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36 Love Quotes to Dedicate to Each Zodiac Sign

Make that person fall in love with you with these love quotes to dedicate to each of the zodiac signs.

Love quotes for each zodiac signLove quotes to dedicate depending on your zodiac sign | Magic Horoscope

Do you want to dedicate some words to that special person and you have no ideas? Do you think of the same quotes over and over again? Magic Horoscope is here to help! With these love quotes to dedicate to each zodiac sign, you won't be mistaken. 

Love quotes to make someone fall in love

Are you after someone and you're desperate to find a way to conquer them? Sometimes the answer lies in the simplest things, and in this case, in words. In the delicate game of seduction, few things get to have the spell and warmth of words when they sprout from your mouth to slip into their heart.

But it's not just a matter of starting a list of inspirational quotes and just saying the first thing that comes to mind. The key is to choose the right words to reach their soul more easily, and for that, you need to know what the person is like. Attention! The horoscope gives you very strong personality profiles, so you can choose love quotes to make people fall in love according to their zodiac sign. You’ll get it right for sure!

Just as Leo or Sagittarius need quotes with height, impetus, and sensuality, Cancer and Scorpio require affection and touch, and Virgo and Gemini require romanticism and ostentation. Discover which sign of the horoscope they are and gift them with some romantic quotes.

36 quotes about love to dedicate to each zodiac sign

From the most risqué quotes for the fire signs to the most tender ones for water natives, through the most original quotes for air signs, and the most traditional for earth signs. Adapt to their personality with these love quotes to dedicate according to their zodiac sign.

Love quotes for Aries

Although Aries is a fire sign and they are opened to love, they are also very stubborn and seducing them is harder than it seems. Attention: no romantic or cheesy love quotes. The ram hates convention! If you want to conquer the impulsive Aries, you'd better resort to wit and humor. These are our proposals for love quotes to dedicate to Aries.

1. From the first moment I saw you, you became the squatter of my heart.

With this funny love quote, you'll avoid clichés such as "I can't live without you" or "you're everything for me," and intelligently and wittily you remind them that you are very interested in them.

2. How is it possible that no archaeologist has ever stopped to admire such a beautiful treasure

Aries will laugh out loud with this kind of quotes. Don't be scared of making a fool of yourself: Aries will see you as a fun and dynamic person with whom they would like to share their time.

3. I want you to be the last thing I kiss when I go to bed and the first thing I admire when I wake up

An ingenious quote with which you will awaken in Aries their most passionate and sensual sense: nothing like insinuating yourself (the ram is very fiery) and make them feel desired.

Romantic quotes for Taurus

Don't make the mistake of thinking that Taurus, because it is an earth and traditional sign, is willing to waste time listening to cheesy and recurring quotes. Taurus is a refined sign, lover of good taste and elegance, and therefore they expect you to be creative and that you don't just tell them the first compliment that comes to mind.

4. Touch is a language, and if caresses speak, I don't want them to be silent

Taurus is a sexual sign, but you must awaken their desires subtly, and the best thing in their case is to refer to the senses. This beautiful quote from Mario Benedetti where he refers to the sense of touch will leave them without senses.

5. Eternity is a too short word when I think of you

Like every earth sign, Taurus needs to know that the person they have next to them offers them security and commitment, a home, and a family. Try telling them in a beautiful but not cheesy and typical way. 

6. Your skin and your hands touching me, your whisper caressing me with tenderness... Never stop caressing my skin with your hugs

This one is a bit more complex, and you enter the poetic field without being too cheesy. With this quote, you'll make Taurus feel caressed and desired. 

Romantic love quotes for Gemini

We're talking about one of the most cheesy and romantic signs of the zodiac. Gemini is like a child, and you can allow imagination and originality to surprise them. Try not dedicating them profound quotes or that mention any kind of commitment. But try to be creative and use suggestive quotes like these.

7. There's only one way of forgetting you: making the Universe disappear

This is a lovely metaphor at the level of the most intelligent and exigent Gemini: with this hyperbole,  you'll make them feel the greatness of your love.

8. How can you expect me to forget you, if when I start to forget you, I forget to forget you and I start remembering you

This beautiful and elaborated play on words will leave the other person surprised, especially if you memorize it and you tell them in an intimate moment...

9. Prince and princess, that's what we were yesterday in the tale of my dreams

The most cheesy and infantile version of this list of love quotes to dedicate to Gemini is an evocation to the dream fables so that your love feels like the prince or princess of a fairy tale.

