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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Rain

Find out the meaning of dreaming about rain as a rebirth symbol

Have you dreamt about rain and are you wondering about its meaning?

If you wonder about the meaning of dreaming about rain, you should look for the answers in the emotions it stirs in you. Its interpretation in the dream world is related to the feeling of nostalgia and transformation.  Rain is a phenomenon of cleanliness and rebirth. However, going further into it, what does it mean to dream about rain? Find it out in our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Rain?

The nostalgic mood that overwhelms you when it rains is also reflected by your subconscious in your dreams about this weather phenomenon. The meaning of dreaming about rain is related to the feelings it inspires, which are later integrated by your brain in the symbolic world of dreams.

If you are going through a time of introspection, seclusion and melancholy, you may find that your brain conveys through rain a particular feeling of nostalgia and sadness  in the allegorical world of dreams. In this case, your dream is a depiction of your inner emotions. Dreaming about rain is the true reflection of your mood, in the land of nostalgic sadness.

According to the dream world experts, dreams are an expression of desires and wills, so you should go further in the interpretation of dreaming about rain. In this case, your dreams about rain convey a desire of rebirth, cleanliness and purification, of a positive change. Just as the rain regenerates nature, the changes renovate your inner self.

This is not only a premonitory dream, but also a suggestion to undertake a radical, cleansing and purifying transformation  of your soul, which clearly requires some changes in your life. In order to understand it better, you should pay attention to the variations of this kind of dreams.

Dreaming about Rain: Different Types of This Dream

Rain can also make reference to cleanliness and fertility, but you should pay attention to the details of this dream’s interpretations. According to the different types of this dream, you may draw conclusions that are very useful for your daily life.

Dreaming about Light Rain

There are things in your life or within yourself that you do not like, and you are aware of the need to change it. However, these are ordinary issues which could be solved calmly and progressively. Dreaming about light rain is a positive dream which conveys peace and relaxation; the natural and slow changes that manage to cleanse the stains from your past and build a better future.

Dreaming about Heavy Rain

By contrast, when you dream about heavy and constant rain, it conveys a feeling of uneasiness. This does not mean that the changes in your life are going to be thwarted, but they will not turn out so quietly and easily, and you will need all your strength  and concentration to face them with serenity. Calm and intelligence are the key to succeed in the fulfilment of your renewal. 

Dreaming about a Storm

Dreaming about a torrential rain or a storm is a bad omen since it predicts the presence or arrival of serious problems in your life that will require all your attention.  In other words, your life will be badly shaken and all its aspects will take a turn, leaving you anxious and confused. This dream can help you face this situation more calmly.

Dreaming about Rain and Lightning 

However, when you dream about lightning in the midst of torrential rain, its meaning changes completely. Dreaming about rain and lightning predicts the arrival of a stroke of luck that may change your life completely, in a positive way.  However, you must face this stroke of luck with care and intelligence and get used to these changes in a natural way.  


Dreaming about Raining Inside Your House

Dreaming about raining inside your house is not really a positive sign since it predicts a chain of problems which will be arisen by one or more secrets that you hide from the people around you. In a more positive and constructive way, you can interpret it as a reflection of some of your personality traits which you do not want to share with others,  so it invites you to open your soul.

Dreaming about a Shooting Star Shower

Dreaming about a shooting star shower is one of the most powerful premonitory dreams within the dream world, since all your wishes made during the shooting star shower dream will be granted.  While you are dreaming, if you do not make a wish, or you cannot remember it, then the wishes you make the next day will be granted. If you dream about a shooting star shower, dare to dream.

Dreaming about a Meteor Shower

When you dream about a meteor shower, the feeling of insecurity it causes makes you feel clearly afraid. This apocalyptic dream is not a premonition, nor does it predict any misfortune. It mirrors you fear of facing some changes.  You are aware that you have to change some things to be happy, but the very idea of it dreads you. You must overcome your fears in order to face the changes.

Dreaming about a Rainy Day

This is the prime example of changes, transformation and cleanliness together with euphoria, illusion and enthusiasm. Dreaming about a rainy day, or a day which is rainy and sunny at the same time, predicts the arrival of a new stage in your life, in which you will find balance,  because you have managed, with great effort, to cleanse what you did not like from the past. You are reborn.

Dreaming about a Rainy Night

Dreaming about a rainy night is a clear sign of the beginning of thoughtful and introspective time. In our Dream Dictionary, the moon is a symbol of introspection, and the water, of intelligence and reflection. This dream is not exactly negative, but  it mirrors a confused mood and your need to get away from that confusion  by analysing your desires and needs.

Dreaming about Standing in the Rain

This is a clear and straightforward sign that you have embarked on a process of change and evolution of your inner self. The interpretation of this dream depends on your attitude during the dream: the way you will solve these changes and how you will face them. If you walk serenely in the rain, you are full of energy and confidence. If you are scared and shivering, it predicts fear of changes and encourages you to get rid of them.


When it rains, the rainwater washes the fields, which will revive even greener during the following days. The rainwater is the main source of nutrients for nature to bear fruit, and this is how it conveys to your subconscious mind the symbol of fertility. 

One of the key meanings of dreaming about rain is that of fertility, and it may point out the arrival of a special time for you to get pregnant. However, the best-known meaning of dreaming about rain is that of inner cleanliness and renewal.

If you are not pleased with some aspects of your life and personality, this is the time to face with serenity and determination the transformations  that will lead you to the path to happiness. If you dream about light rain, which calms and relaxes you, it suggests easy changes. If you dream about heavy and constant rain, the changes will be long, slow and difficult. And if you dream about torrential rain, you will have to deal with serious problems.