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Spells And Rituals For Each Day Of The Week

Each day of the week is ruled by a god or a powerful planet. Find out some rituals and spells that work for each one of them.

Every day of the week has a significant impact on your rituals and spells.  If you want to cast some spells to improve your health, wealth or education, among others, you must know which day of the week is more suitable for each type of ritual.

Magic spells and rituals for each day of the week

The first thing you need to know about the connection between rituals and spells and specific days of the week is that each day is ruled by a god or a planet, which exerts its own influence.

It should be noted that, even if there is a day of the week that is better for every type of ritual, you do not need to do it on the appointed day. It is simply that if you follow our advice, you will have more chances of success.


Monday is ruled by the Moon, which represents the woman,  as opposed to the Sun, which is a highly masculine planet. When it comes to the link between rituals and spells and this day of the week, it is said that the Moon influences everything that has to do with domestic life and the home. That is to say: gardening (and agriculture), pets and the home in general.

The rituals and spells related to fertility, birth, pregnancies and children are also linked to this day. Monday is also associated with the world of dreams as well as esotericism. In other words, divination, the development of psychic powers and astral projection. In short, the connection with all that which is invisible, as well as intuition.

Finally, it should be noted that the rituals and spells cast to get reconciliations and peace must also be performed on this day of the week in order to make it more effective.


Tuesday is dedicated to Mars, the god of war, the son of Jupiter and Juno. In short, the rituals and spells of this day of the week are related to action and courage, as well as strength and project setting.

Therefore, the second day of the week is suitable for actions that can improve you physical strength, success, power, independence, competition, as well as your sportive development and fighting skills.

Courage is linked to fear, so you can perform rituals on this day of the week to fight against it, as well as to break curses or harmful influences.


Let’s continue explaining which day of the week is better for each type of ritual. So, Wednesday is closely related to commerce and communication, since this day is dedicated to Mercury, the god of financial gain.

Thus, the spells cast to improve financial transactions and trade, to bring good luck for business in general, as well as those that are related to communication and knowledge should be carried out this third day of the week.

It is also an ideal day for healing and the development of esotericism, especially of clairvoyance skills. 


Thursday is dedicated to Jupiter, the father of gods and men. This day of the week has a special power when it comes to rituals and spells linked to glory and money, to prosperity, legal aspects, aspirations, legal affairs, prestige or ambition.

If you want to know which day of the week is more suitable for each type of ritual, mark this day as the best one for those related to luck, friends and happiness.


Monday is a feminine day and so is Friday, which is dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and femininity. Therefore, this is a suitable day for rituals and spells meant to improve feelings and love, physical beauty, sexuality as well as the control of emotions, and to achieve lasting relationships.

Friday is also the day to perform magic spells related to abundance, art and fashion.


In ancient Rome, Saturn was the god of time, agriculture and harvest. So, the rituals and spells cast on this day of the week will be more powerful if they are focused on the esoteric field of communication with spirits, meditation, protection or past lives.

You can also work with those things that are hidden, morality, death and rebirth; as well as incantations to recover a lost item.

To a lesser extent, Saturday is focused on career, power, on starting up projects and professional aspects in general. In fact, Saturn symbolizes perseverance and determination, which are needed to reach the highest levels of your goals. 


Sunday is ruled by the Sun,  which, as it was mentioned before, is a male figure. The Sun influences many areas, such as wealth, through prosperity, economy and also charity. When it comes to esotericism, it allows you to get rid of bad influences, and to get protection and purification. This is the day to perform rituals and spells to improve creativity, joy, sports, dance and evolution.