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The Sun in the 8th House

Discover how having the Sun in the 8th house affects your personality and your destiny

When the sun is placed in the 8th house in a person's birth chart, they tend to live a life characterized with personal drama and change. People with such a placement can be very sensitive, but they keep emotions hidden. After all, the 8th house is ruled by the sign of Scorpio that highly values secretiveness.

These natives may be interested in subjects such as the occult and psychology. Life with such a placement is often an ingoing story of symbolic death and rebirth. If they manage to overcome the difficulties thrown at them, they can be very spiritually developed.

Paranormal instincts

Natives of the eighth house have very profound feelings and they believe that the universe is sending them hidden messages, that is one of the reasons why they are so interested in studying paranormal activity. The more information they have about this topic, the more they begin to evolve from a spiritual point of view. Material existence is something they need to adapt to because their view of life is rather mystical.

They are introverted creatures who do not feel the need to express themselves publicly and do not really want to expose their true selves to others. These natives are keen to investigate all kinds of mysteries and may even engage in dangerous activities.

Two girls with astrology and divination objects
Natives of the eighth house believe that the universe is sending them hidden messages | Getty Images

In fact, they would be willing to give up all their possessions just to experience rebirth and start living on a higher plane of existence. These people may only care about what is censored and kept hidden, or it may have a cultural depth that is not accessible to many. They are attracted to stories about superpowers and think that psychic abilities can be achieved through worshiping the shadows.

For them, death is not the end, but rather a process of transformation. They will be aware that adolescence means the end of childhood and that adulthood is about leaving the home of their parents and building a life for themselves.

Constant changes

The Sun represents the ego, so its position on the astral chart reveals the traits through which people want to shine more in life. Therefore, people with the Sun in the 8th house will always want to make changes about themselves, to improve with each passing day. They may make changes in their appearance, but since they are by no means superficial, most of the time they decide to go through emotional and spiritual transformations.

They are the type of people who look for books on enlightenment and self-improvement, being very curious about taboo subjects and seeking to discover great truths related to metaphysics.

Cuple hugging in front of the ocean
The Sun’s position suggests that they would love to grow and develop with the help of their life partner | Getty Images

Love and intimacy

The Sun’s position suggests that they would love to grow and develop with the help of their life partner. That is why they do not just want to interact with their other half, but they want to completely merge with this person. If they found a trustworthy partner, they would get their energy from their relationship, believing in the person they are with and not even thinking about anyone else for as long as they are together.

Sex is for them an opportunity to explore the other and connect on a deeper level with their partner. It symbolizes a spiritual union for them, so expect their love to be passionate and intense.

Their ideal lover will want to “connect” with them, believing that through the relationship they have, things about themselves can become clearer. It can be a challenge for people with the Sun in the 8th house not to rely on the person they love and trust them completely. This means they have trouble letting people go and obsess about thinking that they might lose their other half.