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Air Signs: Find Out About Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Which are the air signs of the zodiac? Learn about their main features.

Air signs features
Air signs features | Magic Horoscope

Do you want to know the features of the air signs of the zodiac? This element is related to inspiration, ideas, and thoughts, as it identifies with the wind, which spreads, transmits, brings or carries. It is also associated with lightness, inconstancy, and the invisible.

In astrology, the four elements represent the forces of nature from which universal energies emanate, and define the way each sign sees the world and themselves. Air is the third element associated with the signs of the Zodiac. It's a positive, masculine, and extroverted element that represents the signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Read how this element influences the zodiac signs and what the air signs are like in love.

Air signs features

After the earth has given concrete forms to the energy of fire, it's the turn of the spirit given to things: the air signs symbolize the intellect, the exchanges with others, communication, and art. 

Air sign people are intelligent and handle abstract reasoning well: they love to analyze, synthesize and probe. Do you have a dilemma? Give it to an air sign and watch them work.

This triad of signs is ready to learn in the field of romantic relationships, and they aren't necessarily contrary to commitment. Their associates appreciate their excellent communication skills, their humor and their taste for exchange.

If you are Gemini, Libra or Aquarius (horoscopes that are usually considered that they have excellent facilities to understand each other) you can adapt to everything around you; you are sociable, and you have a marked interest in everything that is human. Although not everything is positive, of course, since you have unstable and undecided sides, you tend to scatter and fly over situations. And you are even too cerebral, superficial or critical, in certain circumstances.

It should be remembered that in mythology, the air is in analogy with all the stories of brothers and sisters, but also twins or opposites (Gemini). Air is justice (goddess Themis) and balance (Libra) and the symbol of evolution, including elevation (Aquarius) through the myth of Ganymede in particular.

Which are the air signs of the zodiac?

It is easy to fall into the clutches of a person ruled by an air sign: in addition to being seductive, they are intelligent and, in the proper sense of the word, manipulators. Each of them has its own nuances, discover them.

1. The air element in Mercury: Gemini

Due to the influence of the planet named in honor of the god of trade, Gemini is friendly, eager for multiple encounters and for having lots of contacts, for the pure pleasure of communicating and learning. You will find them in parties and events, feeling extremely comfortable in social relationships.

They are mobile, available, and sometimes elusive people, who want to remain free to start relationships because it isn't their thing to feel connected to anything and anyone. They have a very childish part; they get as easily excited by new challenges as they lose interest for them. It's a changeable sign in a constant need of stimulus. 

Those born with Mercury as the ruling planet of their sign have a nervous temperament, and they are curious about everything. They have great vivacity in their mind, they are very versatile, and they have good general knowledge and excellent intelligence. They are also very creative.

But at the same time, this is their own trap: they tend to be exposed to their psychological intensity, and they tend to suffer from processes of nerves and anxiety.

2. The air element in Venus: Libra

Libra shares the goddess of Love as regent with the sign Taurus. The Venusian influence makes the individuals of their signs patient and balanced beings, who wait to see before judging or acting. Undoubtedly, for this reason, Libra is the least unstable of the air signs, possessing the virtues of creativity, seduction, and balance.

Venus makes them express their emotions and passions, providing creativity and inventiveness. She makes her zodiacal signs love beauty and live according to it along with goodness. This is why Libra is a person ruled by solid principles that are hard to break.

The natives of this planet often have great sociability, sympathy, kindness, and joy, which they combine with a sense of fair and impartial justice. The goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, also provides certain ease in feelings, in education and the most refined manners.

In Libra, you will find an elegant person with a great sense of aesthetics, yet driven by the paths of sobriety and measure: No extravagances! In addition, they are extremely seductive people.

3. The air element in Uranus: Aquarius

In Greek mythology, Uranus is an essential titan that personifies the sky. Thus, those born under the influence of the planet that has its name are unique beings, autonomous, original and independent. They tend to be intelligent people and often understand faster than others when they are explaining something to them.

Another characteristic of Aquarius as an air sign is its creativity which, unlike the restrained Libra, leads through the paths of experimentation, originality, and extravagance: they are very fashionable people, with a youthful and fresh character.

Of course, Uranus also brings liberal ideas to its natives, and this can often provoke misunderstandings. They aren't afraid of exploring new ways by departing from what they were traditionally taught and is free of intellectual prejudices. Their boldness and passion for their ideas lead them to security, firmness, and sometimes also to intransigence.

It's worth remembering that Uranus is also the planet of unforeseen changes that turn the wheel of destiny, and that has a potent power of reproduction and reconstruction. They are also generous and altruist people.

What are the air signs like in love?

Let's be honest, people born under an air sign are too cerebral in love, and they sometimes have trouble leaving the desire aside despite that the time comes to turn the page.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius develop reasoning that sometimes interferes with their clarity, and they lose chances to enjoy an exciting opportunity, by looking within themselves for their motivations or questioning the attraction.

They also have problems expressing their emotions, but they want to get involved and also learn in the world of love relationships. However, their instability or indecision can tire their partner more simply, more naturally or more instinctively.

The loving nature of the air signs wakes up quickly, and transmits it efficiently; they are distinguished by their speech, expressing themselves in a lively and playful way. Their partners appreciate the great sense of the spirit of replication, as well as the one of humor; there is no doubt that the latter, in particular, is one of the characteristics of these zodiacal elements.

In fact, they tend to make comedies, to flirt, to amuse others, and to awaken their interest. Passionate feelings, however, can make them a little afraid.

Despite having touches of being impulsive, versatile, adaptable and changing, any individual Gemini, Libra or Aquarius has sincerity in their feelings, which sometimes go disguised in a spirit of youth and carelessness that make them more than interesting, basically because you never know what to expect from them.