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The Best Aphrodisiac Foods for Men and Women According to the Zodiac

Honey, wine, saffron, champagne... Below you will find aphrodisiac foods according to your Zodiac sign

For centuries, mankind has been trying to find secret drinks or foods to make their nights happier. And we're not talking about valerian or lime, which help you fall asleep, but to give free rein to passion. We're referring to  aphrodisiac foods for both men and women. Let's pay special attention to the best ones according to your zodiac sign.

What is an aphrodisiac?

Has routine invaded your partner and you're beginning to get bored in bed? Maybe it's time to look for something to revive your passion. And a good solution is to eat aphrodisiac foods that stimulate or excite the sexual appetite. By the way, let's remember that the term aphrodisiac comes from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, although she actually was the goddess of eroticism, and she had the gift of making any man fall in love with her just by looking into her intense eyes.

There is plenty of foods and drinks associated with sex, from the most remote antiquity and in all kinds of cultures, such as Chinese, Christianity or Greek and Roman mythology. Some aphrodisiac foods are scientifically based while others are based on legends and traditions, sometimes associated with their shapes or smells, which are thought to have the ability to increase sex drive in men and women.


Which are the best aphrodisiac foods according to your zodiac sign?

Below you will find out the best options depending on what sign you are and divided into two main groups: aphrodisiac foods for men and aphrodisiac foods for women. Follow these recommendations and let yourself be carried away by passion. Don't miss them!

Aphrodisiac foods for men

Beware if you are allergic to any of these foods! You don't want your passion night to end up at the hospital!

Aries man: Cocoa

Cocoa has multiple active substances such as potassium, magnesium, iron, antioxidants... but of all its virtues, it stands out for containing phenylethylamine that stimulates the same areas of the brain that are related to sexuality. The famous Giacomo Casanova (who was an Aries)  used to drink several cups before the night began  and his fame as a conqueror has remained until nowadays!

Taurus man: Truffle

Among the best aphrodisiac foods according to your sign of the zodiac is the truffle for the Taurus man. This aromatic food stimulates the production of androsterone, a male hormone derived from testosterone. Did you know that?

Gemini man: Ginseng

This herbaceous plant has also been used for millennia, and it's recommended for sexual disorders. It is a potent vasodilator, and  there are three types: Asian, Siberian and American ginseng.

Cancer man: Garlic

Garlic helps blood flow, which promotes the irrigation of the sex organs in both men and women. And this is one of the aphrodisiac foods for the Cancer man that works best, although we all know that if we have a date, chewing a clove of garlic may not be the best option  for our breath.

Leo man: Saffron

Among the aphrodisiac foods for the Leo man is saffron, the aphrodisiac spice par excellence. Saffron strands have a stimulating action as high as that of hormones due to their phytosterol content. More than 4,000 years ago, the Chinese were already using it to help sexuality.

Virgo man: Asparagus

In ancient Rome, Pliny the Elder thought asparagus had erotic virtues, which according to astrology is the food that affects the most the natives of Virgo. In addition to its subtle taste and the feeling of freshness it provides, this food stimulates the production of testosterone, a hormone that plays a key role in human sexuality.

Libra man: Clove

Clove is still one of the most potent aphrodisiac foods, and has a greater power if taken by native Libra males. It is recognized for its effectiveness in combating physical and mental fatigue as well as low sex drive.

Scorpio man: Oysters

It may be because of their carnal aspect, but oysters have been famous for centuries due to their aphrodisiac powers. Oysters contain zinc, which is necessary for the development of testosterone, and tyrosine, useful for the synthesis of serotonin.

Sagittarius man: Pumpkin seeds

Did you know that pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium? And this component helps to raise testosterone levels by facilitating its absorption into the bloodstream. And according to astrology, it is one of the best options for Sagittarius men.

Capricorn man: Chili peppers

One of the most popular foods for Capricorn men is chili. The capsaicin contained in chili peppers causes warming reactions, vasodilatation and accelerates the heart rate.  All passion!

Aquarius man: Champagne

Champagne is one of the most common aphrodisiac foods for men and is associated with luxury and power. Its passion effect comes from the histamine it contains, as well as its sparkling properties, which certainly help to leave shame behind and surrender to desires with no regret.

Pisces man: Banana

It is a very complete fruit, and has aphrodisiac powers due to its composition, for it contains potassium, magnesium and vitamin B, which are necessary for the production of testosterone. If you are Pisces, it is one of the best aphrodisiac foods according to your zodiac sign. And we'll take a rain check for the jokes about its shape, don't you think?

