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Your 5 Hidden Talents if You're a Pisces

Magic Horoscope reveals what you do best, Pisces

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Pisces connects the real world with dreams and fantasies | Ceded

The last sign of the zodiac is the one that marks the death of the known and the birth of the mysterious and unattainable. Pisces is  the gateway to dreams, the afterlife, to the surreal, and the fantastic, one of the most puzzling signs of the horoscope. Their introspective and sensitive personality is where some of their abilities that make them unique come from. Discover Pisces's 5 hidden talents.

Pisces's 5 Hidden Talents

Piscean's extremely sensitive and intuitive soul makes them the most charismatic of the water signs, and they flow like water and know how to scrutinize the deepest darkest parts of the soul.  Discover Pisces's five hidden talents.


1. A gateway to the afterlife

Those born under Pisces are highly sensitive people with extraordinarily developed senses and very open and receptive souls to all types of energies. Also, they have developed a radical understanding of the abstract and an imagination that's on the verge of fantasy, which makes them the zodiac's dreamer.  Because of all of this, they have a personality that lies between two worlds, mystery's doorstep, and esotericism.

This is one of your hidden talents if you're a Pisces: you can enter different dimensions. You have the gift of clairvoyance and the ability to connect with parallel realities. You're a magic sign, able to predict the future. As the last sign of the zodiac, you represent death, the gateway to the underworld, the end, but also the beginning of the unknown. Something magical and mysterious.

You can guide others towards this hidden reality, escort them to unknown worlds. It's true that often times Pisces neglect this esoteric side of themselves, so, you'll have to open your mind  and soul and strengthen your sensitive side and your gift when it comes to helping others.

2. Intuition and psychology

Few can scrutinize the souls of others as precisely as you do. As a purely emotional sign and due to your empathy for others, as a native Pisces, you have developed a unique sense: your intuition.  This is like a sixth sense that allows you to pick up on people's personalities and essence with just a quick glance. This is one of Pisces's hidden talents: the ability to examine the soul.

You know how they say that appearances can be deceiving? This couldn't be farther from the truth when a Pisces is involved. You know how to detect a liar with one look and how to tell a harmful person from someone with good intentions.  This helps you more than anyone: it's hard for someone to betray or trick you. You're always ahead of the game.

But this can be helpful to others as well since Pisces are excellent spiritual guides capable of transmitting their perceptions and knowledge to others. That's why when we feel lost, devastated, or discouraged, we can go to a Piscean, that will try to help us to find ourselves, evolve as people, and to reach happiness through spiritual perfection and all with sensitivity and altruism.

If you're interested in learning more about psychology, check out the psychology section at healthywaymag.com

3. Creativity and fantasy

Your sensitivity gives you an exceptional creative talent that you can use spontaneously in a kind of outburst. Attention: Pisces's creative genius is as fantastic and extraordinary as their lack of drive to make it come to life.  Unlike their zodiac predecessor, Aquarius, Pisces easily gets lost in abstraction and gets stuck navigating in a fantastic dream world that keeps them up in the clouds and impedes them from making their dreams a reality.

This is one of your hidden talents if you're a Pisces: creativity and fantasy. But Pisceans are happy this way, dreaming, and creating incomprehensible realities in their minds. Sometimes, your sense of creativity and ideas are so transcendent and perfect that they can't be reached,  and if fact, you are happy like this, navigating the inconcrete.

Piscean artists tend to be deep beings continually going through existential crises, consumed by their extreme sensitivity and their distressing search for the surreal. When they express their ideas from other worlds, in reality, they are almost always overwhelmed by their dissatisfaction  and end up being unhappy and unadapted. Also, why deny the obvious: consistent work and effort aren't qualities that Neptune's children possess.

4. Altruism

This is why they tend to be strange beings. When we cross paths with a Pisces, we are surprised by their distant coldness, a lot of times they act like misunderstood geniuses or weirdos that have a hard time socializing. However, deep in their souls, they hide a an incredible being that is incredibly good and incapable of doing any harm. In this goodness, one of Pisces's other hidden talents lies: their altruistic vocation that leads them to give their all to others without asking for anything in exchange.

One of the most manifested personality traits of Pisces is their sensitivity, the weight of their emotions in their personality. This is where their compassion towards others' suffering comes from: you're one of those zodiac signs that can't remain emotionless in the face of injustice and suffering.

Your natural way of reacting to this that moves you is giving, offering everything that you have,  even if you risk losing it all. You're the kind of person, whether you have a little or a lot, that never loses that sense of solidarity nor your reference point: you continue to feel sensitive when it comes to the needs of others.

5. Guide and therapist

Combining all of the prior qualities, we come to one of Pisces's most pragmatic hidden talents: they make excellent therapists and rehabilitation guides.  Their personality and abilities make them great communicators capable of transmitting the essential to someone facing problems so that they can renew their inner world.

We live in a cruel world full of temptations in which a lot of times humans end up straying off course and get lost. Finding the way to rehabilitation is complicated and requires internal work that a lot of times can be unfathomable.  But Pisces is a driver of souls and an excellent therapist and psychologist.

Patient and kindhearted, Pisces natives can unblock this inner world that leads to growth to evolve and improve as people. Detecting our past mistakes, we can look towards the future with optimism and develop abilities to perfect our spirits. We are guaranteed to achieve this in the hands of the one that knows the human soul best: an element that reflects the depth of the water and soul, Pisces. 

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