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The 4 Elements of the Zodiac

Each one of these four natural elements gives each one of these signs their personality

Earth, water, air and fire
The 4 Elements of the Zodiac

4 natural elements mean 4 ways of seeing, feeling and living life. Fire, earth, water, and air: We unveil what the 4 elements of the zodiac are like and how this influences the personality of each and every one of the 12 signs.

The 4 Elements of the Zodiac

What about you? Do you already know the peculiarities of your element?

1. Fire

When it comes, you can tell. When it leaves, you can feel it.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, the 3 fire signs, the most passionate, intense, and resounding zodiac elements. A strength that's impossible to go unnoticed anywhere, that tends to be the center of attention wherever they go and leave a lasting impact on those that know them.

Those born under this sparkling element are true sources of creativity since all of their energy moves them deep down inside. They are real passion machines, making their dreams come true makes every step that they take make sense (which are real adventures).

Also, their influence on the world of creativity isn't limited to everything that they're able to create, but also how they inspire others. They're like muses to people that are lucky enough to be in the presence of these signs, whether this is in one place or another...  and especially in love and the short-term.

But on the flip-side, they tend to be guilty of being impulsive, egocentric and, when they reach the limits of tolerability, they also have an explosive personality.

The good news is that, as quickly as this happens, it also goes by. It's not in their nature to hold a grudge. And as affectionate as they are,  they have the innate ability to make up for their mistakes thus winning back the sympathy of others once again. 

Of all of the elements of the zodiac, those born under one of the fire signs bring a magical spark and an irresistible warmth in the moments that they share with other people, and so it seems almost impossible not to fall in love with them. 

2. Earth

The real cement that holds up castles that others build in the sky

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, the 3 earth signs, the most realistic, stable, and hard-working of the zodiac elements. Perseverance personified, the true silent support that's needed as a base of all big projects to finally become a reality one day.

People born under this element are characterized by their capacity to bring solidity to ideas that others come up with since, without the valuable realistic lens that earth signs have, nothing would ever come true.

There are people that find them to be a bit cold and calculating since they tend to put their heads before their hearts when it comes time to make decisions, but let's not lie to ourselves: Beneath this shield that seems to distance them from the rest of the world and from human passions, there is an  extremely tender and sensitive interior.

Also, of all of the zodiac elements, those born under an earth sign tend to be particularly sensitive, which connects them through touch, sight, and all of the other senses that come with their emotional side. They're capable of expressing what they feel inside in many different ways.

3. Air

Creative chaos: When it moves, new paths appear

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, the 3 air signs, the most sociable, communicative, and unpredictable signs of the zodiac. Their reflexive minds are real whirlwinds where the most creative and original ideas are born.

We find ourselves before the most restless learners of the 12 signs, that always go against the routine. This is why their personalities are always in search of new experiences, something that serves as a motor in their search for novelties and stimulants wherever they go. 

Those born under an air sign are great communicators with the innate ability to interact with others. They love endless conversations and they find true joy in stimulating conversations.

But the ethereal air signs don't just inhabit the world of ideas, since their more worldly and human side makes them feel truly touched by beauty (and they are really sensitive to this).

On the other hand, it's also worth noting that of the elements of the zodiac, those born under the air element also have a complicated side, and this is duality: They are people with a certain ambivalence that makes them seem contradictory a lot of the time,  since they are the first ones that have this inner conflict, since they're constantly doubting, like someone that finds that they're at a crossroads most of the time, getting lost in speculations and having to choose, which isn't easy for them.

But, it's precisely from this chaos that they end up coming out the other side the best from, and where they get their best ideas. This is part of their creative essence and even their personal brand.

4. Water

Infinite sensitivity doesn't make them weak, it's their biggest strength

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, the 3 water signs, the most imaginative, highly sensitive, and skeptical signs of the zodiac.

No one is as intense as they are, this turns their ability to feel into the most essential part of their being: This is the starting point of their unpredictable personality that's full of nuances.  It could be said that they're the richest when it comes to emotions since their extreme sensitivity makes them experience a wide array of feelings, time and time again. They're like an emotional rollercoaster and they bring to their relationships, both romantic, family, friendships, and even in the workplace.

But this is also due to the fact that they have a highly developed sense of empathy that allows them to easily understand the people around them to whom they offer their altruistic support that's also characteristic of this element.

But the other side of this element is their everchanging attitude, that also makes them short-tempered and sometimes jealous (very). Situations can end up getting blown out of proportion with other people since they have a certain tendency to analyze even the most minute details. 

Although it's important to state that amongst all of the zodiac elements,  those born under a water sign are the most highly developed when it comes to emotional strength. In fact, this could even be considered their biggest strength keeping in mind all of the highs and lows that they experience in this respect. The key to this is going with the flow, not resisting what's happening inside, whether this is sadness, happiness, fear, or surprise. From the very beginning, they accept this as a part of themselves and, therefore, as a part of their personal charm, offering the world the best version of themselves.