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Why Do I Have Bad Luck? 3 Rituals to Ward Off Bad Vibes

All about superstitions, objects to avoid in the home, And rituals to attract good luck!

Do you have the feeling that bad things always happen to you?  Bad luck seems to feed on you, almost like you live in a constant Friday 13... Superstitions exist for a reason!

Many factors could be affecting your luck, from the negative thoughts that go through your head to the objects that you have around your home. Be prepared to change your bad luck after reading this article!

What is bad luck?

There are times in life where try as you might, things just come out the opposite of what you'd like. We will try to shed some light on bad luck. Does it exist?  Is there some way to keep the worst things from always happening to you.

In the universe, everything is vibrations, and it is known that like attracts like. With this in mind, there is no such thing as "bad luck" in this universe. This jinx that seems to follow you everywhere really  has to do with an inappropriate mental state. What causes us to have such low energy vibes?

1. Karma

Negative actions carried out in the past create an unbalance of energy.  In this respect, all of the harm that we do, in one way or another, always comes back to us.

In an exercise of honesty, we should revise our actions over the course of the past few months... Have we been lying often? Do we wish bad things for others? Did we maybe ruin someone else's plans?  Bad luck, in this case, comes from bad intentioned behavior, and most of all, without using the conscience.

2. Negative emotions and thoughts.

Negative emotions and thoughts are inevitable. We experience this in our skin, or maybe someone is having evil thoughts about us. Well, this kind of energy alters vibes for the worse. They make life less beautiful than it should be.

Resentment, rage, and hate are all poisonous to the world.  They dirty the soul and often cause bad luck.  How can you get rid of these toxins? Forgive and forget. The less that we hate, the brighter and more positive our lives will be.

Bad luck and superstitions are associated with specific articles. But good luck is as well! Let's analyze what these objects are and what we can do in this respect:

1. Objects in the home that attract bad luck

A piece of clothing that isn't in good shape, keeping broken objects... This stores negative energy! We know we should get rid of these, but it is tough for us to do... One of the main reasons that we keep what no longer serves us, attachment.  Objects that remind us of someone; presents from special people or objects that bring us back to a happy childhood, etc.

But we should be conscious of the fact that if we don't make space in our lives, we won't be able to make room for all of the good things that are to come. This could be one reason for bad luck, energy stagnation.

Besides, some objects or characteristics of these are associated with negative energy and that we should avoid,  like for example:

  • Black doors. It isn't a good idea to paint this black, a low vibration color since this is where energy enters your home.
  • Calendars.  These remind us of the days left to live but also constantly remind us of the time that has passed. It is better to look at this on your phone or computer, instead of making a specific place for this in our home...
  • Leaving the toilet lid open!  Symbolically, the toilet is associated with the water element, which refers to wealth in feng shui. Let's say that leaving the toilet lid up means that luck could "escape" down the drain. Here it is a matter of getting strict about this with those living in your home.

2. Objects in the home that attract good luck

Just like there are objects that invite bad luck, others cause it and keep it in your daily life. Also, having a pleasant environment, an organized and clean home, promotes prosperity. Below we'll explain which objects will bring you the most luck:

  • Fresh flowers. With their vitality, they attract freshness to the life of our homes. They are often used by professional decorators.
  • Bamboo.  Attracts peace and good vibes. This can be found in any store.
  • A bowl of fruit.  Attracts positivity and takes care of the health. It is a symbol of abundance.
  • Wind chimes.  Attract money. These should be placed at the entrance of the home.
  • A portable water fountain inside of your home. Even if it's small, this promotes a positive economic flow.

3. Superstitions and bad luck

Many superstitions are associated with popular beliefs that involve certain objects,  for example, mirrors (bring bad luck if they break), or ladders (bring bad luck if you walk under them).

One of the most wide-spread superstitions, due to numerous references in popular culture, is Friday 13,  which is a feared day where all kinds of fateful events can occur.

A historical explanation is that the number 13 has been unlucky since The Last Supper, where there were 13 members at the table. (the 12 apostles and Jesus)

It is worth noting that superstitious people that firmly believe that they are unlucky, really will feel tenser on certain days. They will undoubtedly feel stressed out, be worse drivers, possibly be more distracted, and more likely to have an accident.

How should we avoid this mental state, and thus avoid bad luck? This suggestion will sabotage even our best efforts!

And this is why superstitions like walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror, bring us bad luck. Our mind is anchored to the negative side of life. Not caring so much about these beliefs is another way to attract good luck! This way we become responsible for our actions, and we avoid feeling resentful...

Why do I have bad luck? 3 Rituals to ward off bad vibes and advice on good luck

Rituals are actions with high energetic vibrations that we can do to attract positive things to our lives. Rituals help us to focus the mind on the positive through manifesting willpower, and these are hugely beneficial.

Here we will propose a few simple rituals that are highly efficient with which we will be able to change our life course to a more positive one.

1. Ritual with rue

This plant is well-known for its abilities when it comes to attracting good luck. It is highly protective against negative energies. Besides being a live plant that brings a considerable amount of vitality. The simple act of growing this plant in our home immediately blesses it. Grow it with love and send it positive thoughts every time you walk by it!

But if you need to carry out an action with higher levels of intention and with more direct results, spread a rue based preparation around the home.

Boil 2 liters of water, and then add 3 tablespoons of sea salt and a handful of rosemary. And that's all there is to it!

After, you have to burn the rosemary and flush the ashes down the toilet. You have to repeat this for at least a week to see good results.

2. A black candle ritual

If you aren't a plant person, another ritual to get rid of bad luck is to burn a black candle and once it has burned out, throw it in the trash. The color black absorbs all of the low energies and negative vibes that  impede  progress in life.

It is best to use the candle when you feel weak and most of all when you feel that there are people that don't wish good things for you. This is good to counter psychic attacks.

3. Ritual bath with spiritual cleansing

If you feel that bad luck has stuck to your skin, maybe this cleansing is the best one for you. You will purify the energy field around it, perfuming it with fragrances of plants known for their magical properties, like rosemary or rue.

You've got to be sure that the preparation touches your entire body,  this way you can get rid of the bad energies that have been encircling you, or if you think that some people have spread their bad aura with you, or if you've been in contaminated spaces.

To prepare this bath, boil rosemary and rue in 4 liters of water and then fill the tub with this water, removing the plants beforehand. Submerge them for as much time as you'd like. And enjoy this relaxing experience!

After putting this advice into practice, don't forget to be thankful for all of the good things that happen to you  every day! Everything has a positive side; it's your job to discover it.