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How to Get Pregnant Fast: 4 Rituals to Achieve It

How to Improve Fertility and Have a Safe Childbirth

A pregnant woman lying on bed
How to Get Pregnant Fast: 4 Rituals to Achieve It

Many people, whether they are single or in a relationship, decide to have children, and one of the most frequent questions that future moms ask themselves is how to get pregnant fast.

Apart from some biological factors like fertility cycles, through rituals, we can make the universe make us prone to bring children into this world.

4 Rituals to Getting Pregnant Fast

Below, we describe four rituals related to motherhood, pregnancies and of course to having a good delivery and that the child (or children) arrive in perfect conditions.

Ritual to get pregnant fast

Are you a woman and you want to get pregnant? Then you can carry out this ritual to get pregnant fast that Magic Horoscope suggests you, and that you can do yourself at home with no problems. You will need:

- 9 fresh (or dried) rose petals

- 1 small mirror

- 1 golden candle

- 2 red candles y 2 green candles

- 5 pink incense cones

- 1 red marker

- 15 coarse grains of sea salt

- 10 olive oil drops

With the marker, write on the golden candle "May my wish be granted with no delay!" and then place the candles on a large surface: first the golden candle, then the red candles and then the green ones, alternating them. Burn an incense cone next to each candle, and place the mirror in front of the golden candle, reflector side up. Light the flames.

Rub your hands with the oil, take the petals (one for each month of pregnancy) and salt, and when the candles have melted enough wax, pour a little of each on the flowers and salt, and while you model it with your hands making a small ball, say the following prayer to get pregnant fast:

"I invoke all the gods and all the cosmic powers with a spell to help me have a fast, easy and trouble-free pregnancy."

Put the ball under your bed for nine days, and then throw it away. And this is how this ritual to get pregnant fast ends.

Ritual for fertility

Fertility is something that does not only concern women because men can also have problems. Thus, this fertility ritual is especially suitable for men, although expectant mothers can also do it with them or on their own.

To carry it out you will need a piece of hard bread (a food related to the human body and rebirth as it is known by Christianity), a blue candle, a red one and a white one.

Place the candles in a triangle and place the bread in the center. Focusing your gaze on the white candle, say the following prayer to promote fertility:

"I conjure all the divinities of the universe to improve my fertility."

Repeat the prayer up to three times, and blow out the candles.

From now on, you have 24 hours to make sure that some animal eats that bread in which you have deposited your wishes. Maybe birds or ducks.

Ritual for a good delivery

Have you found out how to get pregnant fast? Then you have 9 months ahead of you in which nerves and feelings will be on the surface.

If you want that by the time of delivery everything works perfectly well, you can ask the universe for help through a ritual for a good delivery.

A few weeks before your due date, when night falls, enter a dark room alone, and light a green candle, which you will place on the floor.

Using a pen or green pencil, write on a piece of white paper the name your son or daughter will have; if you don't know yet, you can just write "my baby." Place some clay, violet petals, apple seeds, and a few grains of rice on the piece of paper as you recite the next prayer:

"I pray for all the forces of the cosmos to come and help me to have a good birth. May (baby's name) be born healthy, and may his mother suffer no harm. So be it."

Fold the piece of paper by making a package that contains all the ingredients inside, tie it with a green ribbon and carry it with you until the day of birth. Once the birth comes, you can throw it away.

Prayer for getting pregnant

In Christianity, Saint Raymund Nonnatus  is considered the patron saint of pregnant women, since, according to tradition, this saint of Catalan origin was born by cesarean section after his mother had died, so his birth was considered a miracle. And it must be borne in mind that we are talking about the 13th century, where the medical services were very different from those we have nowadays.

So, if you want a ritual to get pregnant fast, you can entrust yourself to this saint whose festivity is celebrated on August 31st, although you can also ask for his help if you are expected to have a difficult delivery.

In addition to placing candles and praying to him in a temple where his image is revered, or having a picture of him at home, you can say the following prayer to get pregnant:

"I glorify you, Most Holy Father, God the Creator, because you have done great things in me and a child will be born from the human love that you have blessed through the intercession of Saint Raymond.

Jesus, Word of God, who allows me to worship you with the enchanting traits of the baby in the crib, I consecrate my baby to you so that you may cover him with grace. May he be our joy on earth, in eternity, your glory.

Holy Spirit, cover me with your shadow during these blessed months of waiting, so that nothing may harm my child and that his soul may be ready to make you his sanctuary through holy baptism.

And you, Mary, Queen of Mothers, lay me down, I beg you, at the time of my liberation. And Raymond Nonnatus, Holy Guardian Angel of my baby, take care of us.