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Master Numbers: Which Are They and What Do They Mean

Find out about the chosen ones of numerology. The guides of the remaining nine paths of life

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Master Numbers: Which Are They and What Do They Mean.

When we enter the paths of numerology, we find not only different numbers that mark a path of life or another, but they also have other personality types marked with a different footprint from the rest of the people, and they are those born under the so-called master numbers. Would you like to know if you are one of them?

What are the master numbers?

According to numerology, there are 9 different types of roles that we can adopt in our roll around the world, and being coherent with them would bring us closer to the maximum expression of our personality. And in doing so, therefore, we would offer around us also our best possible contribution to the lives of others.

When we calculate the number that corresponds to our way of life, there are times when we find a number of two digits that we should consider irreducible  to a single digit, and the reason is that it already has a special connotation. These are the so-called master numbers and these are 11, 22, 33 and 44.

What does each one of them mean?

Let's see what distinguishes each one of the master numbers:


The first one of the master numbers has a talent intimately linked with the mind, communication based on the most creative expression and its bond with others, under the natural determination and the maximum desire to help them whenever it's possible.

Who corresponds to the master number 11, is a person with great potential for progress and ability to upgrade to another modus vivendi, and the field in which it develops its maximum potential is the field of interpersonal relationships.

The one that is made up of two numbers 1 gives dual-energy duplicity. On the one hand, the number 1 represents the maximum expression of masculine energy, while the sum of both represents the maximum female energy through number 2. And that is why, despite being opposite energies, the union of both in the master number 11 confer them a great energetic potential that makes them superior to any of the simple numbering.


In the case of this master number, everything will depend on the use they give their energetic supremacy. That is, everything depends on whether they are inclined to watch over the common good or if they turn to look only for their own benefit.

It relates more intimately with the tangible and it is associated with materialism. Although it doesn't have to be something seen negatively, because if their approach is more related to the use of their knowledge and to direct the energies towards something better and for others, they will be putting their potential at the disposal of everyone.

On the other hand, this master number has the dual feminine essence that gives it the power of sharper intuition  that, together with everything explained above, further accentuates its ability to carry out what it has in hand.


When we think of the special abilities that characterize this other master number, let us keep in mind this premise:  for those born under this number there is no obstacle that prevents them from realizing what they dare to dream, they will be able to mobilize whoever needs to get it and love will be their true driving force.

It could be said that it is the master number with the greatest capacity for disinterested delivery to the rest of the world, with the combination of the union of the particularities of the other two master numbers, 11 and 22, whose sum is integrated in 33, and has a great ability to reaffirm oneself that the other numbers lack.


Of all the master numbers, 44 is the most unlikely to find and would correspond to the highest energy level. It is believed that it is about those teachers who have already passed and travelled twice the path of life experience, going through each and every one of the energetic levels.

What does being a master number mean?

Those people born under one of the master numbers, whether it's 11, 22, 33 or 44, they live part of their existence getting ready  (even if they aren't aware of it) for the moment they assume the role that level holds for them.

But for that it must be forged throughout that time in order to be up to it, having reinforced a greater individualism and having grown personally enough to assume that role adequately, and proper of an authentic master number.

Many of those born under one of the master numbers spend much of their lives limited to the function they would perform if they were, instead of that number (clearly superior), the result of adding both digits. That is, some 11 act as if their number were 1 + 1 = 2, without actually fulfilling the mission of life they have as a master number until the moment arrives. In any case, it will be the correct development of the attitudes that put in place the arrival of the moment of growth and assume the corresponding level.

Of course, take care of those born under a master number, because the pride of feeling above the rest can turn against you. Better to bet on humility as an attitude and accept the mission as something to contribute to the world. And always, always, to value that life has given them a gift to which they must correspond being up to scratch of the circumstances.