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The 3 Best Couples of the Zodiac

The most passionate, the most stable and the most romantics, but all of them unbreakable horoscope couples.

the best couples zodiac
Discover what the best horoscope couples in the zodiac are and what makes them so special.


Twelve signs and twelve different personalities as different combinations could be in a relationship. Some of them become real-time bombs, others become couples that seem to be inexistent because of the incompatibilities of their characters. But there’s also space for LOVE in capital letters: the best couples of the zodiac represent the purest passion, romanticism, and stability between two people. We tell you who they are.

The 3 Best Couples of the Zodiac

The three things that knock love into shape: passion, romanticism, and stability.

1. The most passionate ones: Aries and Sagittarius

We can imagine that whenever there is a sign of the zodiac represented by the fire, sparks are always present. But if a couple is formed by the two most ardent signs of the zodiac, you better watch out for the best zodiac couple, world!


When this explosive combination is mixed with so much fire, some might think they would end up burning each other. But that’s so far from reality; the truth is that Aries and Sagittarius are made for each other. Their natural chemistry emerges beyond the physical or sexual connection that they can feel, and that is what makes them one of the best couples of the zodiac.

Sometimes only a glance is necessary for them to feel connected and understood when surrounded by other observers and, even though a lot of people could feel the magic connecting each other, only they are able to understand the love messages shared in the silence.  

For one of the best couples of the zodiac, the provocation game is something that connects them with great complicity, something that they enjoy playing whenever they have the chance, especially in a complicated situation; when other people are present when the place is not the most appropriate to let their imagination loose… the excitement makes its effect.

But it goes further, even when they haven’t been able to be together as a couple (because they are in another relationship), connection is so present that a really indestructible link is created between both of them, and they will look for the way of getting together, no matter what it costs, and prove that they are truly one of the best horoscope couples. 

In fact, the secret behind the ability to make their relationship to be something without limits and very long-lasting is precisely the proactive intensity between them. They feel so connected that only the desire to surprise each other gives them enough impulse to make their relationship to be one of the most passionate love stories of all.

2. The ones with most stability: Taurus and Virgo

What matters for couples is not only to be connected and work as a relationship but also to know how to last throughout the time. And the base that makes possible an ever-lasting love is the stability that these two signs make use as an authentic virtue. This is what makes them one of the best examples of couples horoscopes. 

Both Taurus and Virgo are two signs of earth and to this effect, they both value a lot the possibility that everything they love could last forever. So, meeting someone who pursues the same idea of a long-term relationship is a great factor that they really appreciate.

On the one hand, Taurus as an example of true faithfulness, and with their loyalty and protective eagerness to everything they really care for, they are able to look after the relationship’s well-being very thoroughly. On the other hand, Virgo, with their perfectionism and critical sense which they use to observe everything around them, they would detect any signs that things could be losing their essence and they would get on with it to set it back to the good direction (were that to happen).

In any case, both signs move in the same rhythm in life and they also discover that the expectations they have from their partners match perfectly with what the other has to offer. Their essences coincide, they get fed and they grow together. How could they not make one of the best couples of the zodiac?

3. The most romantics: Scorpio and Pisces

No one is more unstable than them, and that is because the ones born under the element of water have their own way of understanding love: living it intensely.

They’re extremely sensitive, and they live every aspect of their life very intensely, that’s why they don’t dismiss the minimal occasion to express their very strong emotions, and they don’t either miss the opportunity to enjoy everything that happens to them when they connect one to another - a fine example of romantic couples zodiac sigs.  

When these very sentimental people get together, and they prioritize their heart, whatever happens, the only option is a romantic love like little others and the creation of one of the best couples of the zodiac.

Both Scorpio and Pisces, in terms of horoscope couples, need to find in their partner someone with enough empathizing ability for their constant mood changes, so their being together is ideal, because they both adapt to the other’s needs.

This happens also to their wishes; it makes them very happy to make their better half (as they consider one the other to be) happy, and that’s why there’s no one else able to turn their partner’s life into a dream come true apart from these two water signs, which together make one of the best couples of the zodiac.