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Metatron. How the Archangel can Help us

You can entrust yourself to this archangel in order to overcome bad habits and addictions

Arcangel San Miguel
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Michael, Gabriel or Raphael are some of the most popular Archangels there are, but these three are not the only ones. In the hierarchy of celestial beings, Metatron angel is considered one of the most powerful Archangels. Located next to the divine presence, the angel Metatron could easily communicate with men, and hence be especially known in certain spiritual movements.

Although many do not know who Metatron is, he is mentioned in literary works as God's assistant, and is assigned functions such as writing and recording all information (a scribe), and is also known for repairing boundaries.

Who is Metatron?

In the Christian tradition there is a hierarchy of angels from the closest to God to the furthest, which includes cherubs, seraphims or archangels; and Metatron is part of this last category. 

In the angeological hierarchy the Archangels are located above the Angels and below the Principalities.  Metatron is an Archangel and is responsible for the seraphims, who according to biblical texts are placed around the throne of God.

He is the supreme angel of death and forgiveness. He welcomes the souls of dead children before they can incarnate or the souls of those who died prematurely after birth and teaches them about their next life.

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The Archangel Metatron appears especially in Jewish literature, including the Talmud, although it also appears in the Bible.  Although angels are heavenly creatures that were created in the foundation of the world, it is said that Metatron has a human origin. This makes him especially close to men and gives him a special power to help them when they are in need. In a literal translation, his name would mean "the throne assistant", referring to the place he occupies next to God.

The human origin of Metatron could be linked to Enoch, the biblical patriarch of the Old Testament, who would have been chosen by God to become an Archangel. Thus, this Enoch prophet who was taken to Paradise to become an angel of fire had 36 pairs of wings and countless eyes, which would have allowed him to continue his existence as a celestial scribe.

It is also sometimes pointed out that he has a twin brother, Sandalphon, who also had a human past: he is the prophet Elijah. Among the most popular religious stories starring Metatron the one that stands out is his fight against Jacob, and there are also experts who highlight that it was he who stopped Abraham's arm to prevent him from sacrificing his son Isaac, and finally the one who guided the Hebrews during their 40 years of life, in which they wandered in the desert.

How the Archangel Metatron is represented 

Once we know who Metatron is, we will define his representation; often, he is identified with pure white light, and he is not usually given human traits because he does not commonly appear incarnate (something Gabriel or Michael, for example, do).

When he appears, Metraton has the appearance of a column of fire that can blind anyone who looks at it. However, some point out that Metatron is the youngest of the Archangels. In some schools of mysticism it is said that Metatron is the largest in size of all the inhabitants of heaven.

How to ask for help from Archangel Metatron

Through his role as a heavenly meter described above, the archangel Metatron can help us achieve balance in certain aspects of our lives, be it work, relationships, beliefs and even control of the negative aspects of our lives.

Thus, it is interesting to entrust him to overcome addictions or if you want to leave behind any bad habits (overeating, for example, or conversely, not eating). Metatron will do everything possible to maintain the welfare of the human race.

There is no specific prayer to say if you want to contact Metatron, like you would with other angels. However, if you need to get in touch with him, it's very simple: let him know why you need his help, orally or mentally. Allow your soul to express itself and reach communication with this superior being.

It will be simple, because as you write to God, the Archangel Metatron will already know everything about your life and will probably already have an idea of the help you need. He is particularly attentive to the thoughts of human beings.

Metatron will know how to influence a person so that a negative thought becomes a positive one, since he has experience in human actions, and knows very well that a negative thought leads to similar ones as well as to bad decisions. 

What is a Metatron cube? 

To communicate with Metatron, in addition to thinking and oral communication, we can also make the Metatron Cube, which is a sacred geometric figure. It is said that the Metatron's cube was transmitted to mankind by the archangel himself during the teaching or channelling, and in a way it is his seal.

The Metatron cube is a sacred geometric figure composed of two hexagrams constructed by a set of 13 circles. It has a very high vibrational rate, and is listed by many as the most powerful protection against all negative energies or beings. You can use it, visualize it around you, ask that it be integrated into your aura, or place it in your house in images.

When we have a Metatron cube in front, like the one in the image above, we can surround ourselves with its power and its protection, requesting protection from the archangel.