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Thyme: Benefits of this Magic Plant

Find out the secrets and benefits of fresh thyme and its uses in witchcraft

Thyme: Benefits of this Magic Plant

This natural plant from the Mediterranean coast is a magical herb with rich medicinal properties that protect health, purifies and releases energies.  Discover below the benefits of thyme, a magical plant used since ancient times as a link between humans and Mother Nature.

Thyme, the magic plant for health

On the sunny slopes of calcareous soil of central and southern Europe grows Thymus vulgaris or thyme, the best-known of the more than 200 types of herbs and shrubs in the same family. This plant is an old friend of witches and healers, who have been using it since ancient times for its rich properties.

That's why it's very likely that you'll see the thyme plant when you go to the countryside or the mountains, and many people tend to take it to aromatize the rooms, as its smell is one of its main characteristics. But, also, this magical and medicinal plant has many other properties that make it special.

As a shrub and aromatic herb, thyme has a fibrous and woody root from which emanates a stem also woody with ascending branches up to 20 centimetres high. It has small, oval greyish leaves, among which are white or pink flowers that grow together in a spike.

Health and magic benefits of thyme

The people who inhabited the Mediterranean coasts soon discovered the benefits of thyme as a medicinal plant with magical properties. Since then, it has been used in alternative therapies and all kinds of rituals and spells.

1. Magic properties

In ancient Greece priests discovered the healing and magical properties of this plant, to such an extent that they came to consider it 'the tears of Helen of Troy'. Later, the Romans used it for culinary and aromatic purposes, but its esoteric use gained momentum with its use by the Celtic civilization.

The practice of witchcraft and shamanism made it possible to communicate with the powers of Nature and to relate people with this herb. This is where their qualities were extracted, which were based above all on protection and purification. Thyme mainly protects health by preventing disease and speeding up recovery.

In ancient times, Mediterranean people used thyme to protect houses from lightning and storms, and it naturally became a powerful means of averting nature's disasters.

Today, and especially thanks to its use by Wicca magic, thyme is present in white magic rituals for the protection of health and prosperity of the body. It is also used as a talisman, stored in a bag that the person always carries with them to have energy and be healthy.

In the bathroom, thyme helps to cleanse the aura and release the person's energy points, and under the pillow helps to fall asleep and reduce stress. Burning at home in incense favors the cleaning of bad energies and evil spirits, and applied in oils helps to maintain healthy, young skin.

2. Health benefits

The thyme plant is rich in medicinal properties among which are the essential oil with phenols and flavonoids that give it antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. That's why thyme is very indicated to alleviate flu symptoms, help cure infections (that is why it is one of the best toothache remedies), and soothe muscle aches and pain in the joints.

Applied to the skin, thyme oil is a good remedy against acne and helps remove scales and keep the dermis soft and in good condition. It also has properties that counteract hypertension, relieves coughs and helps heal respiratory infections such as asthma and bronchitis. In the digestive system, it regulates gases in the stomach.

How to use thyme

Tea, oil, and incense are very beneficial. Each of those preparations is oriented to a specific function. Find out below:

1. Thyme tea

Thyme tea is the most common way to use this plant  to benefit from its medicinal effects, whether ingested or applied to the skin.

For example, thyme tea is an excellent remedy for candidiasis through a vaginal shower. Gargle helps heal mouth sores and thrush. Boil 5 to 6 leaves in a cup of water and let stand for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can add some other leaves like rosemary or sage.

2. Thyme oil

To prepare thyme oil, you must fill a bottle with thyme leaves, a root of this magic plant, and fill it with olive oil. Store in a cool, dark place for about two weeks. Remember to stir the elements every day while macerating. After fifteen days, strain it and add new leaves.

Use it on your skin and benefit from its protection.

3. Thyme incense

The ancients used to burn its leaves with the belief that the smoke from this magical plant contains a purifying effect that cleanses the room and the aura. Today it can also be used in the form of incense. The smoke of thyme scattered in the house helps to clean the rooms and attract good luck and health for its tenants.

Thyme spell for health and love

Thyme is a plant with powerful magical effects that attract health and can also facilitate love.

One of the most effective rituals is to build a 'protection nest'. To do this you have to go to the forest and, upon request to Mother Nature, collect some thyme branches and a root. With them, and again praying to Mother Earth, bless the ritual and build a nest with the branches.

Take a round bowl and cross the thyme branches around it, while you ask for a wish and pray for its fulfilment. When it is done, put a green candle in the centre, and red if you want to ask for love or white if you want to ask for health.

Write on paper the people you ask for health or love, spread it with honey and keep it in an envelope next to leaves of rosemary, rue, and thyme. Make a prayer to ask for your own health and the health of your loved ones, keep the flame burning and keep the nest in a high place in the house to perform the spell.