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Chiron in Karmic Astrology: The Wounded Healer In Your Chart

The meaning of Chiron in astrology is related to your internal wound that, while being unable to heal, can be used for the benefit of others

Chiron in Astrology: Where Is Your Old Emotional Wound?

Chiron is a celestial body that was discovered relatively recently, but in a short period of time its meaning in astrology has become one of the most relevant when it comes to interpreting our natal chart.

This asteroid tells us about the emotional wound we have that never heals. In the pain stemming from that wound is our potential as healers. All people have the ability to do good, do you want to know how you can better help others? If you have always had an interest in healing, Chiron in the astral chart can reveal many things about your destiny. Discover in which house and sign your Chiron is in your natal chart.

Who is Chiron in astrology?

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur with a body half human and half horse.  One day he was poisoned with an arrow and his wound turned out to be incurable.  This caused him great shame therefore, he decided to take refuge in a cave. Because he was hiding away from the world, Chiron became a wise man, capable of helping anyone who sought for his advice. He did not have the ability to heal himself given the nature of his wound, nonetheless, he could still be useful, for he was capable of doing good for others.

From this story it can be inferred that wounds are our greatest teachers. Our inner wound is a force pushing us towards self-improvement and self-discovery. We do not obtain relief by acting selfishly, but rather when we help others.

In regard to its meaning in astrology, within a natal chart, the part where Chiron is located tells us about the nature of the emotional wound, as well as our strategy when it comes to overcoming it.

Chiron’s location indicates the place where we are in permanent contact with our pain - just like his wound that did not heal -,  it also symbolizes our qualities regarding compassion that bring us closer to the pain others experience to help heal it.

The meaning of Chiron in the houses of the natal chart

Emotional wounds, although they hurt us, are good because they make us aware of where we should direct our attention: what we have to work on to evolve. Wherever Chiron is in one of the 12 houses, that will be the area where we will not be fluent and it will be difficult for us to know why this is the case. It is the area of life in which there are inequalities, injustices, situations and judgments against oneself. The explanation to these difficulties can be traced back to a remote past, perhaps even to the past of other lives, or to karma.

Chiron in House 1

There is a discomfort with the body, we do not like our appearance or we have trouble taking initiatives in life.

Chiron in House 2

We are never satisfied with what we have, we would like to increase our possessions but we do not know how to focus our energies towards material goals.

Chiron in House 3

Communications fail, it is difficult to find the right words and there may be important conflicts with siblings.

Chiron in House 4

The domestic sphere is a problem, it is a source of pain instead servings as a refuge.

Chiron in House 5

Fun is a subject that tends to be set aside, the small things in life are not enjoyed.

Chiron in House 6

Work is very difficult for us, we would like to have our life figured out without trying too hard. 

Chiron in House 7

There is always a point of discomfort in relationships, there is a tendency to dominate and suffocate your significant other.

Chiron in House 8

Difficulty in sexual intimacy, or we refuse to accept death. Life is somewhat paralyzing because we want to irrationally understand it in its entirety.

Chiron in House 9

Conflicts between beliefs and one's own spirituality. There is a tendency to place science above everything else and this leaves us with a feeling of emptiness.

Chiron in House 10

Problems exist in the professional field, or there is a feeling of not having discovered your calling.

Chiron in House 11

The deepest wound is found between friends, for some reason they betray us or we do not choose well to whom we give our hearts.

Chiron in House 12

Problems with loneliness and sacrifice. Our ego is too powerful and we are reluctant to believe that we all come from the same unit, that we are an ocean made up of many droplets.

Meaning of Chiron in the signs of the zodiac

The house shows us the vital area where we will have most problems, on the other hand, the sign where Chiron was on the day of our birth shows the capacities to teach from a place of extreme humanity and humility. It symbolizes through which qualities we can develop our gifts as healers and guides, and it is something that directly depends on our personality.

The sign where Chiron is positioned teaches us to embrace our wound and learn from it increasing acceptance, compassion and wisdom to help our environment. Its location shows where we feel injured or incapacitated and also provides us with the tools to develop our healing expertise.

Chiron in Aries

With Chiron in Aries, the emotional wound is believing that we are not brave enough. The healing mastery is in encouraging others to trust themselves and to learn to take risks. Through helping others express themselves, we help each other develop the full potential of our magnetism.

Chiron in Taurus

The emotional wound with Chiron in Taurus stems from the lack of a sense of security and stability. In this case, we are good at managing the assets of others but not our own. Our healing potential is that we know how to manage the resources of others and make them live more in accordance with reality. We help others, without even noticing it, to accept and value their body and their abilities.

