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The Chariot (VII): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

Find out the meaning of the seventh Major Arcana card: The Chariot.

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The Chariot (VII): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

The Chariot, also known as “Le Chariot” in French, is the seventh Major Arcana card. He is the young Magician that becomes a prince. The changes and transformations from the past have given him good results in the present and will bring him to a quite promising future. The different life lessons begin to bear fruit, and there is a desire for independence and development. This is the evolution of an indecisive young man who becomes someone eager for conquests and victories.

The duality of the horses and masks on his shoulders are somehow complementary and confirm that everything in the universe is complete. This Major Arcana card is a symbol of total strength  that manifests its action on earth.

Do you want to know its meaning in a tarot reading of love, money or health? Do not miss any detail of this article!

Main characteristics 

This Major Arcana card invokes good luck and success.  His talent and pride lead him to systematically overcome obstacles until he gets a complete control over the problem. Therefore, progress and victory come naturally with such behaviour. It symbolises work as a whole, movement, vehicles, progress in general.

The Chariot card is the utmost representation of action in all aspects, both of oneself and the world. Unlike the Empress, who occupies the corresponding position in the earth square and indicates an outburst with no specific purpose, the Chariot knows perfectly where he is heading.

Major Arcana tarot card meaning

The Chariot is often seen as a conqueror of powerful action,  a lover with high sexuality. It sometimes predicts a journey. This is a tarot card that moves towards success. This is a manly and extremely active tarot card. For a woman, it sometimes suggests that the parents were wishing for a boy. The Chariot also encourages you to wonder about the means of action that are used in the world and the way people rule their lives.

The Chariot reversed indicates the recklessness and inflexibility of the conqueror  who believes himself entitled to everything. This tarot card suggests a deadly pride, which leads you directly to failure, because you cannot see beyond the end of your nose. There is stagnation, obstacles arise as well as everything that prevents the smooth flow of events, or you are not being enterprising enough. You have to be careful with motor vehicles!


Tarot card interpretation

Generally speaking, it refers to active people between the ages of twenty and fifty. More specifically, in a tarot reading, it can allude to sportsmen, travellers, conquerors who embark on adventures without a second thought, as well as to the people who dedicate their lives to others; also to mechanics and all the people connected to cars.

This is a card that is closely related to the tarot readings of work and money, since the Chariot is only interested in winning, and what better battlefield than that of the material possessions. It brings triumph, success and evolution. Work and victory are also present. This is something concrete and does not require external assertions. The presence of this tarot card is very positive.

When this tarot card turns up, regardless of the kind of reading and whenever it is in an upright position, it suggests an acceleration of events. The runaway horses of the chariot are in a hurry to reach their destination. If the tarot card appears in the reversed position, it indicates mild delays.


The Chariot suggests a love affair on a journey  (with The Lovers), a good catch, a positive development or, simply, a couple’s good relations (skill and generous love). You feel attracted to people who are structured and have good values.  This tarot card also indicates a desire for social evolution by means of emotions. You feel seductive and thirsty for love, no matter what obstacles come in your way.

In the reversed position, there is confusion and restlessness, and so  your personal ambition goes against your relationship.  You spend more time away from home and, for single people, there is a desire for evasion. Your love relationships are just affairs, you just live the moment. You can also fall into certain snobbery, which is the interest you show in people of a certain social class.

Money and work

You carry out your work with skill, which leads you to achievements.  You can rely on the know-how for everything that you undertake, even if it is the first time performing such activity. Generally speaking, you have very good luck. Your responsibilities are justified and they do not become oppressive. This tarot card also refers to the fact that you enjoy certain popularity, and that it would not be unusual if you are asked to go on business travels. If you have just joined the company, your career will advance quickly. This is also a good sign for those who are looking for a job. 

In the reversed position, there is an excessive desire to triumph  which clouds your reasoning, as well as too much harmful activity, poor coordination. You are too opportunistic and not sincere enough, which leads you to problems. You rush too mucho to reach your goals. There is a lack of means or you have to move and make yourself known. 

When it comes to finances, things are going well, your regular financial inputs are correct, so much so that you can easily buy the vehicle you want. Money is won thanks to your personal merits and determination. You are a bit of a spendthrift, but the consequences are not significant.

In the reversed position: too many expenses generated by an excess of impulsiveness.  In case you consider buying a car, the vehicle is too expensive, or it is in a bad condition (this tarot card refers to vehicle-related problems, in general). The financial problems that may arise are not easy to overcome.


In general, it suggests good health, but you have to pay attention to your legs, hips and feet, as well as to arrhythmia caused by stress. There is a certain risk related to travels, especially if they are carried out at full speed. 

Your carelessness can lead to health problems.  The mobility of your limbs can also be affected when this tarot card appears in a reading. 

Tarot card meanings and spreads 

The Chariot is an active figure that boosts the tarot spread towards movement and development.  This is the tarot card that represents good times when everything goes smoothly. It is mainly related to work, so it becomes very important when asking about whether or not you will get a job. 


You personality has become stronger due to your past, to the great efforts and sacrifices you made. It represents the strength of character essential in these questions about the past. Were you determined enough? Otherwise, the Chariot reversed indicates that you need to develop your discipline in order to strengthen your personality, since that is the only way to reach your goals.


If you ask about the present in a tarot reading where the Chariot appears, it means that success is within reach.  The situation is overcome smoothly.


If you carry on in the same way and do not give up, in the future you will get the results you are looking for. However, you must consider whether you are taking the necessary measures to do so. It requires you to get involved in the current situation in order to have a bright future.

Fun facts

  • The figure of the charioteer may bring to mind the god Osiris driving his triumphal chariot.
  • From an astrological point of view,  this tarot card is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer, because the chariot is related to the shell of the crab and also with those who carry their home everywhere. This tarot card is also associated with the planet Mars, which may apparently seem like a contradiction, since Cancer is a water sign and Mars, a fire planet! But this may be related to the duality that defines the whole symbology of this Major Arcana card.
  • Number seven tends towards human perfection and totality. For example, there are seven days of the week, seven notes of the musical scale, seven wonders of the Ancient World, etc.
  • The Chariot is linked to the yellow colour, the musical note “E”, the Hebrew letter “Cheth” and the 18th path of the Tree of Life.