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The Wheel Of Fortune (X): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

Find out the meaning of the tenth Major Arcana card: The Wheel of Fortune.


The Wheel of Fortune, (“La Roue de Fortune”, in French) or The Wheel of Destiny, is the 10th Major Arcana card and the one to end the first decimal cycle of the Major Arcana Tarot. Its circular shape and handle indicate its first meaning: the end of a cycle and waiting for the strength that will trigger the next cycle. More than any other Major Arcana card, the Wheel of Fortune is clearly oriented towards putting an end to the past and waiting for the future.

Main characteristics

Its symbolism is very rich and it alludes to the unexpected twists of fortune. It is the beginning of the ascending and the descending. There are depicted several stages of life: evolution (represented by the chimaera that goes up); another day, the control of life or situations (represented by the chimaera at the top of the image); the decline (represented by the chimaera that goes down). That is how the Earth’s cycles work.

At first, this Major Arcana card gives an impression of inertia, of stillness that is not there due to the movement of the waves on the light blue background. The message could be that reality, even though looks stable, is in constant change, like the waves of the sea.

Major Arcana tarot card meaning

It represents all beginnings and endings, depending on the state of the tarot spread. It also indicates the need for external help, for a new departure, or that you are actively looking for a change of fortune.

This Major Arcana card also comprises all the circumstances that are beyond your control, or an opportunity that you should not miss. It symbolises the hormonal cycles, the laws of nature and the emotional riddles to be solved.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed predicts a mental block or a dead end.  This is the wheel of karma that turns repeating old patterns of successive reincarnations.

Tarot card interpretation

The Wheel of Fortune is a tarot card of several interpretations that will greatly depend on the circumstances you describe during the tarot reading. It indicates your current situation in life.

If it appears at the beginning of a tarot spread, it suggests the end of a past event and the beginning of a new cycle. When it appears at the end of the tarot spread, it may predict that what is happening will definitely end, so it becomes the past, a complete cycle. But often, when it appears in the middle of the tarot spread, it indicates a mental block that you have to overcome. Therefore, it is advisable to draw another tarot card to see what will make the handle turn or to clear up the emotional mystery that it suggests (represented by the blue animal).


From this point of view, the place this tarot card has in a tarot reading will indicate whether an aspect of your life should be concluded in order to give way to a new one, or whether a new stage is already beginning. If you choose to analyse this tarot card as a failure, you will find out that failure is not an end, but a possibility of conversion: a change of path.


This is the tarot card of emotional adventure, fate and the unexpected. It encourages you to live your life from day to day and accept your luck. This is the perfect time to have more dates, in case you are single, since there is the possibility of finding the partner of your dreams. If you already have a partner, it indicates that your relationship is developing positively.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed indicates bad luck, lack of self-confidence, and the casual encounters that will bring nothing good. This is a tarot card that points out emotional instability and a tendency to break up, in case you have a partner.

Money and work

It appears at the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. There can be any kind of transformations and surprises. You feel adventurous or enjoying a period of great creativity. This is a time when everything works like clockwork. In the tarot reading, it adds an evolution of positive circumstances and all kinds of risks are welcomed. 

In the reversed position, there is job instability.  Carelessness and neglect contribute to this. There is also a risk of accidents at work or with your car, as well as temporary blocks. Projects are not well planned, which leads to delays.

Your personal economy may show ups and downs, but you can endure it. Finance does not depend only on yourself, but also on others.

In the reversed position, there is a certain lack of concern that becomes a risk to your dreams. You have a tendency to believe that money makes life more peaceful, but you do not have the means to achieve it. 


This tarot card suggests health issues that are particularly related to the blood supply and the joints. There may appear acute fatigue, though temporary, as well as muscle aches or even cramps. In these cases, it is recommended to rest.

These are disorders of a woman’s cycle, as this tarot card is associated with hormones. There is a tendency to overweight. In the upright position, it suggests a fairly fertile time in case you wish to have a baby. 

Tarot card meanings and spreads 


If it appears related to questions from the past, it indicates a situation that has already been overcome, the end of a successful cycle. If it appears in the reversed position, it suggests a situation that is being repeated in the present, much to your regret.


It is necessary to open up to others, to share.  Everything that has a beginning has an end. However, this should not paralyse you when it comes to living your life! Your true destiny will always reside in the journey, not the goals you manage to achieve.

The Wheel of Fortune encourages you to reflect on the inevitability of the endless switching between rising and falling; prosperity and austerity, joy and sadness. It guides you towards change from the here and now, whether it is positive or negative, and towards acceptance of the constant transformation of reality.


The event you are wondering about will happen sooner than you may think, for better or worse!  You must already be prepared, as it is a reality that you will soon have to face. You should be careful with what you wish for.

Fun facts

  • The symbol of the wheel is related to chakrasor subtle centres. It presents a solar principle, as it radiates from the centre outwards.
  • Number 10  is the upper octave of one, that is,  the opening to a new plane of consciousness,  the deepening of essential experiences and the willpower focused on achieving the success of a new and important goal.
  • The Wheel of Fortune is linked to the planet Jupiter, the musical note “B” flat, the violet colour, the Hebrew letter “Kaf” and the 21st path of the Tree of Life.