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Fire Signs: Find Out About Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Which are the fire signs of the zodiac? Learn about their features.

Fire signs features
Fire signs features. | Magic Horoscope

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four different elements that represent the natural forces from where the universal energies emanate: fire, water, air, and earth. In astrology, these elements define the way each sign sees the world and themselves, with the differences of each sign. Find outall about the fire signs of the zodiac.

Fire signs features

Did you know that fire is the first element associated with the signs of the zodiac? It is a positive, masculine and extroverted element, that includes the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. They all share the fire signs features.

It's often said that the signs of fire have a sacred character or temperament. Those born under the sign of this first element are characterized by passion, enthusiasm, willingness, desire to succeed and a taste for conquest. You'll recognize them by their overwhelming personality, their security, and their impetus.

Are you Aries, Leo or Sagittarius? Then it's likely that you only trust yourself in your attempt to have a successful life. You have confidence in yourself and life, you aspire to your autonomy,  you have great ambitions or ideals and a capacity for long-term vision. These are very independent signs whose strong personality can lead to arrogance, selfishness, and egolatry.  

Within the circle of the signs of the zodiac, these three signs form a triangle, and their common point lies in their willpower related to realization. Did you know that this triad are action signs par excellence? People influenced by the fire element usually act without meditating, pushed by the adventure of risk without any calculation of probabilities or measuring the consequences. The action begins and ends in themselves.

Of course, not everything in them is positive. Thus, among others,  the Magic Horoscope points out that they are often impatient, selfish or intolerant. Sometimes they lack perspective or objectivity in their opinions, and they tend to be authoritarian under the guise of kindness. Of course, if they fail, be careful with the way you say things, because criticism and contradictions drives them up the wall.

Which are the fire signs of the zodiac?

The fire element coheres the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius giving them some common personality traits. However, each sign, influenced by its regent planet, offers its nuances. Discover what each of the fire signs of the zodiac is like.

The fire element in Mars: Aries

Mars is the god of War and brings a realistic, voluntary, and combative spirit to those signs that are ruled by its tail. Their capacity for action and their instinct are closely intertwined, since the planet Mars needs to act concretely to exist. Within the fire signs, Aries is impulsive and a good lover.

The influence of Mars on Aries invites them to be very reactive with their surroundings, through sensations, emotions or passions and often becomes strong and powerful. He worships authentic beings spontaneously and freely. It can lead to authoritarianism, anger, and control when they are unable to control their emotions.

Aries ruled by Mars is the true symbol of the effusive energy of the carpe diem who lives deeply in their present, who leads the new experiences with anxiety and who uses their unlimited energy to lead their existential struggle for the affirmation of the being. As in the Greek myth of Mars, Aries carries within them the talent for conquest in love.

The fire element in the Sun: Leo

If your sign is solar, you have a penetrating and sometimes dominant look, don't you? And besides, you are hungry for the respect and gratitude of your colleagues, as a good king of the jungle.

The Sun makes the lions roar so that everyone can feel their power over others  with as much intensity as possible. Despite this, the Sun (is there an element of Fire greater than the sun?) makes its protected beings willful, enterprising and expressive. They shine on their own merit and they are excellent guides trough the path of life. 

The high self-awareness that they have of themselves pushes Leo to impose, direct and organize his environment, and the Sun also makes them feel very attracted to certain arts  such as painting or theater. They like the staging and shows, always in search of more sensations.

    The fire element in Jupiter: Sagittarius

    Among all the fire signs, Sagittarius is the least impulsive, or the one who best knows how to dominate the flame of impulse. Represented by the Centaur and the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius appeases instinct with the untiring search for the spiritual flame: that is why it is the sign of religion, philosophy, and abstraction.

    Sagittarius are distinguished by their perpetual desire to reach the truth and benefit others, something that Jupiter strongly influences, and helps them control the energy of their will to put everything at the service of their colleagues.

    Thus, Sagittarius imposes itself easily and radiates in their surroundings with great benevolence. They are intelligent; they continuously seek to expand their thinking or knowledge and also often accumulate weight problems or other concerns due to excesses of all kinds.

    One of their main virtues is that they learn simple, useful and profitable lessons from their experiences. In addition, it is a sign with great vitality, the most optimistic of the twelve signs in the entire horoscope, and its values are governed by the non-negotiable principle of freedom. Sagittarius hates boredom and lives his life as a constant adventure.

    What are the fire signs like in love?

    Among other features, fire signs are spontaneous and reactive, and enjoy experiences and emotions in love. In general, they love passionately, without thinking and with a lot of exuberance. For better or for worse, their way of loving is not governed by reasoning but by the passion that sprouts from emotions. In its essence, their concept of love is deeply linked to fun.

    For an Aries, a Leo or a Sagittarius, each in their own way, the game of love cosists of living the experience radically, squeezing to the maximum the emotions it arouses. By their own planetary and astral nature, they are individuals who fear boredom and spice up their relationships with sulphide or risky challenges, and even with a lot of exoticism.

    If your date of birth has the mark of a fire sign, you usually make a great effort to impress or surprise your partner, but this desire can also be interpreted as a way of showing selfishness, of imposing a certain expression of your feelings. As long as the routine is not established,  the signs influenced by fire appreciate the beautiful love stories that end well.

    However, if you are of another element and you feel attracted to a person from a fire sign, you can burn yourself, since love combined with the signs of this fiery nature is guaranteed passion and strong feelings, making their relationships seem worthy of the most classic romantic literature.