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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Floods

Learn how to interpret the meaning of dreaming about water

A flooded office
Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Floods?

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters, which can be caused regularly or occasionally. These are times when it rains torrentially, to the point that the water reaches areas which are usually dry,  although there are also floods caused by people (for example, when a dam breaks or houses are allowed to be built in a flood zone).

This article will explore the meaning of dreaming about floods  according to the Dream Dictionary, as well as its different variations.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Floods?

Generally speaking, floods are linked to the symbolism of water, that is, to the unconscious and feminine principle, although the Dream Dictionary specifies that floods symbolise the fluttering of emotions.

From tensions within the couple or family to depression, a subconscious troubled by a traumatic memory or a need to go deeper into the foundation of your personality, that place where you never go in, out of caution,  or fear to live your life the way you want.

If you often dream about floods, then you should immediately find out the origins of this existential anguish, or even if you have repressed sexual desires that have to be released in some way.


Dreaming about Floods: Different Types of This Dream

Sometimes you dream about dams or dykes that break, rivers that overflow or a downpour that floods even your bedroom.

Therefore, as there are so many variations of dreaming about floods, we are going to divide some of them in order to give you a more detailed meaning, which may help you take better control of your life (without drowning your personality).

Dreaming about Your House Being Flooded

This is undoubtedly one of the most common dreams of this type of water disaster. So, if your house is flooded and you are watching helpless and anxious about what is happening, the Dream Dictionary predicts a couple of crisis or family disputes. 

Likewise,  it may speed up the arrival of loss of money, at a personal or family level, or suggest that there will soon be legal problems which will be brought to court. There will be uncomfortable situations that should be dealt with keeping your mind cool.

Dreaming about a Field Being Flooded

If the watercourses spring in a natural environment, your mind is telling you not to commit yourself.

Dreaming about Floods of Dirty Water

In your dreams, do you see mud and dirt in the floodwaters? Then, get ready to face problems that are already creeping up on your life, because you will not put your mind to rest until you do not settle this matter that is tormenting you.

Dreaming about a Small-Scale Flood

Have you dreamt about a small-scale flood? Then, this is not an ill-omened dream, since you will be able to get rid of your current problems.

Dreaming about Not Getting Wet by the Flood

This dream is related to the dreamer’s love situation since the Dream Dictionary predicts the arrival of a lover. 

Dreaming about Getting Safe from a Flood

While dreaming about drowning in a flood predicts bad omens, dreaming about saving yourself from a flood represents the way you face problems in your life, that you make an effort to overcome your hard times and do not let yourself be caught and drowned by negative currents.

This is what it means to dream about saving yourself from a flood. In the case that you are caught by the current and you drown, the predictions of your future are darker and more negative. It also indicates that you are passive when it comes to dealing with your problems.

Dreaming about People Struggling in a Flood

Unfortunately, this dream predicts losses at all levels. And this is not all, because it also suggests your despair when it comes to solving your problems and worries  of any kind since you are not able to find a solution for them in a simple or quick way.

Dreaming about a Flooded City

This dream reveals issues related to your money,  especially, that you tend to exaggerate when asking for credits and bank loans, and that your debts could overwhelm you if you do not deal with them soon.

Dreaming about a Tsunami

One of the greatest natural disasters related to floods are tsunamis, which, as it would be expected, have a negative meaning. Perhaps, you are reaching your own limits in certain matters, and your strength is already getting weaker.


Having said this, it is clear that floods symbolise an intrusive and negative aspect that cannot be controlled or channelled. An evolution that is partly blocked,  which you do not have the ability to act upon, which cannot be expressed and turns you into a passive person.

Therefore, it is important for you to analyse your conscience and assess your current situation, as well as determine which is the burden that overwhelms your life and you should get rid of as soon as possible.

Remember that you only have this life to live, and enjoy every day,  every minute and that the wasted time can never be recovered. So, stop repressing your desires and let your hair down. Make the most of every moment, because, in the end, this is what you have left.

Finally, it is worth highlighting Freud’s interpretation of this type of dream, in which he associates floods with sex. For him, it is an expression of the unconscious libido,  which claims its rights by destroying the ego’s dams.