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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Being Kidnapped

Find all the clues about the meaning of kidnapping dreams

Someone kidnapped
If you dream of being kidnapped, it implies a need to free yourself from your own limitations. |

If you wake up worried about a nightmare in which you are kidnapped, you have to overcome your initial fear and think about the meaning of that dream. If you have come this far and you wonder about the meaning of kidnapping dreams, you will discover very interesting things that can help you overcome your limitations in life. What does it mean to dream about being kidnapped? Here you can find it out.

Dream Dictionary: What does it mean to dream about being kidnapped?

When you dream about a traumatic experience that is not real, but a dreamlike representation, it can be distressing and confusing, as is the case with having a nightmare about being kidnapped. But you do not have to worry since this is not a premonitory dream nor a sign of misfortune. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, since dreaming about being kidnapped is the perfect example of a reversed dream meaning.

In such cases, the brain changes the meaning of real sensations to express just the opposite of what you have dreamed of. So, dreaming about being kidnapped shows a mood oppressed by the feeling of conditioning  and lack of freedom, and expresses the need to free yourself from your own limitations to take control of your life, your actions, and feel free to make your decisions. 

Therefore, the first thing you have to do if you wake up in a sweat because of a kidnap dream is to calm down, overcome your fear and rationally look for the reversed meaning of what you have dreamt. Dreaming about being kidnapped helps you overcome the situation of emotional kidnapping in which you find yourself.

Generally speaking, kidnapping dreams often represent the fear of taking important decisions in life, which makes you feel imprisoned by your current circumstances. If you are able to face the powerful message of this dream, it will turn out to be an eye-opening experience.

Dreaming about being kidnapped: Different types of this dream

If the meaning of dreaming about being kidnapped is crystal clear, as an expression of the desire and the need to free yourself from your limitations, the characteristics of its variations provide more accurate interpretations to which you must pay attention.

Dreaming about being kidnapped and managing to escape

One of the most common variations of this type of dream is that in which you manage to escape. On the one hand, it shows that you are bound to some ties that stop you from acting freely, from following the path you truly want in life. On the other hand, it suggests your determination to put an end to that situation. You are becoming a stronger and braver person. 

Dreaming about being kidnapped and failing to escape

Another variation of this type of dream is that in which you fail to escape, which indicates that you find it very difficult to free yourself once and for all of those ties and build a happy and fulfilled life. However, this is not a premonitory dream. It encourages you to put an end to that situation and get that freedom which will lead you to happiness.

Dreaming about being kidnapped by a stranger

Sometimes you dream of being kidnapped by someone you do not know, or whose face is covered, which suggests that you should not focus on the identity of the person. This is not a real or personal threat, but several circumstances that influence you when making your own decisions. You must develop self-confidence, self-control and assurance to embark on a new life with more responsibility.

Dreaming about being kidnapped by many people

When you are kidnapped by many people, not just a single person (as in the case of a kidnapping organized by a criminal gang), you should focus on the issues, situations and people who stop you from making your own decisions. In this case, the meaning is clear: stop doing what others expect of you, and think of your own happiness.

Dreaming about being kidnapped by someone you know 

When you dream of being kidnapped by a relative or an acquaintance, it can easily be misinterpreted as a betrayal or a threat from that person. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This dream shows your fear of losing contact with that person, from whom you are drifting apart for various reasons. You have to find a way to get closer to that person again.


Dreaming about being kidnapped for a long time

Dreaming that you spend a lot of time imprisoned provides a very interesting interpretation because it indicates the extension of time you have feared to become a free person. This dream has a great depth, which conveys the idea of a person who does not live the life they want, influenced by external constraints and always conditioned by what people may say.

Dreaming about being kidnapped in a dark place

Darkness in dreams expresses lack of clairvoyance, blindness, confusion, and pessimism, a gloomy mood which makes you unable to overcome your circumstances and become more determined, confident and efficient. If you manage to interpret this dream, you will understand that you need a change in your life, so you can get out of that darkness and find your path of happiness. 

Dreaming about a relative being kidnapped

Sometimes your dream is not about you, but a relative.  Therefore, depending on the person who appears in your dream, you will be able to interpret it in different ways. If you dream that your child is kidnapped, it suggests your fear regarding their sudden maturity. If you dream that your father is kidnapped, it indicates your concern about his economic problems; and if you dream about your mother, you are probably worried about her health problems.

Dreaming about being chased and kidnapped

This is the representation of regret for a past mistake that haunts you and does not allow you to move on. Dreaming that you are chased and kidnapped is, above all, an expression of insecurity, distress and fear,  which your brain turns into a terrifying scene that symbolises isolation and asks for redemption. It is time to confess everything and start a new life without regrets.

Dreaming about children being kidnapped

When you dream of kidnapping and there are children involved, you have to think of a meaning related to your projects, ideas and companies.  Children symbolise the birth of something important, which is, however, conditioned by your fears and insecurities. That poses a threat to your projects, so dreaming about children being kidnapped encourages you to face your professional challenges with enthusiasm. 


To sum up,  the dreams of being kidnapped imply the representation of a real feeling of being oppressed  and chained, subject to norms and conventions as well as lack of freedom. Far from being a premonitory dream, this is a liberating impulse that can mark a turning point if you become aware of the need to overcome that situation.

If you dream of being kidnapped by someone you know, like a relative or a friend, you should think about the possibility of having drifted apart from that person, so your brain expresses the need to get in touch with them again. By contrast, when you dream about a relative being kidnapped, such as your child, father or mother, it expresses your fear of their sudden maturity, or their health, or economic problems.

If you dream that you are kidnapped, but you manage to escape, you are developing a stronger personality. However, if you dream that you cannot escape after being kidnapped, you run the risk of getting caught in those chains that stop you from making your own decisions.