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Aquarius: Life And Relationships

Find out more about the private life of Aquarius: family, friends and love relationships

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Aquarius: Life and Relationships.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and symbolizes freedom and independence. The main goal of Aquarius’ life is to be a visionary and have charisma. They are individuals that can easily achieve personal fulfilment thanks to their sensible and harmonious balance of unparalleled idealism and realism.

This article will let you know more about those born between January 21 and February 19, and find out what family and friends mean for Aquarius natives. Also, you will be able to understand better than ever those who are marked by this sign that is so full of wit and creative energy.


Private life

The people born under the Aquarius sign see the world as a place full of possibilities. Aquarius’ life is full of contrasts. On the one hand, they are shy and quiet people; on the other hand, they can be eccentric and lively.

Despite that, Aquarius natives are deep thinkers, intellectuals who do not hesitate to help others, leaving prejudices aside. Their quick mind can easily solve problems that others would consider complex. 

In Aquarius’ life, one of their greatest weaknesses is their lack of spontaneity. This leads to people cheating on them frequently, thinking they are cold and distant (although they are really not like that).

At work, Aquarius’ life has no limits when it comes to imagination. They have great ideas for commercial purposes, and their professional career will allow them to demonstrate their potential. There is a strong link between their intelligence and their desire to inspire those around them. They are visionaries who like to participate in activities that aim to improve humanity.

Family and friends

Aquarius’ friends should know that they do not like setting boundaries, broken promises, dull or monotonous situations, loneliness, and people who do not think the same way as they do. Their friends must have these three qualities: creativity, intelligence and integrity.

Certainly, for Aquarius people, friends are important. The natives of this zodiac sign can easily adapt to the energy of those around them, but sometimes, to regain a sense of power, they feel a great need to be alone and away from everything.

Besides, although this zodiac sign is very communicative, they need time to get closer to people, perhaps, due to their high sensitivity. They are vulnerable, although they try to hide this side of their personality with a good-humoured mask.

For Aquarius, the family is synonymous with loyalty. They will do everything for a loved one to the point of sacrificing themselves if necessary. In their family circle, they have expectations similar to those concerning their friends. However, given the blood ties, their sense of duty increases, especially towards their parents.

When it comes to Aquarius’ family and friends, there is something important you should know: do not take them for a fool. They will not have a close relationship if their expectations are not met. You better measure up in front of them.

All these mentioned ingredients make the Aquarius natives very special people that many try to understand but not all of them really manage to do so.

Love relationships

Having an Aquarius as a partner can bring many satisfactions, but also some headaches. The natives of this zodiac sign may engage in a struggle with the person who shares their life to establish their power, or simply to stir things up.

They like to know what their partner’s true feelings are, how that person feels, even if they have to play with fire to get to that. Their love life is usually out of the ordinary and can be cut off by major crises.

When it comes to love issues, Aquarius’ life will never be boring. They spice up any situation, although cohabitation can sometimes be complicated. It is said that it is one of the zodiac signs that divorce the most, as a result of their longing for freedom and independence, which is something that not all their partners know how to respect. This sign is also related to a reputation for infidelity and dangerous jealousy games.

If you want to win Aquarius’ heart, you should know that they are introverted and do not usually take the first step. When it comes to dates, do not expect a usual dinner, but something original and very special. If you get into their creative fields, you may easily win them over; the way to their heart is through their mind.

Many of their love affairs begin as friendships that gradually develop into something more serious. Therefore, before trying to make them fall in love with you, try to be their friend, patiently until the first step is taken. Do not forget to respect their need for freedom.

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