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Temperance (XIV): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

Find out the meaning of the fourteenth Major Arcana card: Temperance.

Temperance  (“Tempérance” in French)  is the fourteenth Major Arcana tarot card. This is the first tarot angel of the deck. This tarot card evokes serenity, which is represented through the flow of the water.

After the revolution entailed by the previous Major Arcana card, Temperance is able to restore peace and serenity. The calm comes after the storm.

    Undoubtedly, this tarot card suggests positive meanings in a tarot spread. However, do not let yourself be taken in, because Temperance is a tarot card that has deep meanings whose interpretation varies depending on whether it is a love, money or health reading. You will be surprised by all that this tarot card can reveal.

    Main characteristics

    It is surprising how Temperance is able to pour the liquid from one cup into another without spilling a single drop. The blue cup pours its energy into the red one, in a flow of spirituality, which suggests a perfect balance. The white liquid could represent vital energy. The sense of exchange is permanent. It cannot stop or life stagnates.

    The long dress is also noteworthy. The blue and red colours refer to female and male polarities. As an angel, the figure has no gender and represents the best of both polarities and also uses them to its advantage.

    The hair is blue because the mind, in this case, acquires a passive quality. The figure does not become excited by anything, since the mind is serene.

    The wings emphasise the celestial nature of this Major Arcana card, although the flesh-coloured wings indicate that it is subject to the laws of gravity. She is closer to Earth than most angels and understands human nature, so she offers cordial advice.

    Major Arcana tarot card meaning

    It represents the descent from spirit to matter. It is harmony as well as moderation, since there is nothing left over or lacking. Harmony is another of the natural meanings of this Major Arcana card. It is associated with gentleness.

    When this tarot card appears in a reading, it refers to gatherings with friends, or to those reunions where everything turns out perfectly fine.

    All kinds of communications, phone calls and messages are likely to happen when Temperance appears in a spread. 

    It is the union between the positive and negative, which is definitely most convenient, since ideas get a real chance to be expressed in the earthly plane. 

    Tarot card interpretation

    It refers to people who belong to the field of communication as well as to the friendships that are made at night. It also refers to those people who seem to be your guardian angel (for example, a relative who is particularly concerned about your health); and to the people who work in the music industry.

    Whether it appears in an upright or reversed position, this tarot angel indicates that the events will take place quite slowly, since it slows down the speed of the tarot spread, but this may be a necessary delay.


    In the upright position, this tarot card predicts the arrival of ideal love.  Your relationship and communication are excellent. Energies are set off in the relationship or, if you are single, someone will arrive to fill your emotional void.  You receive a phone call or someone contacts you because they miss you. This is a good time to have many dates and a lot of fun. It also indicates night outs that will always be remembered. If it appears next to Strength or the Devil, it suggests the possibility of exploring new sexual practices. You feel relaxed and rested whether or not you are in a relationship.

    In the reversed position, communications are affected  and the fear of making a mistake paralyses you. There is instability in your relationship or you fall into the trap of being too permissive with your partner’s wishes.

    Money and work

    This tarot card is not closely related to money. Your personal economy has ups and downs, but this is not a problem because you have confidence in your own skills and in the flow of abundance. You can spend money on leisure activities and travels without any worries. You are able to find solutions to your financial problems if you relax and look for answers, instead of focusing only on what is wrong.

    In the reversed position, you are affected by the ups and downs of your income.  You spend far more money than you have.

    When it comes to the professional field, this tarot card is positive, as it indicates new collaborations and mutual understanding. New contacts are made and it is a good time to propose new projects. If you are unemployed, it is not a bad idea to focus on humanitarian work. You can even get a job due to some voluntary work. If this Major Arcana card appears in an unfavourable position, it warns you of the dangers of getting completely carried away. It is necessary to leave behind the feeling of laziness! 


    Temperance indicates that your mental balance and health are recovered. This is very important for any future healing. You find a solution for all mental complications in sublimation, in seeking complementary activities that will help you get rid of your worries (for example, some artistic activities). It is a clear sign of an early recovery! Alternative medicines can be used when it appears together with the Hanged Man.

    Temperance reversed suggests that you will have to pay attention to your energetic flow, to whether you are making the most of your energies or, on the contrary, you find yourself at an impasse that makes you sick. The pancreas and respiratory tract also need to be checked.

    Tarot card meanings and spreads

    Temperance is a tarot card that indicates rest, leisure and faith in life when the tarot spread is positive, but it needs other connections. It is the beginning of the future and the return to the past. Which cup will take action?

    You must pay close attention to this tarot card if it appears in a spread related to questions about your holidays and leisure time. It is also related to taking a breather, mentally and emotionally, as well as feeling liberated.



    Who do you owe everything you have? It is necessary to take a look at the past, since you might have to return certain favours to some people who treated you very well and helped you become who you are at the present. It was great to learn how to collaborate, because now you will need to put your cooperation skills into practice. If it appears in the reversed position, you must consider your emotional wounds and be able to forgive yourself.  Life is too short for resentment.


    In no time, you will have the opportunity to attend an important event in the lives of your loved ones. Even if you do not believe it, the tarot spread indicates that everything is going well. You must be thankful for everything you have.


    You will need some balance to achieve your goals.  The tarot cards surrounding the Temperance card will point out in which aspect should you be more restrained (for example, if it appears next to the Devil, you will have to control your carnal passions). You should look for people who may support you in the future, since they will be happy to offer their help.

    Fun facts

    • Temperance is identified with the myth of Ganymede, a mortal young man of great beauty, whom Zeus kidnapped to serve as cup-bearer and to pour nectar to the Olympic gods.
    • It is said that number 14represents the Holy Spirit. It is no coincidence that the Stations of the Cross (which refer to the moments lived by Jesus Christ on his crucifixion day) is divided into 14 images, ranging from his death sentence to his burial, which takes place in the fourteenth station.
    • Temperance is linked to the zodiac sign Aquarius, the blue colour, the musical note “G” sharp, and the Hebrew letter “Samekh”, which means “support”.