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Your 5 Hidden Talents if You're a Leo

We reveal what your hidden talents are according to your sign, Leo

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Your 5 Hidden Talents if You're a Leo | Magic Horoscope

We know about the King of the Zodiac's permanent pride and a playful spirit that over the course of eras has cultivated the outline of a vain and self-complacent leader's personality.  Maybe they will have to dig around in this lion's mane to find other personality traits that can go unperceived at first. To discover Leo's hidden talents, you've got to walk on the passionate trail to explore this fascinating sign.

Leo's 5 hidden talents

The following traits are defined as a result of their personality, although sometimes they form a part of their lesser-known side. From this point, we will be met with more than one surprise when it comes to Leo's hidden talents.

1. The king (or queen) of fashion

Dazzling and calm, their steps harmoniously measured, the Lion King walks down the avenue with their hair carefully slicked back. Among all of the mortals, you'll see that this sign shines when it comes to their curated sense of style, but also because of the Don Juan way that they have about them. This is one of Leo's hidden talents.

Keeping in mind that for Leo, admiration and external recognition are as important as the air that they breathe, fashion has always been their weakness. External appearance for them enhances their natural beauty.  They don't hold back when it comes to spending on the latest suits, the flashiest sunglasses, or the most captivating perfume.

Their gregarious spirit carries them through life with the masses, which is why you'll rarely find a Leo at home reading a book, crouching and taking refuge in solidarity. They tend to be another face in the crowd whose reason for being, the meaning of their life, gives them distinction:  this often leads them to cross the line between being elegantly dressed and extremely daring which brings them to the level of extravagance.

2. Generosity

Many are unaware of this talent of the King's since judgments based on their rumoured dominant beast-like behaviour takes the spotlight. Let's say that Leo's conviction when it comes to their right to rule over others, is their social conduct code, natural law for them that determines them; they would lose their essence without this symbol of their identity. But, on the personal and human side, social codes melt them like a sugar cube in coffee, just like a lion's heart, the most primal instinct of maternal protection is infused in the deepest part of their being.

From there, another one of Leo's talents shines through, their generosity. This value imminently develops in their personality, that is not manifested or externalized voluntarily, but rather as a reflexive act. Leo gives and does not expect anything in return. Unconsciously, for Leo to receive something in exchange for a favour, is a sign of weakness that hurts their pride.

3. The best hosts

Entering Leo's home (not to mention a Leo couple's!) is like walking through the doorway to the majestic. The humblest home will seem like a baroque palace: Leo doesn't skip over the details, although sometimes accumulation depletes the overall beauty.

For a Leo, physical appearance is a top priority in the home; it's like the cover letter for others. For this reason, if one of them invites you to their home, you can rest easy: You will be in the hands of one of the best hosts. The environment will be delightful, and you'll also be able to sense the great taste put into every detail.

Leo will receive you with the finest, you can already picture it, and they will bring you to a place with the most refined 19th Century aristocratic ways. However, the important thing is that this isn't just about appearance. Leo has it in their blood; it's one of their hidden talents: they know how to treat their guests like no other sign, due to their mix of generosity and pride. Of course, don't forget to mention how lovely the paintings are every once in a while, that they chose an excellent wall colour, or that the Chinese vases are so tasteful...

4. A supermom

The protective instinct that characterizes the women of this sign is unshakable, and this makes it one of Leo's hidden talents.  A marked patriarchal family structure is not as typical in other signs as it is in this one, where both parents act in accordance with biological and cultural roles.

With that being said, a Leo dad is convinced of the function of his dominant masculine role which makes him the family provider, and a Leo mother takes on the deepest traits of motherhood, which is based on the control and protection of her children. In animals, of course, this doesn't go beyond being a biological trait. But in human beings, this dichotomy has particular psychological characteristics.

Native Leo's have a highly developed sense of maternity that leads them to care for their children with incredible tenderness in their first steps and then evolves into the perfect mix between protection and control, kindness and strictness. Your Leo mother will give you some of the worst scoldings and the most tender hugs.

5. A personal coach

We can't all be like a Leo, but we can at least try and come close. To do this, we have no other choice but to rely on them. With that being said, this is the fifth of Leo's hidden talents: their ability to teach others to find the light.

Since this sign is ruled by the Sun, Leo is the Zodiac sign that is closest to the light.  Their natural talent is to recognize and discover the bright side of things, which is why in addition to their leadership skills, Leo becomes somewhat like a biblical Moses that brings the people towards life and fruitfulness.

Seeing Leos as coaches or personal trainers is far from unheard of, advising others on how to face life with optimism, revealing the secrets to happiness, uncovering the tools to flee from the darkness and move towards the light. Here lies the hidden talent which most closely aligns with Leo's personality: a mystical messiah that guides those faithful to them towards the light. 

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