Aphrodisiac foods for women

These are the best aphrodisiac foods for women according to their zodiac sign, but let's insist, beware of allergies!

Aries woman: Ginger

If you're an Aries woman, ginger is one of the best sexual stimulators according to your zodiac sign. Why? Because ginger has a tonic effect on libido and also strengthens the immune system.

Taurus woman: Honey

Honey is a good restorative and is also rich in vitamin B and C, as well as other minerals, which together help to give vitality and sexual desire, and therefore is considered one of the most ancient aphrodisiac foods for women in particular. This is because honey contains boron, which helps regulate estrogen and testosterone levels and gives you an extra boost of energy. Did you know that the famous doctor Avicenna, back in the tenth century, already recommended honey to fight against sexual fatigue?

Gemini woman: Strawberries

In popular culture, strawberries and champagne are associated with a day full of passion and debauchery. If you are a Gemini woman, this aphrodisiac food will give you extra  vitality because of its vitamin C, which helps blood flow through all parts of the body.

Cancer woman: Anise

Aniseed contains a large amount of anethole, a substance whose effects resemble those of estrogen, making it a good stimulant for Cancer women in particular.

Leo woman: Wine

Since time immemorial wine has been associated with magical rituals, and we can find it in various religions, from Roman and Greek mythologies (with Dionysus/Bacchus) to Christianity. Wine is considered to be an aphrodisiac drink - of particular interest to the Aquarius man - because of histamine, which can have stimulating virtues, and it has been proven that drinking wine increases blood pressure in women's erogenous zones.

Virgo woman: Whipped cream

No study can prove that whipped cream contains any component that directly influences sexual desire, but  who can deny that it is one of the aphrodisiac foods par excellence, just by playing with a bottle of it? Thus, it is one of the most popular aphrodisiac foods for Virgo women.

Libra woman: Nutmeg

This spice has long been a drug to which Indians and Indonesians attribute euphoric virtues, which are supposed to make lovers very passionate. And we can say that it is one of the best stimulating foods according to your sign of the zodiac if you are Libra (and a woman).

Scorpio woman: Cinnamon

Once again we find ourselves in front of a spice that helps blood circulation, and that is why cinnamon is considered one of the most outstanding aphrodisiac  foods because after eating it it's easier to empower passion. Apart from working well for the Scorpio woman, you should know that it helps impotence. To eat it, add it to your meals or desserts, or drink an infusion.

Sagittarius woman: Chai tea

Forget about having coffee after meals if you what you want is passion! Switch to chai tea. It has aromas of ginger, cinnamon, and cloves that  stimulates blood circulation, which is perfect for enhancing libido.

Capricorn woman: Celery

Its peculiar shape can be reminiscent of the male sex organ. Celery is the best aphrodisiac food for Capricorn women. If we look back on history, we will find out how  Madame de Pompadour (who was a Capricorn) used to cook a celery gratin to get the sexual favors of Louis XV.

Aquarius woman: Fig

Did you know that what Eve ate in the garden of Eden was not an apple but a fig? And that it was what she offered to Adam before they were expelled from paradise? The apple was a misinterpretation of the writings! Figs are considered aphrodisiac because the image of this ripe fruit with its seeds represents fertility. Besides, the fig leaves represent modesty. And you should also know that figs are rich in potassium and antioxidants.

Pisces woman: Pepper

Don't worry about your sexual life! This food (especially if spicy) has a compound that promotes the production of adrenaline and endorphins, which are natural opiates of our body, so it is easy to understand why it is considered one of the best foods, for both men and women in general and Pisces women in particular.

More about natural aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiac foods are an excellent way of breaking the routine if you realize that you and your partner have a low sex drive. You can have a romantic dinner including the ones that work best according to your horoscope sign. Although you should know that whatever the properties of the foods used, the atmosphere in which they are consumed can increase eroticism and have a direct impact on libido.

So don't you just put the plate on the table! Try to be a little playful and give free rein to your fantasies, include erotic massages and create a musical atmosphere that will lead you to wildness. Also, you can wear fine lingerie, use sex toys or even play naughty games, to enhance desire. You can even do sport! A sudden increase in adrenalin, for instance during extreme sports, also has these effects.

And if you want to include food that in your erotic games without making a mess, you can try an ice cube, let it melt on your partner's body and see how it influences their arousal.