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The Third Eye: Learn Where it Is and How to Open it

Discover all about this symbol of spiritual awakening and learn how to awaken your most developed intuition

A woman with 3 eyes
The Third Eye: Learn Where it Is and How to Open it | iSTOCK

For millennia, the third eye has risen as the quintessential symbol of spiritual awakening. The third eye corresponds to our ability to see the world as it really is, and not as we thought it was until now.

The organ of the body associated with it is the pineal gland (according to theosophy) and is located on the forehead, a little higher than between the two eyes. But you have to know how to open the third eye.

To know everything necessary about the third eye,  take note of the following report. With patience and practice, you will be able to access a state of super consciousness and illumination, a true bath of joy.

Third Eye: What it is and where it is located

The third eye symbolizes an enlightened state of consciousness through which it is possible to perceive the world. It improves the power of self-perception through clarity and mental acuity.

A very frequent question is where the third eye is, but if you think about it, you will find the answer: it is in the front part of the brain, between the two eyes. It is just above the bridge of the nose. Surely you've seen Hindu people with a point marked as a third eye on the forehead: that's where it would be.

And it is Hinduism that links the third eye with the chakras, the energy centers that we all have in the body and that are aligned along the spine. There are seven chakras and each one corresponds to a different part of their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Your third eye would correspond to the sixth chakra. However, currents such as Theosophy, link the third eye to the pineal gland or pituitary gland.

The most experienced point out that the third eye opens gradually. Once you have developed it, it allows you to understand how the world works and, therefore, take a step back in all the difficult situations you are going through.

As the third eye opens, you see and learn more that you should not be afraid, even if some situations are difficult. Your awakening will give you the keys and skills to create the life you always dreamed of; some call this sixth sense.

You will no longer need to think continuously to find solutions to many conflicts, for your mind calms down, and every day you experience more mental peace.

Using the third eye does not make you a seer or a magician, as many may believe; rather, it means that you have better control of your mind and your emotions.

Opening your third eye can give you a deeper insight into the world around you, but you have to work to achieve it, performing various exercises that will work more or less depending on the person.

How to open the third eye

We propose two exercises to open the third eye chakra. The first exercise would be to open the third eye through the chakras. Thus, we are told that meditation is one of the most effective tools to open your third eye, and for this you must choose a quiet environment.

Place your legs crossed, and your hands in front of the lower part of your chest. You must be straight, and with the fingers of the ends touching each other with the tip of the other; the rest of the fingers are bent inward, only the outer phalanges touch.

Focus on the third eye chakra and its meaning. Think of him, on your forehead, between your two eyebrows. Silently, but clearly, it sings the mantra of the third eye chakra, which is the "Om" sound.

While performing this exercise to open the third eye you should feel that your body relaxes naturally. Keep thinking about the sixth chakra and how you would like it to affect your life. Continue to do this until you feel the same feeling of cleanliness as with the throat chakra, and perhaps more intensely.

The previous exercise is linked to the chakras, but there are other simpler exercises that can gradually develop your third eye through something as simple as breathing.

With comfortable clothes and in a nice place you should breathe normally. Consider your respiratory rate to reduce it gradually.

For a moment, apply deep, slow and deep breathing, inhaling through the nose and then exhaling through the mouth. Having done this, inhale deeply for ten seconds, increasing the volume of the abdomen and lungs; hold the air inside for five seconds, and then exhale slowly for ten seconds.

To reach a higher level of consciousness and maintain relaxation while gradually opening your third eye it will be necessary to practice this type of relaxation for a few minutes a day.  And, as we have already explained, the third eye will not open overnight!

A few last notes

The color associated with the third eye is dark purple. You can choose clothes of these colors to look for their opening. In food, we can opt for berries of the blueberry type. The stones recommended to unlock the Third Eye are purple or blue stones (amethyst, chalcedony, fluorite ...) The essential oils you can use are incense, lavender and laurel.

But be careful: seeking to open your third eye at all costs will take you away from its true opening. As this report has insisted, it is something that happens little by little during the path of your life. With each problem solved, or each discovery on your own, it will open a little more.

However, you are already perfect as you are and opening the third eye is not a mission that has to be fulfilled to unlock the right to happiness.