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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Tarantulas

Find out the meaning of dreaming about tarantulas in Magic Horoscope’s Dream Dictionary

Dream Dictionary: What does it mean to dream about tarantulas?

The dreams about tarantulas make us feel scared and anxious,  just like these giant spiders make us feel in real life. However, their representation in your subconscious while you sleep may convey very useful information for your daily life, so these dreams can be more positive than you imagine. What does it mean when you dream about tarantulas? Find it out in our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Dictionary: What does it mean to dream about tarantulas?

First of all, you should not imagine the worst, since dreaming about tarantulas is not a bad omen as it does not have a premonitory meaning, but rather it suggests an anxious mood. Therefore, the dreams about tarantulas are the representation of fears and worries, a warning that you must overcome the obstacles that stop you from achieving your goals.

In the world of dreams, animals are the typical symbolic depiction whose interpretation is much clearer than that of other types of dreams. Each animal is related to a symbol. In this case, the tarantula expresses danger and threat, as it is a poisonous animal that threatens people’s personal safety. So, the tarantula is your subconscious’s way of conveying the feeling of danger.

To go more deeply into its message, when dreaming about tarantulas, you should consider, first, your current situation in real life, and secondly, the details of the dream, such as the size and colours of the tarantula, or your interaction with it. By comparing this information, you will be able to interpret the type of setbacks you are facing and the way to overcome them.

So, when you wake up anxious after dreaming about these nasty arthropods, do not panic, calm down and try to remember every detail of your dream, because they will help you interpret the variations of this type of dream. 

Dreaming about tarantulas: Different types of this dream

Dreaming about tarantulas is a distressing experience, more like a nightmare. However, it is nothing more than the subconscious representation of your fears and phobias. Pay attention to the variations of this type of dream in order to draw useful conclusions for your daily life.


Dreaming about big tarantulas

The size of the tarantula always indicates the importance of your problems. Although these may be of different types, the dream interpretation experts always associate the dreams about tarantulas with financial and work-related problems. Dreaming about tarantulas is always synonymous with big issues,  but when they are excessively big, they are pointed out as problems that overcome you.

Dreaming about live tarantulas 

This is one of the most surprising meanings of dreaming about tarantulas because the dreams about live tarantulas symbolise the beginning of a friendship or a love relationship that will be very fruitful. In this case, the tarantula is a symbol of union and closeness,  and poses no threat, since the danger and threat are reversed into positive feelings of affection and loyalty.

Dreaming about dead tarantulas

According to our Dream Dictionary, dreaming about dead tarantulas suggests that you overcome your problems. Dreaming about killing tarantulas symbolises your ability to overcome problems, no matter how big they may seem. The dreams about dead tarantulas are the symbolic representation of great changes in your life, which will lead you to a new stage of your life by means of self-improvement.

Dreaming about a big tarantula

When you dream about a big tarantula, it means that there is a great obstacle in the path to your personal fulfilment and happiness,  and you are focusing all your efforts and attention on that. It may be a situation, such as an economic crisis, a dismissal or a deception in love, but it may also represent a person who poses a threat to your interests. 

Dreaming about many tarantulas 

When you dream of only one tarantula, it usually symbolises a great issue, a distressing situation. By contrast, dreaming about many tarantulas makes reference to people.  The interpretation of the dreams in which there are many tarantulas suggests your feeling of loneliness, the belief that everyone around you is trying to harm you, that they pose a threat to you.

Dreaming about black tarantulas

The dreams about black tarantulas were formerly understood as a bad omen that predicted death or sickness. Currently, this meaning is considered obsolete. If you dream about black tarantulas, they are rather the representation of a fear or phobia that paralyses you  in the face of your problems and stops you from acting decisively. It encourages you to get back your skills to overcome the obstacles.

Dreaming about yellow tarantulas

The dreams about yellow or red tarantulas, or yellow and black tarantulas, are the utmost representation of the feeling of danger: rather than fear is panic, rather than insecurity is anxiety. You are a nervous wreck and going into a stage where everything is out of control. This is also a symbolic representation of the danger of food poisoning.

Dreaming about white tarantulas

According to our Dream Dictionary, the dreams about white tarantulas indicate progress in your life, but also the difficulty to deal with problems by yourself. You need someone’s help, and trusting the people around you is essential in order to face the issues that worry you. The energy of the people around you will make you feel that you are not alone in the face of adversity.

Dreaming about tarantulas attacking you

This is a clear sign of the feeling of threat that keeps you restless and worried, of the feeling that your problems haunt you and do not let you live in peace. If you feel cornered, if you feel that the others want to betray or deceive you, if you are suffocated by your economic issues or if you are in big trouble, dreaming about tarantulas that are attacking you is a symbol of your anguish.

Dreaming about killing tarantulas

This is one of those cases in which a distressing dream represents something very positive since dreaming about killing tarantulas is the symbol of your power over your circumstances. You are dealing with the problems that haunt you and, most importantly, you manage to overcome your fears and phobias  in order to develop your personality and make it stronger and more decisive. You are on the right track.


The feeling of fear in the face of your problems and the anxiety about your daily worries is one of the most common feelings that your subconscious recreates in your dreams. This is represented in different ways, and one of them is through the appearance of tarantulas in your dreamlike experiences.

If you wonder about the meaning of dreaming about tarantulas, you should consider the paralysing fear that overcomes you in the face of financial trouble, a loving concern, a conflict with a friend, a betrayal from someone close to you or a personal crisis. Dreaming of dead tarantulas means progress by means of overcoming these worries, although dreaming of tarantulas attacking you suggest real danger.

The colour of the tarantula in your dreams is also very useful information when it comes to interpreting it: a black tarantula indicates paralysing fears and phobias; a yellow tarantula is the utmost representation of danger and food poisoning, and a white tarantula expresses the need for help when dealing with problems.