Love quotes for Cancer

One of the most sensitive and introspective signs of the horoscope deserves all the prudence and delicacy of the world. The following love quotes to dedicate to Cancer have a combination of depth and elegance. Don't tell them the first thing that comes to mind, for they are very sensitive, but don't remain superficial either.

10. I want to be the sun that illuminates your days, and the moon that protects your dreams

With such a simple quote you are offering warmth and protection to the horoscope sign that needs it most. They will see in you the safe and committed person they want.

11. What kind of spell have you sent me, that all my thoughts focus on you?

Wrap the quotes with magic, witchcraft, and spells; it will be ideal as quotes about love to dedicate to Cancer because they will feel wrapped in the protective mantle as if you were in a bubble and nothing could bother you.

12. I don't want to bring the moon down for you; I want us to love each other under it

The final quote that will drive them crazy: in a subtle way you are paying them a compliment with her astral element, the Moon, as the protagonist.

Romantic quotes for Leo

It's difficult to seduce a Leo: they are proud and vain, so it seems mission impossible to penetrate their heart. But it's not that difficult, because Leos have a generous and daring heart that gives you the freedom to invent the best quotes about love to dedicate to Leo. Touch their ego and awaken their libido.

13. I spend so much time looking at your photos that I know every centimeter of your skin

Enlarging Leo's ego is the fastest way to conquer it, and the easiest way to win their heart. With this quote, you make them clear that you do nothing else all day than look at them, which will make them bring out the lion they have inside.

14. The rose is the most beautiful flower on this planet, and you are my rose, beautiful princess

A more romantic and classic variant but that can work very well for a Leo because it is a very imaginative, floral and colorful sign.

15. Let your imagination run wild and make me yours; I want to be a slave to your desires

Can you feel it? You are putting yourself at their service, you are offering yourself to satisfy their cravings, and there is nothing more exciting for Leos than to give them the power.

Cheesy love quotes for Virgo

Although they are cold with other people, in their home, they need constant care and, above all, they need to feel loved. Virgos adore thoughtful partners and, when you don't know what else to buy them, some kind words can also work.  The love quotes to dedicate to Vigo must include romanticism and cheesiness

16. Someone once told me that angels existed and I didn't believe it... until I met you

It has that point of ingenuity and cheesiness that will melt a Virgo, and at the same time, you'll make them understand that they are something special for you, something magical and miraculous.

17. Consume my lips slowly, until they are melted by the heat of your unbridled passion

Virgo also needs you to get on with it, and a few words can open up their most hidden instincts, those they sometimes try to hide at all costs. Try that spicy quote.

18. I don't know if I live to think of you or if I think of you to survive.

As they are one of the most intelligent signs on earth, Virgos are very receptive to play on words, and this quote has a bit of ingenuity and a lot of effective romanticism. 

Romantic love quotes for Libra

If you want to conquer a Libra native, you're in luck. It's a non-materialistic sign that always expects positive and creative gestures from others. A romantic date and an elegant and distinguished atmosphere will help you to pronounce those quotes about love to dedicate to Libra and make them surrender at your feet.

19. Every time I see your lips, I feel the desire to kiss you

Libra natives are very hot people, although they are very shy at the beginning, and it's difficult for them to let go. They are probably hoping you'll tell them an elegant but warm quote to relax the atmosphere and let go...

20. In one kiss, you'll know all I haven't said.

Memorize these Pablo Neruda verses, or any of his romantic poems, because Libras, besides being very sensitive, have a great artistic and cultural sense, and they are very refined. 

21. You are the fullness that fills my emptiness, the balance that gives meaning to my existence

It may seem a bit cheesy, but if you analyze it correctly, you're hitting the nail on the head, because balance is rooted in the essence of Libras, and the quote has the depth that is expected from you. 

True love quotes for Scorpio

Before just spitting out any nonsense quote in front of a Scorpio, remember they hate the usual and cheesy stuff. Scorpio is the most mysterious, enigmatic and secretive sign of the zodiac, so they expect you to be creative and different. It's also a sexual sign, so you can try to awaken their most instinctive side. 

22. You must have a fire in your heart because you light me up with a look

This is what a Scorpio is like, full of fire and passion, and if you surprise them with such a quote, you will leave them speechless. They will feel desired, and there is nothing that gives them more than that, make them feel the power of their magnetism.

