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Venus in the 7th House

These natives focus on romantic relationships and make love and respect priorities in their life

Venus in the 7th house influences any type of relationship that natives may have at any point of their lifes. They are also very interested in balance and structure, so they will do their best to find peace and keep their life in order. Sometimes they let comfort and laziness take over their lives. It is usual for them to be confused and maintain an undesired relationship for too long.

People with Venus in the 7th house are obsessed with the idea of love and have a habit to change partners when they want to miss the feeling of a new relationship. Most of their long-term engagements are more disruptive than easy. Indeed, they will probably wait to marry in a later stage of their life.

These natives are flourish when they are able to develop their artistic and communicative skills. They like to practice conversing with random people at social events. This is so important to them, that if they are not able to go out and socialize, their health is affected negatively.

Dependence in relationships

Natives with Venus in the 7th house need an attractive, gracious partner with good taste and who knows all about the comforts needed at home. Co-dependency may be an issue, but this is probably the only negative.

This type of person should have no trouble attracting partners, at any point in their life. They live to be with and connect with others, and fate fulfills this expectation. It is possible that they marry only for money, so their materialistic nature will be quite obvious in this case. It is almost like they just live for relationships, because they can’t stand being alone.

Couple holding each other in a forest
Co-dependency may be an issue for people with Venus in the 7th house | Getty Images

They want balance more than anything, so becoming dominant with their partner is nothing unusual for them. These people love to bring order and often surpass themselves in their search for harmony in their romantic relationships.

If there are no other negative aspects and factors in their charts, chances are they will come to live a beautiful, long marriage, the way they have wished since they were children. In general, they hate being alone and want their relationship to be stable, beautiful and true. 

They may be overly attached to the person they have fallen in love with, so do not be surprised if their personality has blended with their lover’s. Eager to get involved and wanting everything in their relationship to be smooth, things do not always work out the way they want.

However, when they are alone, they feel like they are missing something in life, so they will do their best to make their partner happy. These individuals are more of the type who enjoy something long term rather than just one night. They give themselves completely when they are in love, so you can always count on their respect and loyalty.

Girl alone in her bedroom next to a window
These natives hate being alone and want their relationship to be stable, beautiful and true | Getty Images

Respect and appreciation

It is somehow easy for others to take advantage of the people of this house, so they need someone who cares and knows how to invest love in a relationship, because they are very kind and supportive personalities. They do not look in any way for the negative traits of their partner, usually putting the people they love on a pedestal and getting the wrong impressions about them.

They strongly desire to be respected and appreciated, they gather around them all the people who love them the most. These individuals do not want to argue, because conflicts confuse them.

However, it is important that they learn to handle disagreements because they usually ignore fights and end up not knowing what is going on. Being happy for themselves is also something they should implement in their life because dependence on others has never been healthy.