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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About the Devil

Discover the meaning of your dreams about the devil

As unpleasant as the experience may be, dreaming about the Devil offers the opportunity to learn valuable lessons and fuel your spirit with knowledge. Even though the image of the Devil is negative in our culture, when we dream about it or have nightmares, we are receiving a warning from our brain regarding specific needs that we have. So, what does it mean to dream about the Devil? 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about the Devil?

According to our dream dictionary, a reoccurring nightmare about the Devil represents a positive warning sign that something is missing from our lives. Although we have a negative image of the Devil, symbol of everything evil, in our dreams this can represent something completely different: a manifestation of our wishes and needs. 

First thing is first: if you wake up drenched in sweat after dreaming about the Devil and ask yourself what it all means, you have to know that one of  the main messages is that you're going through a stressful stage in your life. Troubling dreams and nightmares are our brain's way of telling us that we're experiencing a lot of pressure.  

The image of the Devil represents your inner potential, the hidden strength that you possess and can use to tear down any obstacle in your way. The Devil represents your power and depth, your decisive and overwhelming personality. 

However, according to the dream dictionary, Satan could also represent a multitude of fears and dangers that cloud your life. You could focus on the metaphoric significance of the dream or look beyond that and take it as a revelation. In this case, it could offer you  valuable lessons to overcome your fears, and you'll discover that the Devil did you a favor by appearing in your dream and advising you on the best course of action.

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Dreaming about the Devil: different types of diabolical dreams

Now we know that dreaming about the Devil is synonymous to inner strength or detection of dangers and fears. Depending on the context of our dream, we can learn valuable lessons for our day to day lives. Have a look at our dream dictionary to discover all the possible meanings: 

Dreaming about the Devil

The mere manifestation of the Devil is indicative of the fear and obstacles you face in your life. At the same time, the nightmare is warning you about the vast power reserves that you have inside, and that if you put them to good use, you could turn into a useful tool in solving your problems. Dreaming about the Devil could also mean remorse. 

Dreaming about talking to the Devil

The dream dictionary sees the  manifestation of you speaking with the Devil as a bad omen, a sign of treachery and deception. It, therefore, puts you on guard about any potential external threat. This dream could also mean that you have misbehaved and you need to repent as an act of purification.  

Dreaming about hell 

Dreaming about the Devil can become even more frightening if you also dream about the pits of hell. In this case, it's because you're in a critical situation and can't see your way out, or because we are feeling helpless. You must regain control over your life and take responsibility for making the most critical decisions. The flames of hell are also a symbol of purification: you must give up certain bad habits. 

This unnerving situation that has you tossing and turning in your bed has quite a positive significant: someone is threatening to destroy your balance and inner harmony. Or better yet, specific problems are following you that could have terrible consequences. This dream is a wake-up call to regain your hidden inner strength and use it bravely to destroy all those threats (hence the positive meaning). 

Dreaming about the Devil attacking you 

This is an extension of the previous dream, but it has the concept of guilt added to it. Your subconscious mind is manifesting the idea that you deserve to be punished for some evil deeds you have committed,  or suffer because a wrong decision you have made and cannot undo. As a foretelling sign, dreaming about the Devil attacking you represents the negative consequences of your wrong actions. 

Dreaming about the Devil defeating you in battle 

When we dream about physical combat with the Devil, it's because our brain is struggling with the concepts of good and bad. This is a manifestation of our day to day battle of overcoming temptations and vices. When this dream ends with the Devil's success, it's because you might fall off the wagon again or feel guilty for giving in to certain bad habits. 

Dreaming about defeating the Devil in battle

Here you can have two potential meanings of the dream. One of them, when you fight the Devil, and you win, is a symbol of you overcoming temptations and vice and the other relates to  compassion and forgiveness. This second meaning represents past mistakes that you have corrected  so that you can enjoy feeling at peace with yourself.  

Dreaming about being the Devil 

This is the symbol of power and strength, of inner drive and your status as an invincible being. You're probably in a jam or going through something tricky in your life because dreaming about the devil is telling you that you have enough energy within yourself  to cope with any danger that may come your way. If you dream about being the Devil, try to use that power for the good and not the evil. 


We all possess a reserve of  inner strength that sometimes are unaware of, and we use it to overcome obstacles. If you have been dreaming about the Devil, stop thinking about negative things and look closer at the positive lessons you could learn from your subconscious mind. 

So it's simply a matter of metaphoric representations of that power that allows you to fight against adversity. When our everyday life is agitated and filled with problems, our brain kicks in and starts producing nightmares that, surprisingly enough, hold the key to our freedom. 

Dreaming is a subjective experience, and each dream should be interpreted depending on its specific context. The way we see the Devil and our relationship with him in the dream  is indicative of the dangers we face  and of ways to overcome them.