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Your 5 Hidden Talents if You're an Aries

Discover what you do best if you're an Aries

Arians, from the planet Mars, are characterized by their impetuous energy, vibrant ways, grit, inability to control their impulses, but yet still remain noble beings, incapable of trickery and lies. In their physical and psychological traits and qualities of their souls, we find the key to discovering what Aries hidden talents are, those little-known abilities related to grit that could make them true winners.

Your 5 hidden talents if you're an Aries

Here are the five hidden talents of the impulsive, extroverted, and noble native of Aries:

1. An athlete born to win

Aries have a talent hidden behind their developed bodies and iron minds: they are top notch runners.  Arians are great at this sport in general, but if we had to choose a race for someone from this sign, it would be something short-distance at top speeds.

One way to pick out an Aries from the crowd is based on their broad shoulders, strong back, and body that is slightly tilted forward as if they were affected by an inertia towards success, destined to come in first. Their body is held up by a strong yet agile bone structure, which is delicately and harmoniously put together.  Aries eminently masculine personality makes men and women alike share features of physical strength.

It can't be forgotten that in Greek mythology, Ares (whose Roman equivalent, Mars, gives Aries's ruling planet its name) is the Olympic god of war whose main trait is his fierce fight to reach success: a being that's just as cruel and moody as persistent and courageous.  This is how the personality of Aries is defined, whose body was born for races along with a solid and insurmountable mind that doesn't resist reaching a single goal.

2. The iron mediator

In the biggest crisis of humanity and small everyday tasks, when two or more parties find themselves tied up in an all-out war where no one wants to step down, only an Aries can bring peace.

Aries represents the birth of something new, the opening of new possibilities and opportunities that give way to a new world.  When the sun has gone through all of the Zodiac signs and the planets have orbited around the light and shadows, giving way to love and hate, friendship and arguments, laughing and crying, the world finds death in Pisces, but is reborn immediately in the vitality of Aries.

For this reason, Arians carry the ability to bring peace and give new life deep down  in  their souls. Here lies one of their gritty hidden talents.  For this reason, they are innately attracted to challenges (where other signs bow out, Aries finds an incentive). And most of all, they have the incredible capacity to hide their nerves behind a mask of security and rigidity.

In such a way that, when the negotiations are at a standstill and nerves take hold of the environment, Aries won't look away, nor will they sweat. Far from showing any sign of weakness, they will use their intelligence to shake the contenders in order to reach their only goal: Aries is guided by the sense of freedom and ideas.

3. An unforgettable lover

First and foremost, Aries represents life in all of its magnitude, with its extremes, the essence of what is born and reproduces. The planet Mars is, also a symbol of determination and courage, the sexual epitome that radiates desire upon natives of this sign. As the doers in life, as creators of what doesn't exist, Aries carry impetuous sexual rage in their souls.  This makes them lovers whose abilities leave common mortals in a limbo of divine pleasure.

This is why one of Aries hidden talents is the art of loving, that they tend to express in an unbridled orgy without established rules, in moral abandonment at the service of hedonism in which Aries's virile body is presented as a servant of pleasure in a sexual paradise.  Even when Aries inflicts pain when seduced by this magnetism, we get wrapped up in the tragic abyss of loss, they have this capacity to continue being loved and admired. A lover that will never be forgotten, for better or for worse. 

4. The creative genius

Birth is creation, it is building something new in a dark hole, the reality in blank space, the Big Bang of the cosmos before the nihilism of Nothingness. That's why Aries is needed for the entire process of creation, in the birth of new ideas. It's likely that their impetuous energy could lead them to ruin more than one project. 

Maybe the ram isn't the best sign to carry out an important job since their impatience is one item on the list of their defects. But without a  doubt,  they will hand down workers the consistency and embodiment of a great and original idea, the essence of something that is unrepeatable because it only happens once: the Idea.

Here is another one of Aries hidden talents: the hand that spreads a splash of genius on a blank canvas,  the sculptor that frantically sculpts the canons of beauty, or maybe the other way around, the crazy genius that goes beyond mediocracy to leave behind surrealistic verses that no one understands nor do they need to. This is what Arians are like, humanity's necessary motor. The dawns of their existence create Life and hands this down to its owners.

5. Innocence and faith in miracles

Aries is a warrior trapped in a child's soul.  Since it is the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries represents birth, a baby deep down inside, and everything cruel that they have impulsiveness, strength, fearsome bravery. On the other hand, they are naïve, innocent, and often excessively gullible.

Aries isn't the apostle Thomas Aquinas, skeptical of the news of Christ's Resurrection, who asks to touch the wounds on Jesus's body with his own fingers to confirm the miracle. No. Aries is more like the Roman centurion that in the presence of the Son of God before his dwelling, where he worked on the miracle cure, says to him: "I am not worthy to have you come under my roof, but just say the word and my servant shall be healed."

The important thing here is that in the Gospel's story, Jesus Christ cures the centurion's servant. This is the secret to Aries success: their blind faith in what no one else would believe with such conviction. Their mental strength is what builds the miracle. This is Aries's fifth talent: the ability to believe that miracles happen like no other and that cruel realism always offers glimmers of hope.

They are relentless optimists, tender believers in the unexpected, admirable tightrope walkers of desire. Exponents of the marvelous legacy of Leonard Cohen in a touching saying whose value resounds with Aries's values: "There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

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