23. You manage to bewitch me with your gaze; your mystery fills me with desire

It can also work very well to appeal to that mysterious aura that surrounds them, to make them feel powerful and bewitching, enigmatic and indecipherable. Enter their game of shadows with this subtle and sensual quote.

24. Beauty lies in the unexpected, not in routine

This quote will surprise you and it will leave them dazed for some minutes, because hey will admire your intelligence, your subtleness, and your delicateness. Scorpios always look for someone different and special, and with this quote, they will feel they've found it. 

Love quotes to dedicate to Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the sign of honesty and originality. As the main enemy of copies and clichés, they will know straight away if you've copied a quote from the internet... Check out these love quotes to dedicate to Sagittarius as a reference and create your romantic quote with ingenuity and daring.

25. In the map of my heart, you live in the land of dreams

One of the things that Sagittarius like the most is to travel, so it will be an excellent idea to gift them with this quote that inspires them adventure, movement, voyage... Play with words like travel, map, world, earth, countries...

26. I want every day to be different. Let's make our life together an adventure

The main obstacle for a Sagittarius in love is routine and monotony, and when they feel imprisoned, they tend to react categorically. Make them feel free and different, that life is going to be a daily adventure with you.

27. I want to spend the night discovering what every corner of your body tastes like

A daring quote to conquer a Sagittarius, but their fiery character will soon be revealed, and they will admire your courage, and they will reward it with a visit to your bed.

Romantic love quotes for Capricorn

It is known that Capricorns are reserved people that feel it's difficult for them to feel comfortable in relationships. However, in love,  they can be passionate and daring when they feel confident. If you want to conquer them with words, there will be nothing better than love quotes that look for their empathy. 

28. I want to fill every second of your existence with love and happiness

Capricorn doesn't need to feel desired, they need you to tell them what you can offer them, and if it's with beautiful words like these, much better. They will feel loved and protected and safe. 

29. There are those who are afraid of death; there are those who are afraid of suffering... I am only afraid to die without your breath

Do you think it's too cheesy? Capricorn can transform themselves: cold in social relationships, but they can be incredibly romantic when they feel confident. With this quote, you will appeal the connection between you two. 

30. Every morning when I wake up, I only ask for one thing: to spend a life with you

Capricorns cannot escape their destiny as a sign of earth, and that is why they need to feel at all times the commitment and security of their lover. It's time to remind them that this relationship is serious, with beautiful words.

Love quotes for Aquarius

You're in a thorny situation, so be careful, or you'll get hurt. Aquarius is an original and surprising sign, but it rejects excesses. Therefore, if you are extremely original, you can fall into excess, and that is not good. However, if you bring out your ingenuity, you can get very inspiring love quotes to dedicate to Aquarius.

31. I want to go to bed every night making love to you and wake up looking at you knowing that you're perfect

This quote doesn't seem to be written under any prototype, and it also contains a message of love in which you awaken their most sensual side and promise them eternal love. What else do you want?

32. I wish that this path of love that we travel together never ends

It's a beautiful quote, right? It includes commitment, passion, and tenderness, and it's so original that it will you have written it yourself. Don't worry; we won't tell anyone...

33. If I could give you something, it would be the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Then you'll realize how special you are for me

This is a quote by Frida Kahlo, but it's not the typical quote that everyone copies from the Internet to give away. No. This quote has a unique and profound message that you can give to Aquarius, especially if they are very poetic.

Sweet love quotes for Pisces

Pisces is not only one of the most romantic signs of the horoscope, but it's also magical, imaginative and sensitive. That's why you shouldn't be afraid of being too cheesy, because Pisces will value more the gesture and detail than what you tell them, and if you get to be subtle and delicate enough, they will fall for your charms.

Love quotes for Pisces
Pisces is magical, imaginative, and sensitive. | Magic Horoscope

34. I would tell you all of my secrets just to spend a night with you, and I would give you a star to live forever next to you

When you say this to a Pisces, you will just leave them without words, and you'll surely receive a kiss, a caress, and something else. In addition to being a beautiful quote, it's evocative and stimulates their imagination.

35. You're the air that I breathe... that's why you're my reason for existing

Although it sounds recurrent, Pisces will feel special, and you will be able to highlight the purity of the love that you feel. Another of the good quotes about love to dedicate to Pisces.

36. When you look at the stars, remember me, because in each one of them there's a kiss for you 

Inviting a Pisces to look at the stars with a romantic message where a kiss is insinuated is perhaps the most effective and intelligent way to conquer their heart.