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The Star (XVII): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

Find out the meaning of the seventeenth Major Arcana card: The Star.

The Star (XVII): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning | iSTOCK

The Star (XVII) is also known as “L’Etoile” in French. The tarot card depicts a woman kneeling under a starry sky. Under the stars, a main character: humanity personified as a heavenly woman.

It depicts the first naked figure of the Tarot deck. With this tarot card begins the adventure of the being that has reached purity, detachment. The Star has nothing to hide; she just has to find a place on earth. It has certain hidden similarities with the Chariot card, the seventh Major Arcana card, as they both settle on earth. Besides, in the Chariot card, there shine twelve stars that indicate his relationship with the universe.

The first meaning it suggests is that of being born under a lucky star. However, it raises many questions. Will it have any negative connotations? What does this Major Arcana card mean in a love tarot? You can find all the answers here. You will even find out some fun facts that you surely did not know!

Main characteristics 

When this tarot card appears, it indicates hidden protection. It represents the arts as well as friendship and purity. It is the natural energy of the feminine, as it is quite gentle and treats all beings with mercy.

It embodies the values of the future, the hope of what is yet to be lived. With her two jugs, she nourishes and cleans the waters of the future, which mix spiritual energy with worldly energy.

The simple things are beautiful  and go gracefully with life. That is why she does not need any clothes or ornaments to look absolutely beautiful.  It is the acceptance of the body  and the awareness that it is wonderful and perfect, regardless of social canons. It represents  humanism, kindness  and, of course, a lot of good luck.

The Star’s attitude suggests mercy, but also submission, which is represented by the act of kneeling down. In the reversed position, there is energy exhaustion due to unimportant matters. Maybe, you are too dreamy. You should start caring more and setting aside your indifference. Not everything happens thanks to good luck. Fate wants you to do your bit.

The stars shine far away and, even if they light up with their brightness, the light takes time to reach the earth. Therefore, this tarot card can suggest delays of fate. It promises good fortunebut, in most cases, it is not immediate.

Major Arcana tarot card meaning

In a tarot spread, it can point out the artists, poets and dreamers of all kinds; also the alternative medicine (if it appears together with the Pope), and women of great beauty, as well as the people involved in environmental protection and those who seek the truth.

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You should pay special attention if you ask a question regarding your health, in particular, questions related to your body.

In a reading, it indicates that the event will take place later rather than sooner. However, this does not necessarily have to be something negative, no matter how hard it is to believe that waiting can be good.


If you are single, you will have to wait patiently for the person of your dreams, since that person will appear just when you are ready for a relationship. The quest for ideal perfection and harmony may delay the arrival of the perfect partner. However,  it ensures a union based on true love when you find that person, rather than suffering from your mutual incompatibility, as is the case with too many hasty relationships.

When it comes to love,  wishes can become true if this tarot card appears in a spread.  If you have a partner, there is a great deal of romanticism and affection in your relationship.

In the reversed position, love stories become too melodramatic, sickeningly sweet.  One of you can get lost in dreams that do not adjust to reality. If the relationship is no longer good, there will be no break up. You must live through a bad period until you reach mutual understanding again. If you are single, love is going to take longer to appear in your life. 

Money and work

You are lucky, you start projects that will take time but will have good results. Your colleagues support you and there is a friendly atmosphere at work. You have a great creativity that should not be wasted. You have confidence in your work, as fortune is on your side.

In the reversed position, you have little authority and your superiors try to crush you, but you endure the pressure. If you are unemployed, it will take longer for you to be hired.


It does not usually appear in health problems.  Most of the times, this tarot card will indicate a need to rest and to pay close attention to the female reproductive system. Since it is associated with the Moon, it suggests that you should take more care of female hygiene, or that you may have some problems with the time of ovulation. If you consult a gynaecologist, you should consider a breast examination.

Tarot card meanings and spreads 

The Star purifies the future and its environment  by purifying the past. It prepares its flight to the stars, heading for a brighter and more hopeful future. 


As a rule, it brings good luck, protection and peace. It is a rather positive principle that provides benevolent shades to the tarot spread, regardless of whether it is question about the past, present or future.


You had good fortune in the past that continues to have an impact on your present. In the past, there were figures that protected you. In fact, it is possible that you have ancestors who still watch over you, even if they are not currently on this plane. The knowledge gathered in the past is used in the present.


This is a favourable time to lay the new foundations for what will be a promising future. The spirit of cooperation is essential  and your job is to inspire others with your inner wisdom. It is now when you must sow the seeds that will grow strong as time goes by.


The path you have chosen is the right one, which may be due to being less naive and beginning to believe more in your own destiny, since your future is absolutely achievable. However, you should first go through a path that will not be exactly short.

Fun facts

  • It is interesting to notice the plants that appear in the tarot card. The acacia branch may suggest immortality, since it is a plant that resists aridity and so, it becomes a symbol of the life that refuses to become extinct, a proof of the hope for everlasting life.
  • It is associated with the Star of David, which is composed of the overlapping of two equilateral triangles, which corresponds to a biblical verse expressing the internal relationship between God and humanity.
  • Number 17  belongs to the so-called compound numbers, which is an 8 in essence and possesses the independence of number 1 and the magic of number 7.
  • The Star is linked to the violet colour, the musical note “A” sharp, the Hebrew letter “Tsade” (which means “fish hook”), the zodiac sign Aquarius and the air element.