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How to Get Lucky? 9 Protection Symbols and Lucky Charms

Find out which lucky charm is best suited to your needs

lucky charms
Good fortune may come to your life if you know how to invite it in | Magic Horoscope 

Do you feel like everyone around you seem to have everything in their lives handed on a plate?  A wonderful partner, a beautiful house and a nice career are gifts that seem to come easily to their lives, while you only have unpaid bills and a very ungrateful partner.

It is as if some mysterious protection symbols look after their lives so that nothing hurts them. But do not worry, very soon you will get your share of good luck. Everything in life has a solution!

Good fortune exists and if you wonder how to get lucky, you only need to follow these pieces of advice. It does not matter how dark you envision your future, today may be the day that everything changes for the better! From lucky charms to protection symbols, here you will discover everything you need to know in order to get luck on your side.

How to Get Lucky? 

Have you ever wondered how to attract good luck? Surely you must have sensed something about it since good luck lies in your connection with energies and vibes. Do you smile? Are you optimistic? You must open your mind and consider everything positively. In this way, the lucky charms will be able to ward off bad luck and welcome good fortune.

If despite everything, you struggle to show off your best version, the lucky charms could be your best solution.  These objects are very useful to increase your confidence and so, actually improve many aspects of your life. They can provide safety and additional power to have good fortune always in your life. Next, we will explain more about these ancient rites, lucky charms and protection symbols for you and your loved ones.

9 Protection Symbols and Lucky Charms: Horseshoe, Elephants, and More

The evil spirit is very powerful  because it feeds on hatred, envy, and resentment. That is why you must always protect yourself from all this. But how to do it?

Besides superstitions, there are protection symbols and objects that have become fortune bearers. Since ancient times, certain elements have been attributed with “powers” and the ability to bring success to our lives, these are the lucky charms.

It is essential that you acquire one of them.  There is no need to have them all,  just  choose the one you like the most  or the one that matches your way of seeing life.

1. Lucky Horseshoe

According to the legend, the lucky horseshoe scares away even the devil, as he once could not take off one of them so easily. Knowing that it wards off the devil is something to keep in mind! It must be hung above the door, with the ends pointing upwards, otherwise, the good luck will go away. 

2. Lucky Elephant

This lucky charm  is related to the protection of your home and family. To get its power, the elephant is placed on the balcony or at the front door, with its bottom towards the door. In this way, you can achieve greater success in your workplace, apart from ensuring peace and prosperity.

3. Egyptian Lucky Charms

There are several protection symbols that come from this culture, which relied on its gods. Thus, it is believed that the beetles (as jewels, ornaments, etc.) bring material wealth, and that the Eye of Horus is used as a protector against the evil eye that brings bad luck to your life.

4. Maneki-Neko

These are the typical lucky cats that are seen moving their left paw constantly.  They are very popular in Japan, and they come in several colours depending on what you want to achieve. The white ones give you good luck with your studies and the green ones provide good health. The golden cat, which is the most common one seen in shops, is the one that attracts money!

5. Rabbit’s Foot

This is probably one of the most popular home-made protection symbols. There is evidence that it has been used since 600 BC by the Celts. The fact that the rabbit brings good luck is one of the oldest and most widespread beliefs in the world, but it is not known exactly why and how. Touching a newborn with a rabbit’s foot will protect the baby from evil spirits and envy. It does not need to be a real rabbit’s foot, since synthetic feet that represent the rabbit’s magic can be found in curio shops.

6. Banknote

Another lucky charm to attract money and wealth is to carry a banknote in our wallet that will be never spent. You should always carry it with you and it is better to choose one of the largest denominations you have. Money attracts money, and that is why you must always carry this banknote with you.

7. Keys

But not any key will do. The old keys bring good luck, especially in an economic, business or work field. They symbolise the same as their usual use: the opening of doors. If you want to have good luck and more opportunities, now you know what your indispensable new accessory should be. 

8. Nazar (Turkish Evil Eye) and Hamsa Hand

They are usually used together to strengthen their protective effect.  If you want to ward off the evil eye and, at the same time, get all the good luck, you must acquire this amulet. This is a protection charm that works against malice and the bad intentions or wishes that may threaten you. 

9. Buddha

A Buddha amulet could not have been omitted from this list of lucky charms. It must be a gift and so, that person will receive wealth, prosperity, good humour and happiness.

Also, remember the importance of some additional qualities to attract good luck, such as optimism, patience and being careful about the signs. These lucky charms will bring you more strength and power to believe in yourself!