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The Moon in the 2nd House

These natives are very materialistic and worried about their finances

The Moon in the second house is all about material possessions. These can go from jewerly to a house or a car. These natives are extremely active, so they need their house to be a place where they can just forget about everything. For these reason, they take pleasure in having beautiful furniture and decoration items.

These people get easily attached to objects, especially those that have a meaning or history behind them. Being surrounded by emotionally charged objects can calm them and make them feel safe.

Financial security

Individuals who have the Moon in the second house are very concerned about their finances and can be very superficial. They associate their level of happiness with their possessions, which can even make them feel safe like nothing else in the world.

Sometimes, they can obsess over the amount of possessions they have and think that it is not enough. Therefore, they overthink and worry about how much money they get paid and how they can increase that number.

Man with shopping bags
These natives can spend a lot of their money gifting things to those they love most | Getty Images

It is quite possible that they have antique shops or deal with valuable things. They may feed their love of beauty and art by getting expensive paintings and statues and selling them at better prices. Their need for security keeps them worried about money all the time. However, there are still times when they can give everything they have in their pockets, especially when it comes to some emotional problems.

People with the moon in the second house can spend a lot of their money gifting things to those they love most. It may be normal for them to put the needs of others above their own, which is not necessarily the healthiest thing to do.

Since the moon is involved in this combination, it gives these natives skills in domestic tasks. They love to cook dinner every night and take care of their parents if they are sick. Therefore, they might really enjoy working as chefs or nurses.

Family and home

They want to be constantly admired, so they try to spend as much time as possible with the people they love. It is a habit for natives with the Moon in the second house to save everything they own for their most beloved people. The way they adapt to new firends and experiences is strictly related to the way the Moon changes its cycles, while the association with the water sign Cancer makes them intuitive and sensitive.

Modern living room
These natives think their home is a fortress where they are protected from everything | Getty Images

Their parents or perhaps their spouse will have a great influence on their finances, bringing a good salary or leaving them a substantial inheritance. They think their home is a fortress where they are protected from everything and where they can share experiences with their family and spend time admiring their possessions. It is their source of emotional stability and brings them so much joy.

Cold and reserved

The people who have the moon in the second house are usually reserved and distant. They are eloquent and smart, but they just do not try to express their feeling to other people because they just have no interest in doing it. They never express their thoughts deliberately and can seem emotionless to others.

If they do not get satisfied sexually, they can become cold and very meanspirited with their lover. When they feel insecure and lonely, they will spend immense amounts of money in an impulsive purchase. These natives are real collectors, they cherish possessions that remind them of their past, and they have many antiques at home and at work.