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Ascended Masters: These Light Beings and Their Messages

Learn about the ascended masters, learn how to interpret the messages from these light beings and who they are

Ascended Masters
Ascended Masters: These Light Beings and Their Messages | iSTOCK

The Ascended Masters have been here to help us for centuries and centuries, trying to guide us, to teach us who we are. The Ascended Masters are spiritual beings of light who have attained enlightenment and who lived on earth in different lives of devotion and effort in the past.

Ascended Masters: What are these beings of light

Ascended Masters are powerful spiritual guides and healers. Having lived for the most part on Earth, at the end of their lives they ascended because they understood and lived their divine nature. They now live with very high evolutionary plans  and are on a mission to support us in our own ascension process.

The Ascended Masters encourage us to develop the flame of love in our hearts, to realize who we are and how we can find our own power, our inner wisdom.

Likewise, the Ascended Masters know how to instill in us the courage necessary to bring about the necessary changes  to advance this meeting with ourselves and thus understand the profound meaning of our lives.

How to Communicate with Ascended Teachers

Establishing a connection with these Ascended Masters allows us to advance our evolution, as they convey to us a message full of love, compassion and encouragement. They allow us to vibrate in unison with them.

The Ascended Masters offer us the opportunity to carry out a powerful inner cleansing, a great purification of all our emotions and cumbersome memories.

On how to communicate with the Ascended Masters, we can carry it out through  a gentle and deep breath, projecting our inner sacred temple,  symbolically opening our being for the Ascended Masters to help us unite the earthly dimension and the celestial dimension. 

Messages of the Ascended Teachers

The Ascended Masters manifest Divine Perfection and that is why all Power belongs to them. The Great Ascended Masters, those Beings of Love, Light and Perfection, who have guided the Expansion of Light to humanity since their origin on this planet, are not the product of imagination.

They are real beings, visible and tangible, glorious, living, reincarnated, animated by such love, so much wisdom and so much power that the human mind cannot properly conceive.

Here we mention some of the most important Ascended Masters and their messages.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

He ascended in 1684, but returned again to Europe in the 19th century under the physics of St. Germain to prevent revolution and teach democracy. The Ascended Master Saint Germain was the prophet Samuel, St. Joseph, the father of Jesus, Merlin the charming. Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon, and some also believe him to be the true author of Shakespeare's plays.

This Ascended Master  is in charge of the process of transmutation of the Age of Aquarius  over the next two thousand years.

Ascended Master Adama

Priest of Telos, this Ascended Master is the intraterrestrial spiritual leader of the city of Telos. He is the ambassador and diplomat in contacts with the Beings of the Light of Cosmos. Adama works for the Ascension of Humanity and our planet.

Ascended Master Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Seram, within the beings of light, is the ambassador of intergalactic peace and one of the leaders of the planetary Ascension of Earth and its galaxy. He works under the orders of Maitraya, the planetary Christ. He works to save the Earth and make the Ascended Masters known around the world.Helping humans realize their potential until Ascension.

Ascended Teacher Rhada or Divine Sofia

The divine Sofia was personified by the Virgin Mary, and also Isis.  She is the Mother of all mothers, the feminine principle of God. Within the Ascended Masters and the Beings of Light, she is pure wisdom, the Universal Cosmic Dimension. Her work defends oppressed women, children and all those in need.

Ascended Master Morya

Of the Ascended Masters, he is the inspiration of the world. Head of the Great White Brotherhood, it was under this name that he ascended in 1898. It was Abraham, the wizard king Melchor, King Arthur, the English poet Thomas Moore,Mughal Emperor Akbar, and then, in the 1830s, The Morya Khan. Help all leaders. A defender of the faith, it helps to gather all beliefs.

Ascended Master Sananda

Take the legions of healing. He supported Christ Jesus in his mission of planetary transformation.  He helps us fulfill our mission. He teaches ascension, helps Light workers and transmits its energies for the elevation of consciousness.

Ascended Master Hilarion

It was John the Baptist, and then St. Hilary, when he was a hermit and a healer throughout his life. Directs the temples of science, teaches the gift of healing,  the power of the third eye and spirituality

Master Khout Houmi

Master of the world or the Great Initiator, he is the Master of the world with Jesus.

Ascended Master Lanto

Supervisor of all educational systems. He had many incarnations and was emperor of China. Helps students and teachers.

Ascended Master Lao Tzu

He was the contemporary of the sages of Confucius. Out of the beings of light, he excels as a master alchemist and astronomer. He represents the Emerging Health Ray of Mercy and Compassion of the Divine Source. He founded Taoism.

Ascended Teacher Maha Chohan

He became Homer in  Greece. He's a great master of strong love. Along with Master Saint Germain, he is in charge of humanity's transformation to the fifth dimension..

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya

He is a Master of Ascension, an enlightened Spiritual Divine Being, with a huge energetic vibratory range. He is the World Instructor for the Age of Aquarius, the Master of all Teachers,  the leader of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet.

Teacher Lady Portia

Goddess of justice and mercy, lived on the planet Mars.  A great teacher of karma, she eliminates all anger and judgment, pacifies the essence of being.

Melchizedek Ascended Master

He is High Priest of the Most High, King of Peace and Planetary Governor. It is known that he transmitted to Abraham the ritual of bread and wine.

Master Lady Nothing

A lawyer of divine justice, it unite families and soul mates. She was a priestess in the Temple of Love at Atlantis. Gives the gift of human languages  and the power of the divine word.

Ascended Master Paul the Venetian

He's a divine artist. This Ascended Master was a master of beauty and architecture. He was a great connoisseur of cosmic laws, culture and sacred geometry.  He was the great painter Paul the Veronese, or Paul the Venetian..

Ascended Master Sanat Kumara

He is the Lord of the Earth, the Lord of the World, and the Elder of Days and the Only Initiator.

Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Architect of the sacred orders, hierarchical of Luxor, this deity was originally an Egyptian god whose message is diplomacy, prosperity and peace.

Ascended Master Shri Babaji

He was born in India in the 203rd of our age and achieved enlightenment at age 12 and physical immortality at age 16. He helps humanity become spiritual,  teaches yoga, individual freedom and voluntary simplicity.

Master Venus Kumara

He works with some space commanders like Ashtar. He is committed to maintaining energy exchanges and communications between Venus and Earth. He helps souls cross dimensions.