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Mercury in the 2nd House

These natives are highly imaginative, they can change the world with their ideas

People with Mercury in the second house are incredibly good at noticing details, reading tricky situations, and paying attention to the undertones. What seems complex and incomprehensible to most people, they do it like a walk in the park. That is why they seem to be elusive, mysterious and a complete enigma.

Furthermore, they can be highly imaginative and inventive people, changing the world with their innovative and great ideas. Ideally, this will also make them very rich. They can be teachers, accountants, teachers, public speakers or entrepreneurs, all within a few years if they put their minds to work.

They want to have a personal sense of self-esteem and value in the world and to achieve a stable and safe lifestyle. It is entirely within their possibilities to come to some understanding of their identity in relation to the world. This will also be of great help on the road to independence and intellectual development.

Knowledge and curiosity

Mercury natives in the 2nd house are no different from those in the 1st house in that they prioritize their study skills to the maximum, to the apex of their possibilities. There really is no limit to this curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Girl thinking or upset
Reason and logic are their weapons against any challenge and problem | Getty Images

They know how to handle most situations and what to invest their money in so that the rewards are double than the initial amount. They observe market shares and make a decision based on the likely changes and returns from an investment. However, these natives are not very talkative, or impulsive and spontaneous. They choose their words carefully and think things over before they say anything.

This is what makes them able to make money out of nothing, as if it were growing on trees. They are practical, pragmatic, intelligent, and they use that famous intelligence to build an empire. Reason and logic are their weapons against any challenge and problem. Plus, they stay focused on one thing until they’ve solved it.

Those with Mercury in the second house have a natural sense for monet investment, so they probably work in a bank or in sales. They know what is most profitable, what to ask for in a deal, and they recognize the value of money. Therefore, they acknowledge that money represents the great machinery that moves the world.

Happy man because it rains money
Those born with Mercury in the second house recognize the value of money | Getty Images

Negative traits

They hate it when people rush to do something because they know they will not be able to concentrate and focus fully. It will be done in a hurry, full of imperfections. However, when they have to make a decision on the spot, they do not step back. However, in life, they will have to make many of those decisions, so they need to prepare ahead of time. They have to find out what really matters to them to facilitate this process.

Usually, humans find it unbearably difficult to choose between the things that matter to us, the objects of our interest that captivate us. Instead, they are fully engaged in analyzing the logical reasoning behind the ups and downs of the given options. 

Controlling everything is impossible, so they settle for what they have at hand. They tend to be too stubborn, to build a rigid and immutable mindset to face the toughest challenges, and this is obviously bad in the long run.

They give up flexibility and adaptability for stability and comfort. Sure, it's a kind of immediate gratification that works great in the present, but what about the future? What if there is something that completely turns their life upside down?