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Jupiter in the 9th House

Discover how having Jupiter in the 9th house influences your personality

People with Jupiter in the 9th house are remarkably lucky when it comes to higher education, foreign travel and philosophy. Jupiter controls everything related to luck, abundance and expansion. These natives hate conformism and understand spirituality better than others. They might travel far and wide, seeking the advice and insight of foreigners, or those with quite different backgrounds. They have psychic abilities: vivid dreams and inspirations.

Therefore, these natives may study occult or religious matters. They use this skill to help others and to guide them in their lives. People with this combination may be involved in conventional education as a professor. Even more, they could also be involved in religion, such as an established church.

Intuitive, able to grasp complex notions, truly visionary and rational, they would be very successful in doing something with their minds and developing their intellectual abilities. They will always be lucky and love what they can do for a living, so money will come to them easily.

These abilities help them to be involved in legal work, especially where it involves the theory of law and the drafting of legislation and jurisdiction. They tend to take any opportunity to expand beyond the limits of what they already know and believe. They can become true philosophers, traveling tirelessly in the pursuit of knowledge.

Girl with a hat travelling
These people can become true philosophers, traveling tirelessly in the pursuit of knowledge | Getty Images

Creative and open-minded

People with Jupiter in the ninth house will have many opportunities to travel and educate themselves to expand their horizons, so they will meet many people from different cultural backgrounds. As intellectuals, they are expected to get involved in academia and even write important papers. If they are writers, their work will probably be published and many readers will appreciate them for what they have done.

Everything that is new and interesting seems curious to them, no matter if it is something big or small. They are the type of person who travels through knowledge and wants to expand their environment as much as possible.

They can write or teach easily because their mind is open, and they are curious about knowledge. Learning is the most important thing for them, so it is very likely that they will continue with their Master’s degree after graduating from college.

The closer the conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, the greater the chances that they will move to a foreign country. Curious and eager to share what they usually discover all the time, these natives love to express themselves and talk about the many ideas that go through their minds.

Couple jumping in at a mountain with a view to a city
The closer the conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, the greater the chances that they will move to a foreign country | Getty Images

Natural leaders

These natives tend to be very popular. Some conjunctions of the Sun with Jupiter indicate that the natives of these positions may become famous. They can be leaders who inspire others because they have an immense energy, they always run from place to place and invigorate others to be like them.

For them, doing good to others means keeping them informed and making good use of their skills. These people are so passionate about learning that they will make other people interested in their lifestyle. In other words, they are true role models.

What these natives should pay attention to is their family and friends because they tend to leave these people behind when they go to new destinations. They should pay attention to the needs of these individuals and try to make them their fellow travelers. If they don’t, they risk ending up on their own. Slowing down from time to time would make them more focused and more appreciated by those who love them.