Naumov and Genady Sergeyev, who confirmed that Nina Kulagina could light matches and broke eggs with her mind, or even stop and revive the heart of a frog. 

One of the final conclusions was that Kulagina’s telekinesis had its origin in a very intense magnetic field surrounding her body. From then on, the woman’s health began to suffer the consequences of her efforts, developing a pathological profile that led to her death. For many, this is the only confirmed telekinesis experience.

3. The Uri Geller Show

For some, he is simply a showman, for others, a fraud. For many, however, he is a revelation of the limits of mental power. This Israeli illusionist claimed to have extraordinary psychic powers, since at the age of four, a light pushed him to sleep while he was playing in the garden.

After a few years performing as a magician, in the 70s, his popularity increased and he began to appear on prime-time TV shows around the world. His name became so famous that Uri Geller became rich. However, it was not thanks to television contracts, but to the fact that he was hired by many companies to discover water, gold and oil reserves.

In his TV appearances, Uri Geller became famous due to his ability to bend spoons, among other things. At a later time, some illusionists revealed his tricks.