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The Top 4 Zodiac Moms

Only four can make it to the podium... But all signs have virtues that make you unique moms!

A mother holding her child's hand
Find the 4 zodiac signs gifted with a natural talent for motherhood.

At some point you might have wondered whether you're among the top 4 zodiac moms. It's obvious that each woman has her own way to experience motherhood, and each sign gives their native ladies specific virtues. From the concerned, authoritative mom, to the one that's more liberal and indulgent; from the emotional, creative one, to the intelligent, pragmatic one. But there's some pointers that allow us to find the top 4 zodiac moms.

Astrology has a great role in deciding how our personality is made, and that has a daily expression in the way we face every area of our lives. In moments as crucial as motherhood, our zodiac sign is an influence on how we socialise with our children and experience motherhood. The Magic Horoscope presents to you the top 4 zodiac moms. A sign for each of the elements, who possesses a special talent to be moms.

The top 4 zodiac moms

Each of the four elements (air, fire, earth and water) offers quite unique advantages to a mom's personality, and that's why we'll bring up one sign from each element to find the top 4 zodiac moms.

4. Pisces

Very few signs out there find a connection as special and magical as Pisces moms with their children, and that's why there's no risk in starting up this top 4 zodiac moms' ranking with the fish.

In fact, the advantage of moms born under Neptune's influence is that they have a childish soul that allows them to just naturally step into the magical world of kids. From the moment their darlings are born, they create an unbreakable tie with their babies; and unlike other moms, it goes beyond the physical realm and goes all the way into the dream realm.

Piscean moms and their little ones dream together, have fun together and understand life under the same innocent scope. Besides, their great creativity and originality awakens their children's skill development and ability to wander through the ethereal world of the abstract realms.

Some might think that Piscean moms have lost their grip on reality and that they're running the risk of raising a child in a make-believe world. It's true that they can get lost in the abstract world sometimes, but childhood is precisely all about delving into the child's innocence, and no one can beat the tender, moving Piscean moms at that.

3. Gemini

Let's just say that Gemini moms are like Piscean moms when their little ones are all grown up. Because of their communicative skills and their fashionable personality, they have a natural connection to their children. That, added to the great sense of intelligence they convey to their little ones, rightfully places them onto the podium of the top zodiac moms.

The great skill of Gemini ladies as moms is their adaptation and intelligence to blend into each new stage, which makes them the perfect companion for their children. They're not just incredibly proud of having a modern, youthful mom who hasn't let herself go because of motherhood;  they can also count on them when in trouble, because they both think the same way.

The open mentality and psychological capacities of Gemini moms make them not just moms, but also friends. And that's a real treat for their children, especially as they begin to grow older.

In case it weren't enough, Gemini moms pair up a childish flair of creativity and originality with tremendous intelligence, so as far as the training and intellectual growth processes are concerned, moms can be an endless source of knowledge and wisdom.

2. Virgo

Attention, Virgoan moms out there! Some may think that because you're strict and authoritative, you're distant from your children, and you're more of a dictator and less of a mom... They couldn't be any more wrong! Virgoan moms don't just have many virtues; they also possess many qualities that absolutely make them perfect moms. That's why you're among the top 4 zodiac moms.

From the moment Virgoan moms find out they're pregnant, they plan the whole process of motherhood methodically. That makes both the pregnancy and childbirth stage perfect and wonderful.

The care, upbringing and education of their children is another challenge that Virgoan moms take very seriously. When Virgoan ladies put a task on the top of their priority list,  they can focus their entire perfectionist, obsessive personality into it. That's why success is definitely coming on.

When we think about perfect moms, we instinctively think of affection and tenderness. But there's other areas just as important, and one of them is their efficiency in protecting, controlling and upbringing children. Even if they might seem too annoying, in the long run the demands of Virgoan moms manage to create highly capable individuals with great chances of success in life. Besides, who said Virgoan moms can't be affectionate? Their love comes through with full devotion and great generosity.

1. Leo

For their instinct, inner nature, efficiency, boldness and soul, there's a mom among all the rest in the zodiac that meets all the conditions to be the perfect mom: taking the lead of the top 4 zodiac moms is our dearly beloved Leo.

The most beautiful quality of a Leo mom is that, because she was born under the astrological influence of the king of the stars, the Sun, her mission in life is to enlighten others and show them the gleam in life. When they become moms, Leo women have the gift of enlightening the hard, sometimes clouded path of life for their children. That's why they're not only friends and moms; they're also a role model and a guide for their children, who'll find a beacon of light in them when they feel lost.

People say Leo moms might be selfish and arrogant, and yes, they might be too self-centered at times. They want their children to tell her how kind she is and how well she's doing all the time, but in exchange, she brings out an unparalleled overwhelming generosity. The ability of Leo moms to wear themselves thin for their children is incredible.

And this takes us to her other great quality, complementing her real mom personality: a natural protective instinct. Just like a lioness in a sabana full of hardships, Leo moms are definitely ready to pull out their claws against any threat that attacks their children, even risking their own lives in the process.

That's why the children of Leo moms find in them the embodiment of protection, generosity and light, a great promise of success to face the hard and passionate challenge of life. That's why they're among the top 4 zodiac moms.