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Your 5 Hidden Talents if You're a Taurus

Discover what your hidden talents are according to your sign, Taurus

Discover Taurus's hidden talents | Magic Horoscope

Immovable and silent, anchored to dreams like a cliff that has survived fires and shipwrecks over the centuries, the bull observes us calmly, cocooned by the security of their strength and their wide variety of talents that could lead them to success. Their hidden talents are related to the  essence  personality (always practical, patient, decided, and their admirable willpower) and with their nature (tied to the earth, art, and gastronomy).  Let's discover their hidden talents now!

Your 5 hidden talents if you're a Taurus

These are the hidden talents of the stoic, magnificent and robust Taurus:

1. A chef by nature

Among the most visceral and natural hidden talents of Taurus natives, is their passion for good food and drink: they could be a roman emperor lying on a bed with fine silken sheets tasting the best local and exotic delicacies, enjoying the view of their dancers while their mouth slowly experiences the flavor of the sweet fruit juice and a tender bite of the best steak in the empire cooked slowly, all bathed in the foamy heat of the wine.

For a Taurus, so closely connected to the earth and anchored to tradition, delicacies, and drinks, they have an almost mystic personality that transcends the pleasure of flavor. This is the reproduction of the life cycle in its natural state and through the man's body, that takes their fruit from nature and turns it into a new seed. For natives of this sign, tasting is synonymous with the connection between the earth and the natural environment in which man is born, grows, and develops.

Due to their creativity, one of Taurus's hidden talents is the preparation of gourmet cuisine. Although they are a little lazy, Tauruses have a natural talent when it comes to turning a piece of meat or a handful of vegetables into an exquisite dish.

2. The ability to save

If I had an empire and needed someone to manage it, I would put it in the hands of a Taurus. Of all of the Zodiac signs, no one has a will as tied to saving as Taurus. This is another one of their hidden talents, and this isn't something that just falls from the sky, or that the cosmos just randomly have given to this sign.

This quality actually forms a part of their being as a whole, a logical consequence of their way of reaching success: Since for a Taurus, the way to make it to the top is with much effort, patience, and willpower. This sign values the effort it takes to put bread on the table more than any other. This is how this Taurus has harvested its natural inclination to maintain, save, and retain.

Their ability to save has a much more obvious effect in economic matters. Due to their patient personality and excessive conservativeness with their earnings, they are slow and steady. On the other hand, unlike the dizzying fall of many of that come from new money whose great fortunes have come with strokes of luck and fleeting investments, Taurus is eternally solid and stable. This is their most useful hidden talent: holding onto what they've earned.

3. The master of tantric sex

This is most likely Taurus's most hidden and most surprising talent.

Tantric sex is an antagonistic concept of sex as we conceive it in western societies. The unique part of this practice is that it goes beyond the physical and carnal, and it brings the act of sex to the spiritual plane.  And this is where Taurus can dominate the situation like no one else, for many reasons.

Secondly, because this sign has a highly developed sense of touch. One of the keys to Tantra is that before penetration and ejaculation, that are secondary phases, there is a long process of sexual practices based on massages, touching, and sexual excitement.

Thirdly, the fundamental pillar of Tantra is patience. The key is holding off the man's ejaculation for as long as possible, in a ceremony that could last for hours. So, if you're going to get involved with tantric sex, we recommend that you look for a Taurus, that is well practiced in this true hidden talent.

4. A massage capable of resuscitating a dead man

It is well known that the art of love isn't found on the list of Taurus's abilities. Natives of this sign simply weren't born to give sexual pleasure, nor to receive it. In bedroom matters, they prefer to be discreet and even to experience sexual relations as one more facet of life. Without going overboard.

But few know that Taurus has a hidden talent that could awaken the most perverse instinct in others.  And this is thanks to their highly developed sense of touch that turns their hands and fingers into a tool that is just as powerful as diabolic.

They are great candidates to become chiropractic experts, this is obvious: There's no question about the healing power of Taurus's hands.

But the hidden talent is in something much more concealed. Taurus is extremely sensitive, which can turn them into a powerful source of energy which they can transmit to others through their hands. If you're lucky enough to be in the hands of a Taurus, soon you'll realize that, beyond healing, they are highly skilled in all things erotic and sensual.

5. Evil genius

And if their sensitivity is blended with intelligence and their fingers move across the landscape of a piano, we have a figure of a genius composor....and evil an evil one. Here lies one Taurus's fifth hidden talent.

It is well known that Tauruses have a special sense when it comes to art and music.

Due to their highly developed sense of touch, Taurus is more of a pianist than a trumpeter, a harpist rather than a violinist.  They have an innate talent when it comes to reaching diabolic speeds with their fingers hitting each one of the instrument's keys. They are also excellent singers: their voice could even attract Ulysses himself attached to the mast of his boat.

However, their hidden talent makes them evil geniuses. Since Taurus isn't Mozart or Beethoven, Mahler nor Wagner. They are excellent musicians whose art forms part of the rapture, the creative moment that stalls for an instant and turns an idea into a work of art. Taurus fits the role of the evil  composer  best, the one that after creating many of their pieces with the desperate slowness of Taurus continues to be recognized  by the audience and the critic.

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