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The Sun in the 10th House

These natives are career oriented and have a strong desire to achieve success

In the birth chart, the Sun's position indicates people's purpose and desires. Sometimes, natives with the Sun in the 10th house wish to be popular at a worldwide level, famous enough to be recognized in the street and asked to take pictures.

Others only want to live their life with honor and achieve high levels of success in their careers. In any case, these natives are going to fight to accomplish their dreams and will always find their way to occupy authority and power positions.

Power and authority

People with this combination are great at inspiring people and becoming heroes for those who get the chance to work with them. They love to feel appreciated by those around them, and it feels like they were born to be at the top. However, success does not just fall in their lap, they have to work very hard to get what they want even though greatness is in their blood.

These natives do not conceive the idea of taking someone else's orders. On the contrary, they feel very accomplished when they are the ones to give directions and instruct others. However, when they are just at the beginning of their career, they need to understand that they are still not in the higher position and they will have to win their place.

Director of an art gallery orginizing an exhibition
These natives hate taking orders and need to be the ones with authority at work | Getty Images

The 10th house natives are always putting their occupation first and can be too professionally driven, this can affect their family life because they tend to work till late hours and miss important family events.

When it comes to their personality, they have everything that is necessary to become bosses. Furthermore, sometimes they turn into controlling and arrogant people, which can make them lose the recognition and status that they have worked so hard for.

Goals and success

Natives with the Sun in the 10th house are recognized by others as people who are accountable and always determined to win. It is crucial that they try to loosen up and create a balance between their professional and private lives. Having a good time can be achievable if they become more disposed to slow down from time to time.

They will make anything to have a good place in society, usually reaching a status where they have many obligations and get acknowledged by others. Anything that helps them improve their career will fascinate them. Furthermore, they have an identity strongly influenced by their occupation.

Woman in her office
These natives really want to be appreciated and admired for their efforts | Getty Images

They really want to be appreciated and admired for their efforts, because this is what increases their self-esteem. Their goals will be precise and their approach to achieving them methodical. It is as if something presses them to succeed and become someone they are proud of, often considering that success and achievement are matters of life and death.

Negative traits

Natives with the Sun in the 10th house tend to identify with what they have accomplished during their life. If they do not realize that they are more than their successes, they will always believe that the only important thing is their career. If they have not accomplished much at work, they will think less of themselves. When they are insecure, they may feel that only professional success can save them.

When people with the Sun in the 10th house are upset, they may be oppressive and abuse their power to get rid of their own insecurities. They should be mature enough to put their pride aside, as it is the only way to evolve efficiently and from the inside out.