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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Killing Someone

Find out the meaning of dreaming about killing somebody as a premonition

Someone about to kill someone.
What does it mean to dream about killing someone? Find out its meaning in our Dream Dictionary. |

Since childhood,  we have been told stories about death and murder.  In “Hansel and Gretel”, the witch wants to cook the boy and then eat him. In “Little Red Riding Hood”, the wolf wants to kill the girl who visits her grandmother in order to have a feast of both of them; and in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, the stepmother orders the heroine’s murder because she is jealous of the girl’s beauty. 

Therefore, it is not unlikely to dream about killing somebody,  since this has been shown as something quite common in fiction.

Fortunately, our parents and teachers have taught us that we should not be like the villain of the stories and that committing murder is never the solution to a problem.  In fact, it may turn it into something even more serious. 

The following article will analyse the meaning of dreaming about killing someone according to the Dream Dictionary, as well as some variations of its interpretations.

Dream Dictionary: What does it mean to dream about killing someone

We have all said something like “I will kill you!” when someone hurts us or disappoints our hopes or expectations.

However, few times have we really intended to end the other person’s life, since this is something that cannot be undone and has serious ethical and criminal consequences.

Still, in our dreams, where we do not have absolute power over our actions, we can be able of killing somebody for whatever reason.   

Therefore, this is our mind’s way of showing that we are going through a difficult situation in which we are about to lose our temper; and that we find it difficult to control ourselves because our anger is increasing, it has settled in, but we cannot bring it out. 

Dreaming about killing someone: Different types of this dream

In order to analyse the meaning of dreaming about killing someone, the Dream Dictionary suggests that you must assess your personal situation: Have you broken up with your partner or are you experiencing a couple of crisis? Is there a relative that has serious problems (drugs or illnesses) and you do not know what to do to help them?


Likewise, it is interesting to notice who you kill in your dream since the meaning will be different depending on the victim.

Dreaming about killing someone with a knife

Killing someone with a knife is the representation of hurting words  since there are statements and insults that are able of killing somebody emotionally. Therefore, this dream highlights that what has been said is very aggressive and hurtful. However, through dialogue, everything can be solved, although only partially.

Dreaming about killing someone with poison

Killing somebody with poison is the representation of a desire denied to the other person.  In this dream, you do things without taking the other person into consideration, even though your actions are harmful to them. 

Dreaming about killing someone for pleasure

This predicts a difficult issue, so learn how to be patient in order to deal with the setbacks that life has prepared for you.

Dreaming about killing someone who wanted to steal from you

The dreams of killing a thief indicate that you are too strict when it comes to your loved ones. Try not to be so rigid! 

Dreaming about killing your partner

According to the Dream Dictionary, this is a tough dream that highlights your fear of being looked down on by the others. 

Dreaming about killing your brother or sister

You will disgrace yourself due to a guilty pleasure.

Dreaming about killing your former partner

There is a twisted friendship in your life, even though you will only realise it over the years.

Dreaming about killing a friend

You should pay attention to your health because it predicts a delicate situation concerning your well-being.

Dreaming about killing your mother or father 

This is a premonitory dream, which suggests a tragedy that will come upon you and your loved ones.

Dreaming about killing someone out of jealousy

Jealousy is a very toxic feeling that you must remove from your life immediately since it will never allow you to be happy. The Dream Dictionary indicates that this type of dreams suggests that your fears are unfounded; that what worries you is just in your mind.

Dreaming about killing someone because you are attacked

In this case, the Dream Dictionary predicts betrayal from someone who is close to you. Be careful! 

Dreaming about killing a child

If you dream about killing someone, who happens to be a child, it means that you have too much responsibility to take on right now,  which is represented through this brutal dream.


To sum up, it is clear that you find yourself in a difficult situation at the moment, and that you are fully aware of it. Likewise, you know that these circumstances are overwhelming you and that you are close to the edge, especially since you cannot get rid of the feelings that suffocate you.

Therefore, you have two options. The first one is to talk to your partner, or your best friend, or a trustworthy relative in order to pour out all the dark thoughts from your head, so that they really get to know you, even your weaknesses and sorrows. 

The second one is to set a deadline to put an end to those problems that make you dream about killing someone  because they are overwhelming you and not letting you think straight. Ask for professional help, if you find it convenient, but do something to put an end to your worries, so that your dreams only recreate pleasant images and experiences.