Chiron in Gemini

With this Chiron, the mind is distrusted and there is a feeling that we are not saying what we truly think. This person does not trust himself nor his mind. On the other hand, the healing potential consists in enabling others to think for themselves without feeling judged or underestimated when expressing their ideas. It is worth mentioning however, that Gemini is a fairly versatile sign.

Chiron in Cancer

The emotional wound is related to the physical separation from ones mother, which leads to a constant sense of uprooting or even abandonment. On the other hand, this kind of pain makes us extremely empathetic people. The healing power is very great with Chiron in Cancer, because it is easy to make others feel loved and accepted. 

Chiron in Leo

Lack of spontaneity because you have a terrible fear of making a fool of yourself. For people with Chiron in Leo it is hard to develop creativity. However, this emotional wound in Leo enables others to develop self-confidence, understanding how important it is to release what is carried within for emotional well-being.

Chiron in Virgo

Too much attention to detail makes it difficult to assimilate experiences or process information.  Our healing power is that we make others aware of the processes, consequently making their lives better because we increase their objectivity. We make others "land" in the plane of reality, so to speak. Virgo is a sign that is very connected to the earth.

Chiron in Libra

This Chiron in Libra hinders relationships, mostly because we choose to maintain an extremely courteous treatment, which eventually prevents others from getting close to us. We tend to project our emotions on other people. From this wound, the healing power is that we manage to dissipate conflicts and tensions in the relationships of others.

Chiron in Scorpio

It is difficult to accept subjects such as sex, birth, death, and regeneration.  The fear of transition prevents life from developing smoothly, when in reality we have enormous potential for beneficial changes. Our job as healers consists in helping others in their transformations. This is ideal for working in spaces associated with birth, death, or regeneration. The chances of becoming intense and authentic beings increase with this Chiron in Scorpio, although it is also true that this Chiron is one of the most difficult to endure.

Chiron in Sagittarius

We need to understand the meaning of life and traditional answers do not help us. This Chiron encourages us to carry out many trips, in search of true beliefs, although there is always the risk of falling into fanaticism. We help others by making them find meaning in their lives and their own answers. The road to truth and knowledge never stops with Chiron in Sagittarius.

Chiron in Capricorn

We lack the feeling of professional and social success. Although objectively speaking we have succeeded, there will always be voices inside our heads that tell us otherwise. However, the opposite can also occur, it can be really difficult for people with Chiron in Capricorn to set an objective and fulfill it. There may be problems with the system, authority, and those who represent it. Our potential as healers is that we help others take responsibility for their actions. Due to the fact that people have not helped us solve our difficulties, we have learned not to expect anything from anyone. That is the reason why we help others with our experience, we aid them in maturing and making themselves self-reliant. 

Chiron in Aquarius

The wound is related to the lack of individuality. It is difficult not to let ourselves be carried away by others and their ideals. Mental freedom is a pending issue. One's own abilities are underestimated, which are usually great with Chiron in Aquarius. Our healing potential lies in capturing other’s ideas, ideas that they themselves are not even encouraged to perceive or pursue.

Chiron in Pisces

The feeling of personal identity is missing. There is also an eagerness to save others, which is not the most helpful when trying to aid them. What is the use of sacrificing one's desires to give value to those of others? Fear of separation and abandonment prevents us from growing into our full potential. On the other hand, our greatest virtue lies in the extreme compassion that we can develop with a Chiron in Pisces. The capacity to love is enormous and this always brings light to those who approach us.

Chiron in Aries 2018 - 2027

Chiron changes sign every 8-9 years and is currently in Aries. This affects us, regardless of the meaning of Chiron in our birth chart.

With Chiron in Aries shining in the sky, the destructive, warlike and aggressive tendencies that can be associated with Aries are the reason for some serious reforms during this cycle, and so will the people who lead through force, domination and intimidation.

Of course, Chiron subscribes to the idea that the exterior is a reflection of what happens inside of us. By transforming our energy, we change the reality that happens before our eyes.

In this journey the "wounded healer" focuses on the wounds related to the proactive choice and the expression of our personal will. The way to overcome our own native Chiron is by expressing our best qualities while focusing entirely on the present moment. But first we must face the problems related to the feelings of low self-esteem and insufficiency, and then learn to rise above them. Perhaps during this transit we dedicate ourselves to activities that are related to the release of a large flow of energy.

The power of this Chiron, although it may seem threatening, also encourages us to overcome our injuries in the way that Aries would: having blind faith in our ability to leave the past behind, with the full conviction that every day represents a new opportunity to fight. Since even if the wound is never healed, we should strive to "put some ointment on it" every day so that it bothers us as little as possible and thus, have our lives be a little less painful.