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What Type of Dad Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign? 12 Types of Dads

There's something for everyone! From cold and authoritative, to liberal and emotional.

Dad and son
The 12 dad types in the horoscope.

When you become a father, you might feel curious about knowing how your children will be like according to the zodiac sign under which they were born. Still, you need to consider that, regarding your relationship with your children, your personality has a strong influence. So you should rather ask yourselves what type of dad are you according to your zodiac sign.

The stars determine our personality in all areas of life, and of course, they have an essential role in fatherhood. Each of the 12 signs in the horoscope creates 12 different types of dad. The Magic Horoscope will reveal everything so that you know what type of dad are you according to your zodiac sign.

And if you ladies are reading this, don't miss out. You'll find how your partner will be like as a dad!

The 12 dad types in the horoscope

As you will see now, there's something for everyone:  from cold and authoritative yet devoted, all the way to liberal and emotional but slightly careless. Find out now what type of dad are you according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: The idol

The fatherly figure of the ram imposes itself hieratically and intimidatingly over the submissive child with a halo of ruthless authority. The most incredible thing is that, as a dad, you don't need to raise your voice or punish anyone. Your authority is revealed through your example.

Impulsive and energetic, you become a role model, a natural-born leader for your children. They see their dad doing everything the way it should be done. If you're Aries and wondering what type of dad are you according to your sign, there's no doubt about it: you're their idol.

Besides, you're a source for inspiration and motivation. Your influence on them will make them stronger, more confident and active individuals. Your weak point is the lack of tenderness you convey at times.

Taurus: The friend

The oasis of peace and patience that children find in their Taurean dad perfectly matches an endless flow of affection and sensitivity. If you wonder what type of dad are you according to your sign and you're born under Taurus, you'll see that friendship is your greatest virtue.

Sometimes, your closeness, patience and liberal concept of fatherhood can damage your authority. You think your children are entitled to go wrong and make their own choices, and your patience is limitless, so adding that to your sensitivity, you might become too soft a dad.

As native Taureans, you can provide your children with a family-based, comfortable environment.

Cancer: The guardian

You're a great sufferer. If you're wondering what type of dad are you according to your zodiac sign and you're Cancer, you'll find an extremely sensitive personality which derives into an innate instinct of protection.

Out of all the signs in the horoscope, you're definitely the most involved. That's why you also run the risk of crossing red lines and boundaries, and being too assertive.

Your friends will love you for your devotion, warmth, and protection, and they might hate you out of annoyance every now and then. But that hate will fade, and then they'll enjoy the figure of a traditional dad who gives great importance to family and a safe home. If you learn to let loose over time, you'll definitely win them over.

Leo: The leader

As a source of authority and respect, Leo dads need to know that they're the core of their homes, the kings of their land. Naturally self-centered, they constantly need to feel like their children respect them and admire them.

But if you're wondering what type of dad are you according to your sign and you were born a Leo, you need to know that your great virtue is generosity. You're the kind of dad to forgive your children's mistakes over and over again, giving them everything you've got and more without expecting anything back. Although a little "Thank you, daddy, you're so nice" after every petition doesn't sound that bad, right, Leos?

But there's more: the stars are giving you the special virtue of being their guidance beacon in life. As dads ruled by the Sun, the biggest star among the stars, you have a mission in life: shining bright over your children and leading the path towards success and happiness.

Gemini: Constant stimuli

If you're moms dreaming about a fun, communicative dad, find yourselves a Geminis. In the end, their mind is quite child-like in many areas, so there's not many people who enter their children's world as naturally and tenderly as they do.

It's usual to see them enjoying crazy games with their little ones, laughing out loud and doing the most creative, imaginative activities. Also, as a sign of great intelligence, they end up providing their children with the rules of logic and interesting facts galore.

If you're wondering what type of dad are you according to your sign and you're Geminis, you'll see that despite your natural sense of communication, sometimes it's hard for you to delve into emotional empathy towards your kids. Try to boost your closest ties to them.

Virgo: The army chief

Rigid and disciplined, your attitude to fatherhood can end up looking cold, distant and too intrusive. Sometimes you can feel your children respect and obey you out of fear, but they never make a connection with you.

You have a virtue that makes you unique, Virgoans: your emotional side, added to your perfectionist spirit, offers your children a comfortable, safe space, which is something not many dads can give. Sometimes you do go too far, and there's not much to do about that, but your main principle in life is to reach success through persistence and perfection, and that's what you want for your children.

