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7 Rituals for Daily Life

Discover the 7 best rituals to make your life easier

Rituals for daily life

There are more changes in our lives than we are really aware of. Have you thought about how many times you have changed schools, your job or your home?  How many friends have crossed your life? And so other many situations.

Therefore, Magic Horoscope brings you some rituals to improve your daily life in different situations.

What is a ritual?

The first thing we should explain is what a ritual is. Rituals are gestures full of meaning and with an intention of transformation, of changing what surrounds us.  It can be something as simple as lighting candles, filling the bathtub with hot water, foam and flower petals and taking a nice bath with the intention of relaxing and resting.

After all, a way of concentrating the energy to modify our inner atmosphere  and foment profound changes in us and our circumstances. There are different goals, such as freeing ourselves of our limitations (facing our fears or beliefs), accepting significant changes that destiny confronts us (overcoming someone's death, a sentimental break-up, getting used to a new job) or the healing of emotional wounds (that a friend stops talking to us, that a colleague betrays us...).

7 rituals for daily life

To carry out these rituals, the essential thing is that you create a healing place that allows you to connect with the spiritual world, with the elements, and with the whole universe. 

1. Ritual to find an excellent place to live

To carry out this ritual you need a white candle, a red one, and a bit of wire, 40 rose petals and a bit of rosemary. 

During the night of an odd day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) burn a bit of rosemary, which will help you concentrate. Then, light a white candle on the right next to you and a red one on the left.

Take ten rose petals, roll them up and tie them with the wire, which must be long enough so that we can put the roses to burn at one end and that you can take it from the other end without burning yourself.

Four times, burn the petals first in the white candle, then in the red candle, again in the red candle, and conclude the spell again in the white candle. Every time you burn the petals, say the following invocation.

"I invoke all the gods, and all the cosmic powers, I beg you to help me find a good place to live."

Let the rosemary and candles to consume completely.

2. Ritual to bless a new home

When we move to a new house, either if it's rent or you just bought the house, we want all the energies of the universe to protect our home. For this, we offer you an easy ritual, so you bless your new house.

This ritual must be carried out a Thursday morning. In our doorway, we'll light an orange candle, and while it illuminates us, we write on an orange piece of paper with clear letters the following sentence:

"I implore the universe to advise and support me so that in my new home no evil spirit can come in from this very place.

Say the sentence out loud, then, put the paper in an envelope with a bit of cinnamon, some laurel leaves and a bit of white chalk.

Write the address of your home on that envelope, put a stamp on it and put it in a mailbox. When you receive it, put it under the doormat you have had in the entrance of your home for at least a week. After at least seven days, when Wednesday arrives, bury the envelope in a pot with a plant that will be the protector of your home.

3. Ritual to win a trial

Facing a trial is difficult, either because we are accused of something or because we want justice to be done for a fault they have committed against us. There are rituals to win a trial, but Magic Horoscope brings you one of the most powerful ones.

A week before the trial, place six blue candles in an isosceles triangle, with a candle in each corner and a candle in the middle of each side of the triangle; it's especially important that the top of the triangle is directed towards you.

In the center of the triangle place laurel leaves, a little clove, lemon peel, petals of a purple flower and a little salt. Light the candles, and then turn off all the other lights in the room. Concentrating on the flame in front of you.

"I invoke all the Gods and all the Goddesses of the Universe; I ask them to give meaning to my life and to help me out of this trial with fortune." Put out the furthest candle, repeat the invocation, and continue extinguishing the candles until there is no flame left.

Collect a little wax from each of the candles, and in a cotton sack, keep the paraffin along with the rest of the ingredients used in the ritual. Close the bag with a blue cord, the cord of justice, and take this amulet with you on the day of the trial.

Once the trial is over (if it lasts several days you must wear this fetish in all sessions) throw the bag somewhere where there is water.

4. Ritual to have a good trip

Do you have to travel and you're scared, or because you have to spend a lot of time driving or because you are afraid of planes? The reason doesn't matter; Magic Horoscope brings you an effective ritual, so nothing happens while you're traveling. 

