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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Water

Find out the symbolism of water in dreams according to the Magic Horoscope’s Dream Dictionary.

Water is the main source of life, which is why it is one of the most powerfully symbolic elements that lie in the depths of our thoughts. As a door to the unconscious mind, dreams are likely to use the image of water as a metaphor for your mood, and it can also be a good omen. Find out what it means to dream about water  according to our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Dictionary: What does it mean to dream about water?

The main meaning of the dreams about water is life. As a representation of everything that produces life, the subconscious usually associates water with an indicator of fertility and renewal. So, dreaming about water is a clear sign that you are in a particularly creative moment of your life when the boost to your ideas can lead you to an overwhelming success. 

Besides, water symbolises the return of the human being to their origins, to the maternal womb. On the one hand, it is a premonitory dream that can indicate the birth of a project or of a child. On the other hand, it may suggest the beginning of a period of introspection, in which you leave behind your instincts and turn to a more quiet, thoughtful and rational way of acting.

In addition to that, water has a revealing meaning: it is the symbol of intelligence and spirit. If you dream about water, it indicates the individual’s self-examination in order to find the answers to the questions that concern them in their intellect and soul. Dreaming of water encourages you to isolate and introspect to develop as a human being.

Therefore, the dreams about water are positive ones that indicate fertility, renewal, creation, introspection, reflection and intellect. However, dreaming of water not always has the same meaning. So, depending on the way your subconscious recreates the elements in your dreams, you will be able to interpret and get the most out of them.

Dreaming about water: Different types of this dream

In the midst of a period of growth and development, there is nothing better than dreaming of water so you can interpret its meaning in a useful way for your daily life. When it comes to this dream, it is very important that you interpret its meaning according to the variations of this type of dream.

Dreaming about clean water 

If you want to have a child, dreaming of clean water is thought to be a premonitory dream, but it can also refer to spiritual renewal. Your current situation in life involves changing many things about yourself to become a better person, so your subconscious depicts the feelings and emotions of real-life through the symbolic element of clean water.

Dreaming about clear water

The dreams of clear water are synonymous with clairvoyance and peace of mind and spirit. Clairvoyance conveys the reassurance of success when making important decisions, and spiritual peace encourages you to relax to achieve physical and mental fulfilment. Dreaming about clear water is a sign that you are going through a time of balance and well-being.

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Dreaming about water at the bottom of the sea

If you dream of water when you dive into the sea, it suggests the introspection of your inner-being, so that you can explore your emotions and feelings: that is, the discovery of your being. This dream encourages you to get to know yourself in order to become a better person and to find in your inner peace a shelter from all the problems that haunt you. Dreaming of water at the bottom of the sea is a refreshing dream. 

Dreaming about the flowing waters of a river

This is clearly a premonitory dream because dreaming of water that flows in a river provides information about your future. In this dream, it is very important if the flowing water is clean or dirty, and if it flows quietly or roughly. Dreaming of dirty water flowing down a river predicts a troubled future, as well as the dreams of roughly flowing water. Clean and calm waters are a sign of prosperity and peace.

Dreaming about dirty water

The dreams about dirty water can be interpreted as premonitory dreams that  predict a future of uncertainty and trouble. Moreover, compared to dreaming of clean water as a symbol of the spirit, dreaming of dirty water represents the material world. So, you have to get back your intellectual clarity and your spiritual purity to redirect your life satisfactorily.

Dreaming about stagnant water

This dream shows that you hold within yourself a lot of good thoughts and great ideas that can lead to great responsibilities but, for some reason, there is a reluctance to put them into practice. If the stagnant water is dirty, it predicts the need to start a process of internal renewal. If the water is clean, it suggests putting your ideas into practice.

Dreaming about a waterfall

This is the opposite of the previous dream since it is a dreamlike representation of brilliant ideas that spring up incessantly  giving rise to stimulating projects. You find yourself in a very creative period of your life, which your subconscious recreates in your dreams as a waterfall that symbolises life, nature, freedom and strength. This is undoubtedly a very positive dream.

Dreaming about boiling water

Your inner being is boiling and you cannot stop thinking all day long. This tangle of messy feelings and thoughts are metaphorically recreated by your mind like boiling water, which has lost its still state and its peace and productiveness to give way to a sensation of dynamism and passion, which not always has a better meaning.

Dreaming about flooding

The dreams about flooding are the representation of a troubled mood when your feelings go up and down, completely out of control, and you have lost the ability to control yourself. As a symbol of your spirit and emotions, water takes on a dangerous meaning of unleashed anger when it becomes a flood, which reminds you to regain control of your feelings.

Dreaming about water and fish 

Generally speaking, the dreams about water and fish are a positive premonition that predicts the arrival of wealth and prosperity. It suggests that you find yourself in a favourable position to put your dreams into practice. However, if the water is murky and the fish are dead, it predicts the arrival of misfortunes, such as bankruptcy and illness.


As fire represents passions, instinct and action, water stands for the symbolic world of the spirit, the intellect and contemplation. Therefore, if you dream about water, pay attention to your inner-self. Dreaming of water tells you about your current situation in life, but it can also have a premonitory meaning: fertility and creativity.

It all depends on your dream. For example, dreaming of clean water is synonymous with clairvoyance, fertility (you will have a child or bring forward successful projects), prosperity and achievement of your dreams. If you dream of clear water at the bottom of the sea, it encourages you to go back to your origins, to pull yourself together and self-examine yourself. Water flowing in a river, in a waterfall or flowing roughly, predicts a future laden with optimism and creativity.

By contrast, when the water is dirty, the meaning is reversed: it is usually a sign of a period of trouble, crisis and frustrations. When the water roughly flows down a river, the situation is out of control, but if it is stagnant, it is time to embark on a process of inner renewal.