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The 12 Different Types of Birthstones

Discover your birthstone and its properties.

When we talk about magical stones, we mean minerals, either stones or crystals, that have a special power for us, humans. Gem therapy, an alternative type of medicine, specializes in analyzing the relationship between people and stones. It uses the energy from magic stones and energy crystals to rebalance and reorganize your body. According to this type of therapy, minerals channel and provide energy to improve your mental and physical health.

The 12 different types of birthstones 

Although we could all benefit from the power of these stones, there is a series of surrounding elements that allow us to connect better with certain stones rather than others. This is where birthstones come into play, a tradition that started at the beginning of the 15th century. 

January stone: Granite

Part of the silicate family, granite is the protective stone for those born in January. One of its most important properties is healing blood-related ailments. We can find granite in a wide range of colors: ruby red, caramel, orange, and even green. 

February stone: Amethyst

For those born in the second month of the year, amethyst is the protective stone. It is a magic stone that brings peace and balance. Its purple vibration is a powerful source of purification, and it's especially useful for meditation and intuition. Physically, it improves neck and shoulder tension. 

March stone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone that people believed the god Neptune and other sea gods offered to humans, and it is the magical stone of March.  It has healing properties for throat aches and respiratory problems among others, and it allows us to connect with nature and the oceans. For young couples, Aquamarine is a symbol of happiness and an engagement ring carrying this stone will guarantee a happy marriage. 

April stone: Diamond

It is a well-known fact that the diamond is the hardest stone there is and that it can only be cut/scratched by using another diamond. The most popular diamonds are clear, but there are also pink, yellow, purple and orange ones. It the protective stone for those born in April and it's beneficial in blood coagulation and poisoning. Nowadays, diamonds are used in the cosmetic industry for beauty treatments.  

May stone: Emerald

Emerald is the protective stone of those born in May, and it is associated with hope, no doubt because of its beautiful green color. People have been fascinated with it since ancient times and Cleopatra was one of its most famous admirers. The emerald stone brings its wearer love and friendship, emotional balance and it stimulates mental and physical development.   

June stone: Pearl

Thanks to popular culture, we are all familiar with pearls, and we know that they are formed inside certain bivalve mollusks (oysters, mussels). In this case, the birthstone for those born in June is actually a biomineral, and due to its composition (these are stones covered in nacre, which is nothing more than a compound of calcium carbonate), it helps with calcium deficiency problems

July stone: Ruby

The ruby has been around since before the birth of Christ, and this is why it's referred to as an ancient stone, protector of those born in July. Connected with many religions and legends, the ruby is believed to be a stone that improves intelligence and confidence and that can also battle anorexia. 

August stone: Peridot 

Known also as the earth stone, the peridot protects those born in the eighth month of the year. One of its properties related to gem therapy is helping with digestion, healing stomach aches and reducing constipation.  Mentally, it helps with anger issues, and it is also believed to help with matters of the heart and evil eye. 

September stone: Sapphire

Blue is the most popular color for sapphires, but we can also find these stones with orange, yellow, and green undertones. This protective September stone is  famous for having calming effects and helping with our sleep. It regenerates hair and nail and battles fever. 

October stone: Opal

Were you born in October? Then your magic stone is opal, a stone famous for reflecting all the colors of the rainbow, depending on what angle you're looking at it.  It is a mystical stone that allows us to contact beings that are not in our spiritual realm, such as angels and other gods. Opal also has purifying properties for our blood. 

November stone: Topaz

Once again, this is a magical stone that can be found in many colors and has rejuvenating effects especially for those born in November. It builds strength, it helps relieve pain in our legs,  it detoxifies the liver, and it could detect poisoned foods

December stone: Turquoise 

Turquoise allows the physical being to connect with the cosmo, find balance in our thoughts and actions and become realigned with our inner self. It helps protect those born in December and, if we carry it on our travels, it can protect against accidents and misfortunes. This magic stone is especially beneficial for students and authors, especially when faced with writer's block.