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Your 5 Hidden Talents if You're a Libra

Hey, Libra! Discover what your hidden talents are here

Friends talking in the mountains
Libra's are nature lovers and the best friends | Ceded

You're known for your charisma and attractiveness, and you stand out because of your ethics and intelligence. You're without a doubt one of the most balanced signs, and you complement your personality with many elements that make you a well-rounded person. This is where your wealth radiates from, which allows you to develop many talents, some of which are more well-known and others that are more hidden.  Discover what Libra's five hidden skills are below.

Libra's 5 hidden talents

Your ruling planet's influence forms a part of your personality, bringing you specific natural abilities that you can develop over the course of your life. Discover your hidden talents if you're a Libra.


1. A nature lover

One trait that makes Libra natives stand out is their unique attraction to animals and nature in general. This makes them especially sensitive people when it comes to the suffering of the defenceless, and due to their highly developed sense of justice and sensitivity when it comes to noble causes, this gives them the ideal profile to be animal or environmental activists. This is one hidden talent that you never knew that Libra had.

Libra's profile as a person that is aware of human mistreatment and exploitation of the planet or animal abuse  comes from how those born under Venus's influence, naturally are.

On the one hand, Libra natives have a highly developed conscience that, as an air sign, is accompanied by substantial intellectual capacities. Their personality is one where personal growth and happiness coexist with respect for others and values determined by ethics and good behaviour. On the other hand, this is a highly sensitive sign, that truly feels others' suffering.

For this reason, if you were born under Libra's sign, it is highly likely that you are involved in causes oriented towards saving the environment or helping animals in danger of extinction or that are victims of abuse.

2. Excellent decorators

Among other things, Venus is the planet of sedentism and elegance. This means that those born under its rule emit energies that allow them to naturally develop a love of home and for increasing this space's beauty.  Both of these strengths united, make one of Libra's hidden talents their great taste when it comes to decorating.

One of your great strengths is making things more beautiful, turning the seemingly mundane into something that is out of the ordinary. Setting things apart and making them more beautiful is what you're best at, Libra. So you take advantage of any chance you have to add your personal touch to the things around you, and that's why it isn't strange that everything around Libra natives has a special glow.

In addition to this fact, as far as Libras go, they have a particular inclination towards forming and maintaining a warm and stable family environment.  Libras run from unstable environments and nomadism, and they always need to know that they are part of a set place in the world.

For this reason, if you're a Libra, you have a special talent when it comes to decorating and turning your home into a place with extraordinary warmth, combined with special touches of elegance and distinction. Entering a Libra's home is like visiting a real paradise of light and beauty.

3. Fantastic at drawing and painting

Besides being a sign with a special taste for interior design, and a love for nature and animals, natural sensitivity and intelligence forms a part of their personality. All of this combined makes them innate lovers of artistic expression. Few signs know how to recognize beauty in music, theatre, painting, or cinema like you, and this certainly one of your hidden talents if you're a Libra.

Specifically, due to their intrinsic nature, Libra is a sign gifted with love for plastic beauty. You need to see beautiful things, admire them with your eyes, see them in all of their splendour. Colours and shapes form a part of your way of captivating beauty, in the same way, that other signs perceive this through touch, taste, or sound.

This is why, within art's realm, you're a plastic art fanatic, this is the type of expression that can be shaped into a magnificent sculptural representation or that can be portrayed on canvas. Colours and your genius stroke turns you into an innate Michael Angelo, a Bocaccio by vocation, so it won't be strange to see you with pencils and paint in hand every once in a while.

4. A friend like no other

One of Libra's traits that often goes unnoticed is their natural inclination towards friendship. For a Libra, the concept of friendship is something profound that implies loyalty, warmth, and generosity.

Everyone can offer specific strengths in friendship in their own way, but Libra has a unique mix of all of these qualities in their singular personality,  and this particular trait definitely gets added to Libra's list of hidden talents.

One particular characteristic of a Libra native is their higher sense of justice and, also, when they decide something, it is tough to convince them otherwise: they'll stick to this idea until the end. That's why, if we're looking for a friend to tell us the truth that will always be impartial and sincere, Libra is the best option.

Also, they are extremely sensitive when interacting with others, which makes them the opposite of egotistical. A Libra friend is available 24 hours a day, always willing to listen to our problems and lend us a hand if we need a specific favour. Also, they combine sensitivity with powerful intelligence, which they use to give us the most effective guidelines to resolve a problem. 

5. An innate intellectual

It wouldn't be weird to see this sign surrounded by books or trying to solve mysteries either. Your mind works quickly and with brutal talent when it comes to working on activities involving logic and math. Your brain is a real sponge that absorbs knowledge and solidifies all of this in your excellent memory. That is why one of your hidden talents becomes your ability as a highly intelligent being capable of resolving syllogisms and intellectual problems of a high level.

One of the essential functions of an intellectual is solving problems that require a hefty dose of mental equilibrium and clarity: Libra's mind gets to places that ordinary human beings' are incapable of reaching. That's why it would be understandable if you spent several hours a day reading or studying a specific field.

The result is your guidelines that lead to great feats of engineering or that send society in a certain direction when it comes to questions that have no apparent answer.

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