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A Ritual to Get that Person to Give You a Call

The objects you need and how to do this

A surprised woman with a phone in her hands.
A Ritual to Get that Person to Give You a Call

Human beings can't go without communicating with other fellow humans, whether this is through writing or speaking. The way that we transmit our thoughts, ideas, or feelings to other human beings has changed throughout history:  through cave paintings, smoke signals, cards, telegrams, e-mails...

In the 21st Century,  the phone has practically become another human organ which we use to communicate daily using both text and voice.  And when a person that we love doesn't call us when we wish that they would, we can suffer a lot, isn't that right?

So, we're going to explain a ritual to get this being that fills our heart with the deepest and purest feeling of love, to call us on the phone.

A brief note

When it comes time to carry out rituals to get this person to call you, it's essential that you know whether destiny wants to connect you at this time, or if you have parallel paths; if it isn't written in the stars, this call will never be made. However, if it is meant to be, we can use magic to make this call happen, as soon as possible.

The importance of a call

The chaos of modern life makes communication less fluid then we'd like a lot of times. And on many occasions, the lack of this means the end of a relationship, or it could be a way for this person to show that they are no longer interested in you. However,  a gesture as simple as a phone call or a text message could mean a lot,  a big first step for Cupid to shoot his arrows at both parties once again.

It's true that a lot of individuals fear  being  the first one to pick up the phone to make the call, and take the first step forward. Some because they prefer to play hard to get, trying to see if they can get the other person to call them up first. Others because if it takes a while for this phone call to happen, supposedly, the interest will be kept alive and it will help them reflect. 

Do you secretly love someone, or want to be their partner, and you want them to be the first one to pick up the phone? If this is the case, you should carry out this ritual to get that phone call.

How to carry out this ritual and get that phone call

First off, we need to collect a few items, they're all really easy to get your hands on.

- A picture of the person that we love. If this isn't possible, we can write their name with red ink on a white or pink paper.

A white candle.  Traditionally, in love rituals, red candles are used since they are associated with fire, victory, strength, self-esteem, and self-confidence. However, this time, it would be best if the candle were white, since this symbolizes complete cleanliness, both in our life and within ourselves, in our mind and body.

-  A glass cup with water. It isn't recommendable to use plastic since glass is a material that has been used throughout history by wizards, witches, and sorcerers to carry out their rituals. On the other hand, it wouldn't be a bad idea to remember that water is known as the mother of all beings because of all of the power that it possesses, and also because the beginning of life starts there.

-  Salt. A common element, easy to find in any home, and that also has interesting magical powers. This condiment has been used traditionally in rituals destined to purify negative energies, as well as to protect us from these energies. In this case, salt is closely related to glass, since it has the same crystalline structure.

This ritual should be carried out in a calm living space, where we feel secure and confident that no one will come to interrupt us since peace and harmony around us will be necessary to help us to concentrate. It would be best to take your shoes off, since this way you'll be in closer touch with Mother Earth.

Take the candle with your right hand and light it (preferably with matches, although this isn't necessary) and put it in an area that's elevated, that can be used as an altar. For example, a bowl turned upside down could do the trick. 

Place the picture of this person that we want to call us on the phone in front of the lit candle, or if you don't have a picture, the name written on paper, as we stated before.

With your right hand take a little bit of salt, and stir it into a glass cup with water,  and while you do so, recite the following spell:

"Call me my love,

because you hear me

and you feel the desire to talk to me

this is quite so."

Repeat this up to three times, constantly thinking of the person that you love and whose voice you long to hear.

Then, place the glass on the altar, and put the photograph against the glass vertically. Look at the picture fixedly, and visualize the person calling you, with all of your love and mercy. If we regret having committed some sort of injustice against him or her, we can also say this in our mind.

When the candle has burned completely, this person will call us on the phone. And even if this seems obvious, we should be sure to have the phone close by, because if we don't, then this ritual will have been useless!

What should you do if it doesn't work?

As we said before, this ritual will work if it's written in the cards for you to communicate, and in doing this, we will only achieve making this happen a bit sooner.

If it doesn't work, you could always try calling this person first, of course. The important thing here is that you stop wondering and get in touch with this person that you love for once and for all, so don't hesitate to pick up the phone and dial their number.