The day before starting the trip, light the gold candle  and focus on the flame for at least one minute.

Get a black pen and write on a piece of paper "I'd like to have a safe journey. I ask the universe to allow me to get to my destiny in perfect condition." Roll up the text in the form of a cigarette, take some of the candle wax, and put it all in a small transparent glass bottle, next to some coffee beans. Close the bottle (if it's with a cork better) and extinguish the candle.

Carry this bottle in your right pocket during the trip, and when you reach your destination do a good deed for someone in need: give some money to a homeless person, donate food to a food bank... It will be a good way to thank the universe to have given you its protection.

5. Ritual to find lost objects

We've all lost a significant object sometime. Some documents that we needed for legal purposes, a ring of great sentimental value and other objects  that seem to have got legs and that they've hidden from you. For this reason, we bring you a ritual to find lost objects.

A Thursday night (or a night of waxing moon) light up a green candle. Switch all the other lights in the room, and under the light of the candle, write with green ink (a pen or a marker) on a paper that is also green, the following sentence:

"I invoke all the Invisible Energies of the Universe to help me in my efforts to find the object I have lost." Say the invocation up to three times, loud and clear.

Concentrate looking at the flame, fold the paper into eight parts and introduce petals of a flower that you've dried inside a book. Then, burn the paper. This ritual ends keeping the burnt paper in a green cotton bag, which you'll take with you for five days; when the fifth day arrives, the universe will guide you towards the object that you desperately want to find. 

6. Ritual so you don't get stolen

Some rituals require a previous preparation, and this is one of them. Dry naturally pink rose petals, violet petals, and daisy petals. 

You have to carry out this ritual on a Friday night, so that Venus protects us, with its maternal power, and we have to put these petals on a piece of green clothes. While you put them there you have to say this magic sentence out loud:

"I invoke all the Angels and Archangels; I spell them to protect me and so that no one steals any of my belongings."

Fold the clothes, put it in a hermetic bottle and cover it with salt, a symbol of wealth. Keep that bottle in a place that no one can see and where there is no light.

As we said at the beginning, this ritual is useful to help us overcome certain fears we have as human beings that we are, in this case, the fear of someone hurting us and stealing an object that is our property.

7. Ritual to pass an exam or public examination

Do you have an important exam soon, to get your degree? Or do you have a public examination? Then pay attention to this ritual of the Magic Horoscope, that you should carry out on a Wednesday night. 

The first thing you have to do is take a shower or a bath,  rubbing yourself thoroughly, and then dress in loose clothes and if you can, with light colors (if it is entirely white, much better).

Then, place a mirror, red and green candles, paper and pencil, a stick of incense-scented with sandalwood and a little rosemary in front of you.

This ritual is recommended to do on your knees on the floor, and first you must light the incense and leave it on your right, if possible, light it with matches instead of a lighter. Then place the mirror in front of you, and place the green and red candles alternately around it; there should always be the same number of one color and the other, and the ideal amount of candles is eight, although with four it still could work.

Take the paper and the pencil and writ (at the same time that you say it) the following ejaculatory prayer:

"Spirits of nature, forces of the universe. I urge you to help me pass the important exam that will take place next (mention here the day of the test).

Burn the paper with the red candle that is more on the north. When only ashes remain, take the rosemary and mix it with the ashes. Keep it under your bed until the day after doing the exam. The ritual doesn't conclude until the incense has been consumed, and when this happens, you can blow out the candles.

You can get rid of the rosemary once you have done the test  by burying it in a flowerpot or the garden, or by throwing it to a place where the water flows (a river, a stream...).

A few final notes on these rituals

The success of each ritual action depends on a lot of factors, among them, an adequate disposition of the mind of the person who is doing it when carrying it out.  This is essential to be successful. If after carrying them out some days go by and your desires aren't fulfilled, do the ritual again but following the steps scrupulously and trusting that the universe will help you.