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The 3 Most Sociable Signs of the Zodiac: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini

Which are the signs with most interpersonal and communicative skills? Read about them

Best friends during the sunset
The 3 Most Sociable Signs of the Zodiac: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini | iSTOCK

The air element gives an extraordinary capacity for reflection to its natives, but also communication skills that favour interpersonal relationships in a particularly remarkable way between these and the rest of the horoscopes. So if you still can't guess which the 3 most sociable signs of the Zodiac  are, we clear up your questions. Here they are. 

The 3 Most Sociable Signs of the Zodiac

We tell you which the horoscopes with more interpersonal and communicative skills are.


3. Aquarius

We begin with the water carrier of the horoscope, Aquarius, also known as the guardian of the winds; it occupies the third place among the most sociable signs of the Zodiac. There is no group of friends that aren't interconnected through one of their natives.

The reason why it's so easy for them to relate to people and instantly get on well with anyone can be a mystery, but what is clear is that the Aquarius magnetism is undeniable: They are that kind of people that awaken sympathy and good vibrations in everyone who talks to them from the first moment.

They probably dazzle us with their particular vision of life, so broad-minded and tolerant, with their creative way of expressing their emotions and with their natural way of speaking about any subject from the lightest to the most transcendental, because for who is one of the three most sociable signs of the Zodiac, everything that invites people to reflect becomes something to share.

However, the strongly independent spirit of Aquarius leads them to desire more of their moments alone than those shared with anyone, which is why it lowers positions in front of other more sociable signs.

2. Libra

Let's go with the scale of the horoscope, Libra, the mediating friend we all have and who, through their evident communication skills, always seeks harmony among the rest of the group because they get along great with everyone, which is why they are considered one of the most sociable signs of the Zodiac.

The natural state of Libra is the interaction with others, share everything they are and they have, and their generosity is famous  among those who know them well. But although they are usually people who easily keep their bond fresh with those who have been part of their close circle for a long time, it won't be the typical one that is limited only to the group of lifelong friends, because they enjoy cultivating new links continuously.

They have a natural gift to start a conversation with people that they don't know, absolute ease for breaking the ice (even melting it with their natural warmth), as well as converting what could be a light conversation into an interesting one, the kind that is prolonged long enough to dazzle the person in front of them.

That innate talent is one of those that consecrate them as the second of the three most sociable signs of the Zodiac because only one of the twelve horoscopes has enough capacity to overcome it in a matter of personal skills.

1. Gemini

And in the first place among the three most sociable signs of the Zodiac, there is Gemini, as the number one in interpersonal relationships. The real magician of the words  with which they connect with everyone who crosses their path.

They have an authentic skill at the time of generating good feeling from the first moment with every person they look at, and then they smile at them and automatically engage with their entertaining talk.

They have a command of the language that makes them adaptable enough to so many personality styles that we could say that they are an authentic multi-purpose when it comes to making conversation with anyone.

In addition, their mind is a vortex that doesn't stop getting ideas afloat that keep alive the interest of people who they talk to and when they leave, they usually leave a good feeling among those who were there.

For this reason, they always celebrate the possibility of meeting again with those who, in a more than deserved way, consecrate themselves in this way as the number one of the most sociable signs of the Zodiac: Gemini, without a doubt.