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5 Qualities That Make Taurus Your Best Friend

These are the traits that make a Taurus the most suitable zodiac sign for a long-lasting friendship

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Qualities that make taurus your best friend | iSTOCK

The stars’ influence on a person’s personality traits also extends to friendships. If you were born between April 21 and May 21 and you want to find out the virtues that make Taurus your best friend, then keep reading. This article will show you how your zodiac sign influences the relationship with your friends.

The fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are passionate and independent but show great loyalty. The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) show protection and empathy towards their friends, while the air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) establish a great intellectual connection.

Taurus, together with Virgo and Capricorn, are earth signs; so, when it comes to friendship,  they guarantee common sense and stability. Find out the virtues that make Taurus a truly special friend.


Taurus’ virtues as a friend

Taurus has few friends but understands friendship as something very important. Did you know that this sign is the best host of the zodiac? Taurus’ few friends enjoy a sincere friendship that sees loyalty as a non-negotiable value. Taurus’ virtues as a friend are the following:

1. Loyalty 

Taurus natives are ruled by the planet Venus, which makes them show understanding through physical senses. When it comes to friendship, Taurus’ sensitivity turns into a great loyalty  that is manifested physically, through a need for hugs and constant contact, and emotionally, through great trustworthiness.

For Taurus natives, friendship is defined as that ability to be by their friends’ side  and feel their presence all the time. When it comes to their principles, there is no room for selfishness; that is why they are very selfless friends who prefer the value of sincere companionship and the qualities of altruism, solidarity and empathy. They are true friends.

When you are in dire need, having a Taurus friend makes you certain that you always have someone to turn to, who will be able to give up their own well-being to take care of you. Although this sign does not have a great fighting spirit, they will also defend you against all your enemies.

2. Ease

As the zodiac’s host par excellence, Taurus always tries to make their friends feel comfortable. This is why they always choose their words carefully, as well as their gestures, and think twice before they act. They would rather give up their own benefit so that others feel at ease. When they are with their friends, Taurus natives become obsessed with their well-being.

Moreover, this is a very home-loving sign. They prefer to invite their few friends over so they can play host, which is what they like. They spend a lot of time taking care of those details that make others feel at ease. Also, they are very fond of organizing meals or movie sessions and board games at their own homes for their friends.

Taurus makes up for all the other faults as a friend by providing comfort and protection. If you have a Taurus friend and you feel a little helpless, you will always have a place to go, where you can feel at home.

3. Attachment

As an earth sign, Taurus is stable and so, not very eager to make changes and act. That is why they are not very dynamic friends and they often fall into monotony. When they discover a new hobby, they often become obsessed with that activity and their energy is focused on it. Sometimes, having a Taurus friend can be boring.

Taurus is a disaster managing attachment  and often falls into dependency relationships that in turn make it a very possessive zodiac sign. Taurus natives have few friends, but they need to be in constant contact with them, sometimes without realizing how possessive they become. And the same thing happens with activities: they struggle to give up a hobby. 

However, Taurus has very special charming skills combined with very refined tastes and a high sense of aesthetics. They are great gourmets, so you can enjoy those little guilty pleasures with them. 

4. Confidence

Taurus is a very secretive friend to whom you can tell all your secrets. Since they are not very social people, they are not tempted to tell all your intimacies to the first person they see. Moreover, they are very rational people with well-established ethical codes. For Taurus natives, your problems are their problems, and their loyalty starts with confidentiality.

Taurus natives are not characterized by being good advisers: they have great intuition, but their zodiac sign is not guided by the certainty of their judgment. However, you will see that they are willing to listen, very respectful of your conflicts and open to finding solutions. Their way of showing respect is to keep your secret loyally. 

But pay attention, because Taurus natives are very sensitive people and, since they consider their trust as a non-negotiable value, they demand the same from others. So, any betrayal turns into an unforgettable wound in the depths of their soul.

5. Generosity 

Did you know that Taurus natives are people who place a lot of value on material things?  However, far from being selfish and ambitious, they give up their profitable interests as they prefer to be generous to others. This is why one of the benefits of having a Taurus as a friend is that they spare no expenses when it comes to gifts, and they like to offer their loved ones great gifts.

Apart from all the intangible values listed above, for them, friendship is also measured in quantitative terms. This is why they not only settle for giving things to their friends frequently, but they also want their gifts to be the flashiest and so, draw attention to their generosity.

Besides, when it comes to urgent situations where a friend needs money, Taurus does not hesitate to lend it. They are also careful and cautious people, so they will use their rational side to make sure that money is used for a good purpose.