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Why Are Millennials So Into Astrology? Is Astrology Real?!

Why Are Millennials So Into Astrology? Is Astrology Real?! | Cedida

In this age of passing trends, there are some things that still remain popular among people.  Astrology is one of them. But, why is astrology so popular among people, especially millennials? Is astrology real and can it help us live our best lives?

Many ancient civilizations years ago, in the search of answers, help, consolation, and achievement of their goals, turned to reading the Stars, as a kind of divine communication. Huge kings and rulers of countries sought advice from astrologers before making any big decision. One of the most famous astrologers of all time was Nostradamus who was considered to be one of the greatest visionaries who predicted many things and events in the future.

This ancient way of determining fates of people and looking to the future has continued to this day. Is astrology a science? No, but even though there's a lack of scientific evidence and astrology is considered to be pseudoscience, many people read their daily horoscopes out of fun and pure curiosity. But, there are also those who take horoscopes a bit too seriously and blindly trust the advice of astrologers.

When it comes to astrology and interpreting our personality, the most important thing is our zodiac sign, or the exact position of the Sun at the time of our birth. Everyone knows that there are twelve signs in the Zodiac, which eventually determine the different traits and characters of their bearers. For instance, it is considered that all Virgos are clean freaks, Leos are egoistic and self-centered, Libras are charming, while Scorpios are the most mysterious and dangerous of all zodiac signs. 

Birth charts are also extremely popular among millennials, where based on the position of the planets at the time of our birth as well as the date and place of our birth, astrologers can draw conclusions about our personality, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, relationships with other people, and even predict our future. Based on the relative positions and movements of the celestial bodies, astrology can predict many events and reveal the most favorable periods for people when it comes to money, love, work, etc.

While some people read their horoscopes just for fun, others tend to turn to astrology in uncertain times, especially young people who are in their late teens or 20s and are living in one of the most uncertain times. In those wild years of their lives, they're searching for all kinds of answers and seeking a deeper understanding of who they really are, so they believe that the position of the planets at the time of their birth has shaped their personality and as such it can also offer lessons as to how to navigate life successfully. According to Culture Astrology, these are some of the biggest reasons why millennials are into astrology:

It's a self-identifying tool

Many young people struggle to figure out who they really are, so they turn to astrology as a great tool that offers them an in-dept interpretation of their personalities that can help them identify themselves. A birth chart (which is a map of the sky when we were born) can reveal one's personality, likes, dislikes, and biggest strengths and weaknesses. Astrology can help young people to better understand themselves and the world around them, which makes this one of the biggest reasons to believe in astrology.

It offers them guidance and something to believe in

Young people are often lonely, unhappy, or struggling to find a sense of purpose, so astrology offers them something to hold onto and something to believe in. They turn to astrology to find answers as to why certain things or events are happening and whether these difficult times will finally end and turn for the better. Millennials tend to check their horoscopes more when things are going wrong and in times of despair, because astrology to them is a kind of coping mechanism for all stress.

It connects them

We live in a social media age, where it's becoming really hard to socialize with other people outside of technology. Technology is a blessing because it allows us to connect with people from the whole world, but it's also a bad thing because we forgot how to talk face to face and connect emotionally with others. And people's interest in astrology can spark interesting conversations between friends or strangers. Comparing the qualities of their zodiac signs and finding similarities or differences can be fun and create laughter.

It helps them when it comes to relationships

Some zodiac signs don't get along with each other and some are naturally compatible match made in heaven. Astrology can offer people an advice when it comes to their most compatible signs, love, and relationships. Through astrology and knowing more about their sign, people can easily find out how to find their soulmate, what are the best ways to approach the person they like and how to keep them interested. 

Because It’s Fun

Finally, millennials are into astrology and horoscopes simply because it's fun.  Astrology in today's society is present on all social media platforms. There are so many accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr that are completely devoted to zodiac signs and horoscopes. Astrology is fun, entertaining and brings positivity and confidence in young people's lives. It's a self-reflecting tool, so young people often use the information they learn as an insight to help them work on themselves. They know that astrology is not magic that will solve all of their problems, but it can arm them with the self-knowledge and confidence they need to take on whatever comes their way.