They'll never miss out on anything, and whenever you might look too strict, bring out your warmer side and they'll be swept off their feet.

Libra: An oasis of peace

Hey, mom! Do you want a calm and peaceful environment with a touch of elegance and attractiveness? Then find a Libra dad. Libra dads are experts at making peace and solving conflicts, so they'll create a relaxed, beautiful environment for the perfect childhood to blossom.

Sometimes this much peace and relaxation is counterproductive. As the little darlings grow up, they'll try to use that weakness to manipulate you and get whatever they want. But that's where your other skill comes into play: your solid core values.

If you were born a Libra and you've ever wondered what type of dad are you according to your sign, you'll find a great source of useful values and behavioural principles so that your children learn to handle themselves around in life. Balance and justice, honesty, elegance and education are part of your code of conduct which will help you bring up children with perfect personalities.  

Capricorn: The safety of home

If you're Capricorn dads, you can be sure about something: your children will have everything they need. You're the classic dad who works to the bone for their children, and as soon as you officially become dads, you focus all your might into giving them the best you can, and as native Capricorns that you are, that means it's time for you to work really hard.

Sometimes, in fact, Capricorns take that to the extreme and give up on the most essential needs. Children are not just little beings who need to be fed, dressed, and provided with basic services: they're live beings who need affection. If you know how to provide them with that, you'll take a huge step into developing your relationship with them.

As far as values are concerned, you make money and safety the focus of everything, instilling into your children the importance of working on a successful future through effort. Because of your stability-prone traditional roots, your main focus is to build them a safe, warm home.

Scorpio: A tender mystery

If you're wondering what type of dad are you according to your sign and you were born Scorpios, you'll reach the conclusion that you're a mystery to your kids. Your inability to give them all your have inside, which can be narrowed down to a complex ball of emotions to untangle, make you quite the interesting riddle to their eyes.

But there's something obvious here: Scorpian dads are always at the bottom of their children's hearts. As an endless source of love, you make emotions the core of your relationship with your kids,  and that's quite useful to them when trying to find someone to read their feelings. As a friend and psychologist, you're a great dad.

Besides, you have the gift of intelligence and great mental skills, so you're the typical dad all kids want around when they're doing homework.

Sagittarius: An endless adventure

Sagittarius dads, there's not much success in your future as a role model for authoritative discipline providers. But you're lucky enough to be on the podium of the funniest, most adventurous, modern dads in the zodiac.  And that, kids love.

You're unforgettable and extremely special. You always have a smile at the ready, even in the hardest of times, and that shows that optimism is a very powerful weapon to face life. Your personality teaches them to explore the world actively, to seize the day and live every minute with as much vitality as possible.

As far as values are concerned, you're the ideal liberal dad type. No one but you knows the real meaning of the idea that you have to go wrong in life, and that your children are free to make their own choices. Sometimes you might be a little indulgent indeed, but your children are better prepared for life than anyone else out there.

Aquarius: The modern one

What type of dad are you according to your zodiac sign if you're Aquarians? The kind of dad that makes their children proud when you pick them up from school: the cool dad, always wearing the latest fashions and trends, witty, fun and well-spoken. Original and creative, that's your dad personality.

Freedom and independence are part of your values and principles' pyramid. That's why you're always encouraging your children to make their own choices and take risks in life. But of course, that doesn't always work out...

In your relationship with them, there are some serious lacking elements. You tend to base your relationship on intellect, giving more importance to reason-based thoughts and leaving feelings aside. If you manage to strengthen your affection bond to your children, you'll manage to be not only a role model and an example to follow but also a good friend.

Pisces: One of their kind

Your magic personality is a shelter against complex reality for your children, a reality which can become crueller in time. As Pisces dads, you're imaginative, creative and fantastic, able to take them into an abstract, surreal world...  although you sometimes do too much.

Your lack of grip on reality usually takes them to lengthen their childishness too much. Still, you're their doorway to the dream world, able to tell them how important it is to chase after their dreams and live life with a big smile on.

One of your strong points is your sensitivity. The other, creativity. So if you're wondering what type of dad are you if you're Pisces, you can see yourselves  playing around with your children (you'll be the masters of crafts) and sharing with them your deepest, darkest secrets.