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Mission and Personal Vision: Discover Your True Mission in Life

Learn how to find your mission in life, discover how to look for the reason you were born and unravel the purpose for which you came into this world

Do you know your mission of life, your mission, and a personal view of the world? If you ask yourself this question, there is already a good chance that you are on the right path to discover ingesting your life mission. Do not miss this article!

What is a life mission?

The classic and common definition of the mission of life, quite simply, the reason why you were born, the purpose for which you came into this world. The soul, before taking the form of your body, makes many decisions  that will determine the life you will come to live. She chooses your parents, your country, the time you will spend on Earth, the main events of their life and the mission of your soul. What happens is that when your soul is embodied in a new body we don't know what that goal is in a certain way.

So, you will have to develop your skills, explore certain faculties that you have almost innate and thus be able to guide you in a certain direction since we are children. However, our ego, or the circumstances around us, take us away from that good path, from our mission and personal vision of life.

When talking about life mission it is important to note that it is an issue where there are no unequivocal rules or signs of having found your life mission; no one, not even you, can tell you without margin of error whether you are in your place or not.

However, you can stay tuned for some clues. For example, the way you see yourself, the way you see your work, the way you have to talk about your daily life, the well-being you feel when you do your favorite activities, the obligations you impose yourself, the relationships you have with your environment, the motivation you have to start your personal projects...

Mission of life: examples

As we say, there are no laws, so it is difficult to put examples of personal mission in a clear way. However, you may be reflected in this little story.

Maria has been working in a company for five years, gets along with her peers and is comfortable. He never thought to stay there, but family and daily life let him think of no choice. He is not unhappy, but he does not really feel pleasure in his work, because everything is routine, and leaves him a void that he cannot deal with.

One night, she goes to dinner with her friend Esmeralda, who has just set up her jewellery design business, as a freelance entrepreneur. She doesn't make much money, but she's radiant. Mary is envious of Esmeralda, admires her, and wishes to have the same sparkle in her gaze as she.

When she returned home, she began to remember her childhood dreams, her desire to be a doctor or psychologist, and thus help others in her day-to-day life, but instead of studying she decided to walk a shorter and more efficient path, which she thought was the right one at the time.

How to discover your life mission

The mission and personal vision of life is not an activity or a thing you must do  (have the work of your dreams, for example) but a state of being, an inner attitude. To get there, you can perform the following three steps.

1. To have the intention to find it

If every day you dawn with the intention of knowing your mission of life, then things will get going in the right direction. If, on the other hand, you are in an attitude of rejection of what you are doing you will only cultivate unnecessary frustrations and hurt yourself,more than anyone can do to you.

Say every day, when you wake up, that you want to discover your life mission, you will help your subconscious work in that direction and give you clues so you can take advantage of them.

2. Exercise to discover your life mission

Carry out exercises that enhance your mission and personal vision, that will lead you to discover your mission of life. For example, ask questions that open up your fields of consciousness and that you should answer as best you can.

What would you do if you made all the money in the world now and didn't have to work to pay your bills? What do you decide to do from the moment you no longer have to go to work? What would you do if you had unlimited time to do everything you love daily?

The goal of all this is to find your mission and personal vision, your why, what drives you, visualizeyour past, present and future.

3. Move to find it

The idea is not to put all your attention to this approach. At the moment, everything is fine, in place and at the right time to move as best you can in your way.

However, if you haven't found what makes you vibrate... keep your way,  keep moving, clear your way if you've already found it. Gradually you will notice the clues that will allow you to light up your path. You could be reborn, express all your creativity and sublimate your personality and your existence.

Deep down, the quest for life mission has a lot of movement. And it is only an internal personal journey,which aims to lead us towards greater harmony between all aspects of ourselves and who we are in the broad sense of the word, that is, in the recognition of our dimension spiritually.