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Abundance Checks: Definition And How To Use

A symbolic ritual of asking the Universe for what we need

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Abundance Checks: Definition And How To Use | iSTOCK

The New Moon isthe perfect time to start new projects, or a new business with the goal of growth, abundance, and prosperity.

It is thus a great occasion to channel your most potent intentions, such as writing inspiring messages to the Moon or creating an abundance check - a symbolic request made to the Universe. 

If you want to know how to ask the universe for abundance and prosperity with an abundance checks, do not miss any detail of the following article. 


Abundance checks: Definition 

When you fill in an abundance check, there is nothing magical about it, but you bring to light the powerful intention of attracting the abundance you desire.

With your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, and your actions, you emit a vibration that can be linked to the law of attraction and abundance, the theory is that they vibrate at the same frequency.

Usually,  abundance checks are filled out within the first 24 hours of the New Moon. A notable mention is that you will not necessarily receive financial abundance: it could manifest itself in other areas of your life where you need it most. 

How to correctly write a check?

You can use one of your regular bank checks, taking one out of your chequebook if you have it, regardless of whether or not the checks are still valid.

No chequebooks at home? Fret not as you can draw one yourself, or if not, print one from the many online sites.

The instructions to complete an abundance check are simple, listen to your intuition and then manifest it on paper:

  • write the date on which you are writing the check
  • write your name and the amount you wish to receive, in what currency (if you want money)
  • or write that which you desire - trust, peace, joy, love, whatever is lacking in your life!

Some experts point out that in the area of ​​the amount,  instead of putting a figure, we should write "paid in full"  since we do not know what the cosmos has prepared for us, so why put limitations of any kind? At the time of signing the abundance check, instead of our name, we should write "The Law of Abundance."

Put your check in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take it from there.

When to write a check to yourself

It is recommended that we write an abundance check after every New Moon, following the tradition according to which  each phase of the moon favours certain types of rituals, making them much more powerful.

The most elementary principle of this ritual tells us that it will work if we accept the simple condition that it is possible for it to work. When we fill out a new check we can discard the old one, or there are even people who choose to burn them; others, hold on to them until they obtain what they have asked for (in case it has not been achieved).

Prosperity and abundance mantras 

If you wish, after making your abundance check, you could perform the following prayer to the goddesses of abundance:

"Oh, Goddess Abundance, Damara, Dana, Demeter, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Sedna, I thank you for the abundance that nourishes my material life and offers me a multitude of wonderful opportunities to radiate the divine light that I share with those who come to me. May we all benefit together from this heavenly and earthly manna for the peace, joy, happiness, and love with which they cover my life. I thank you for that time and energy that I have to fulfill my highest aspirations, my most distant dreams, and my most needy desires. Thank you for being the strong support for this material abundance. I thank you with gratitude for all your blessings, and I ask you to continue to bestow it on me for the rest of my life."

What is the law of attraction?

The abundance check is closely linked to the law of attraction and abundance, according to which we can attract everything we want into our lives.

Through the law of attraction, we can achieve everything we want - many people believe that through visualization, we can accomplish anything we want.

In recent years, the law of attraction has become very popular for works such as 'The Secret,' which shows us how an attraction is exercised between individual objects and, on a more psychological and spiritual level, we attract all kinds of situations and people towards us